1. .
    Luton head though… Lol joking..
    Seriously. Congrats to them and wishing them a lifetime of happiness 2gether

  2. Good morning Metty, fam fam :peluk :peluk :peluk …she is absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!! They are a lovely looking family. I wish them all of life’s many blessings…very nice!! :kimpoi

  3. I heard of Bobbette thre here. Is there the same guy who had a whitey a Jamaica and hang with Bobs when she not around?


  5. Wowww! Love is a wonderful thing. His sister couldn’t have said it any better. Better late than never! May the Good Lord continually bless this family in abundance, that they may experience all the lovely things that the sacred institution of marriage has to offer.

  6. Ladies stand by ur mainnnnnne Bobby it look like ur hard work pay off mama serious tawk tho Congrats n happy life
    Morning Metsy n my JMG fam blessings

  7. seriously?????

    bobbette this screams desperate, sorry to rain on ur parade.

    after all this man has done to you, after all he has put you through, the public embarassments etc etc etc and some more etc, u really go married him? child u r either really really smart or really really dumb, only time will tell.

  8. CONGRATS!!!! Mek mi tell yuh something about love met, yuh yan choose who u heart goes for. Mi soo happy fi har. People guh true woss embarassment n nuh get nuh ring. She knows what she sees in him, and as long as she is happy

    1. anon 10:37 am, man clown, is that u? thanks for the hate, i wouldn’t want a idiot like u to like me anyways.

      as for the cock sucking, i leave that to u, all di nights ur jaw corner felt tired and sore, paid off in the end, u go girl :thumbup

  9. I am very happy for them both, it’s her life, who am I to sit in the judgment seat, they are now married in spite of what the relationship went through, true love will stand the test of time. So congrats my God bless you union

  10. MET did you get an invitation ???

    i think you shouldve

    i remember one of the first stories on jmg was bout Luton / him stink mout / Rebecca / whe the nex likkle brown one did name Sushana or something like dat ..one S name / Annabelle and Annakay

    lord jmg been with Luton from dem days to baby born to Rebecca tek ova to White woman to back to Bobbette now wedding

    no sah , you shoulda get a invite – or piece a cake – ijs

    1. Mi really nah lukkkkkkkkkk pan u dis morning u tink mi really a go look :hammer :travel
      mi hear sehhhhhhhhhhhh wedding place was big secret ooooooooooooooo a doe know who did a go crash di wedding :shutup:

      1. loooooool @met, one of di many many groupies

        or maybe di white oman still a carry feelings, hit up har profile deh met, an si if any talking up a gwaan :sup2:

          1. and have one pic ina har album whey se what doesnt kill u makes you crazy….she nah date oo..luton gi har a bitter taste

          2. met memba she did cuss him out one time enuh! a guess dat was wen di relationshit was just finishing. u did drop har rants ova yah memba??

            no sah, but met, on a different note, how is rebecca an di baller weh she did a date? hit up rebecca profile to met looool

            mek wi duss run a check pon everybody weh did mix up inna deh pool deh

          3. Met a good fi some a dem more time dem know bout Bobbette n still run in pon di man all da white one deh a moggle pon Bobbette hard all picho wid ring butttttt see who get the real ring deh lol

  11. @lundun, it sound like u get f**k and duck, yuh sound hurt fi di ppl dem, not every ooman wan move from man to man like yuh bitch. if the girl wan stick wid har man so what? yuh sound like a ole f**k a gal, move yuh ugly bloodclatttt .

      1. cheuty low di ole zar, cuz it luk like mi hit a nerve, pus-sy face man a di least a my problem, so mi leff idiot fi clown out demself ova a man. now have a nice day anon.

    1. @anon 11:52am guess what? mi rada be a fu-cka gal dan a man clown any day.

      u sound like a real donkey, diss is a blog, mi free fi mek mi comments as mi feel. every body ave dem own opinion an u naah keep urs so why should i keep mines? true mi naah seh weh everybody a seh? u luuuuuuucky!!! a beyyyyyy

      ano u muma u a chat to, so please stop call mi har first, middle an last name. diss ugly gal is not a man clown and diss ugly gal feels pretty knowing that thanks.

  12. cindy royal where u doah tell mi yuh get invites nd neva mek wi knw frm early out seh wedding tooketh place ooooooooooooooooo :maho

  13. I like happy endings, in the end he choose HER so congrats to both of dem afta all Luton put har chue she won in the end

  14. @Lundi, me agree wid u mumz. Happy ending or not, i would not feel happy fi marry smaddy whe do all that shit, disrespect, pain and agony to me juss fi tun roun and say “mek me married har har chue loyalty or whateva di reason”. Everybaddie different but i could not live wid that. To marry because u were the best option at the time, is not the right reason to marry. Marriage is supposed to be sacred. But to each hi own, if she ok with that, then God bless her…Some a unu lubb turn a blind eye to the truth, there is nothing wrong with what lundn said, like it aint the truth…

  15. You AnnaKay called it when she and rebecca did a war she seh no maater what luton not leaving bobette and seet deh a she him marry to rass by the way a whey annakay deh mi did like har

  16. I Love The Union…Congrats To The Happy Caouple The Bride Looked Beautiful N The Groom Looked Handsome N U Can Tell FR The Videos N Pics That They R Happy N In Love…The Time U Guys Take Bashing The PPl Them U Guys Should Give The PPL Them Some Credit For Takin This Leap Of Faith N For Luton For Takin This Big Step Juss Give The PPL Them Some Blessings N Keep It Moving…Look Hw Much Woman Out There Takin Shit Fr There Man WIthout Ntn Behind It N Ntn Will Never Come afr Some Of Yall Relationship Becz Some Of The Man Them Ain’t Goona Do This N A lot Of Yall Females Probley Takin More Disrespect Than This Girl Eva Did Fr Some Low Life Niggas That Ain’t Doin Shit For Yall

  17. Everyone asking about Annakay Rebecca etc. its a happy ending all around for all involved because Annakay is great she is happy and living her life exactly how she has always wanted and Rebecca also she has her man and her family and also looks inlove and happy so its nice to see a happily ever after….. after all. Congrats Luton and Bobbette in the end you all can bash Bobbette but humble calf suck the most milk and she deserves this. I just hope Luton stays commited and faithful to his marriage and doesnt put her through any more heartache. They are a beautiful family and it shows that there is hope for love in this day and age.

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