oooooooooooo mi body firstlady yuh a idiot cause fire reds nuh stop diss yuh a road. a the gal tiffany fire reds a take now that a act brand new a florida when the whole a new York know how under yuh look firstlady yuh need fi wise up now cause all him do a lock yuh heeeeeen fi bun yuh. tiffany a married woman wid pickney and every dance she deh all down a the apartment fire reds deh smh fire reds met it tun up a florida


  1. den a weh di indian girl weh have di pronounced face nuh him an ar wah day deh a him seh ONE GIRL ONCE A WEEK …BANANA/PLANTAIN I JUST DONT KNOW WHAT WOMEN ARE THINKING

  2. tiffany a the biggest bitch from new york thats why the man move down here she f**k out the tri-state and still come done here a f**k like dog the coolie gal fi act like she gone a work 1 day and bus a u turn come catch tiffany and reds a f**k in a har house him all have har up and down in the gal white car met if a dat fi mek mi be first lady i prefere fi be last lady to rass and met mi friend that use to f***k reds seh him dont like use protection so it nasty pon dem

  3. and 1 other thing met a she and him was at boots and blazer she in book fi harris pic on facebook it say boots and blazer 2014 she # 21 sit down wid har friend looking like a broke down truck firstlady poor u fool start and dun wid u

  4. Ppl y’all really need to get a f**king life everybody know when a Person keep a party dem walk round a tek pic wid everybody

  5. A tru tings redz a fuk d gal Tiffany fr May him bday a steph him did a fuk him babymother friend then him stp fuk her and start fuk d dutty gal Tiffany weh married and live wid her pickney dem and ever dance Redz deh a play she deh deh can’t Stan d bitch

  6. Fire Reds play at a party name Kleen Boots n Blazer last night a ATL and is not dis girl him did a par wid nor di coolie one. Di gal weh go wid him did have braids in a har hair.

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