Puddon every minute you write pon instagram bout single mom! Sherlock shizzle seems like him love gah dance and is all over di Place him look like him nuh have no intention fi sekkle dung! Mi for instance cannot stand hype man because dem nuh want nuttin outta life but hype and is really sad enuh when you have a pitney/that need to be fed,sheltered and clothed. On another note Puddon who was you reffering to on that Post hehehe! Word on the road is that Punky ah deal with shizzle out and bad every dem deh right out at every dance. But punky you really ah tek shizzle after you invite the girl to your new years dance 2 years ago ??!! Ah how uno one bad suh no sah unno tek ppl mon, then tun round and f**k n suck di man friend dem young gal nuh reach nuh weh inna life but inna bedroom!


  1. Is pic 1 & 3 the same person cause one is saying I look kinda young here while the other is saying shidd I’m really f**kin old.

  2. The end is nigh, Shizzle I cyaan laugh. Look here nuh some gyal front no have no ambition. Then to publicly admit seh you actually sleeping with this androgynous metrosexual! :tkp

  3. But a how much father that child have ? The big man that pay the rent fii the store and send are go foreign regular nuh his child

  4. This cyan be real. If you get drunk inna dance abd accidently drop pan shizzle cocky den breed I would totally understand. But unu really donit on purpose. Is hype life that important.

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