Hey metters i need to get this off my chest. This big sour woman who claims she is 25!!!!! Makes me sick. Every minute she cussing bad word and hyping over this one dog man name Kirk from Birmingham. Mi seh di man have bout 30 different baby mothers. This fool fool b**ch say she name pertrina or poochie or whatever she waaaan name a just get under me skin me affi delete ar offa my facebook page cos all she do a cuss and war over di piece a bruk pocket man weh never look pon har yet as far as me see. He never business with ar pickney and she worse dem live with dem granny so she can go stretch out are big p**y all over the place. God know she mek me sick.
And before anybody tell me seh me jealous nuh boddah. I just sick of her slack mouth and warring over this deadbeat man and hyping up like shes a jamaican when she born and bread a England kmt.
Anyway hope she see this and stop di f**y !!!

28 thoughts on “HE HAS 30 AND YOU ARE 25

  1. Yes this birch is super annoying she’s on my Facebook and insts gram always chatting shit I didn’t even know she had kids. She’s always half naked in some cheap market clothes. She swears she is Jamaican she’s a joke. I know Kirk Her so called baby father he has so many women I never knew he was who she’s hyping about lol
    Pathetic and noooooo she is never 25 get the f**k outta here dwl I thought she was late 30’s life has treated her badly …..”

  2. She a sleep with Kirk from she was a teenager, she never even dun high sch before she breed for him kmt this gal a big fool luv hype & trouble ppl. & Kirk is a big stinking dog weh have nuff baby mothers, & luv sleep with young gal. Both of them are two big clowns in Birmingham especially she, cuz she luv run down the man & him nar run she down. Dwl gal u need fi stop wear them fake clothes & cheap outfits & guh mind ur kids.

  3. Mi cah believe dah gal mek dem put har pon de pinkwall. Mi tink she change up har life an a do somting constructive because mi see har(which is how much years ago)an she seh a go uni go study. So mi expect har fe have degree an lef de likkle careless community service cocky. Why dem gal cah have some ambition weh man concern?

  4. Wow people love watch people life and judge don’t throw stones no one’s life perfect and low off kirk name nuff off u can’t step in his shoes u guys make me sick

  5. The only illiterate person is poochie everybody knows she is mix up and always cussing people out.she don’t even have shame she swears seh she reach someweh now coming on the pink wall dwl. I wonder if she and Kirk feel nice now dem reach the big wall dwl. Mind a she send in this the way how she love hype up herself and make everybody know she and Kirk a F**k. She would a love the attention mi nah lie. Fi one English gal she really f**k up. She a f**k big man from she a 13 nasty bitch. I bet seh any dance on weekend she out and proud and a look attention true she reach di wall. Real eediat gal. I would love to know how old Kirk is and how her mother never report him when him a sex off her daughter at 13 only hope she don’t have no girl picni cos she is no role model.
    People say she look older than 25 no muss if she a sex from she a picni. With this man 12 years or so she seh yet the man seem like him don’t own har up. Mi sorry fi dem class a woman or skettal mi should a say.

  6. Nasty poochie go yard and f**k down do place and have one old man name Brian a response fi har. Kirk no want she and everybody know but she. Last weekend she deh a London and have one man screechie wid.
    Di people seh Kirk a dog but she a under cover dogshit.Bout she deh wid di man 12 years so she a f**k from she a 13 ? Nobody a Birmingham rate her she walk and f**k like dog and always a call up Kirk name like seh a him alone she f**k. Mi have a file it long like har pussy. Nasty poochie go suck you mother and stop trouble people

  7. Lol… people really cant leave poochie alone after she not troubling no 1. She can go out every weekend because she can.. and so she should. Big up nanny for having the youtes dem.. bout suck modda .. no f***g manners. As for kirk thats their business leave it alone. Dont unnuh have man and pickny to look bout y u a fret pon her and hers. Tired useless girls looking life like hers. And so what she reach pink wall if there b a gold or blue wall she will reach there to because u bitches are making her relevant clearly. Big up mi fren in her cheap clothes u ever look good so continue .. they must feel like u gonna stop because they want likkle a de lime light loool.. life is for living however u wish to. So live it my girl its funny how all these so called have suh much to say gyal cnt identify themselves.. but they love to chat up dem mout. well done. Be brave and say it to her face so she can cuss you too. These bitches gwarn like they are perfect. Ps.. love the picture .. whoever posted this couldnt find one f**k up photo to post .. goes to show u ever look good. Stay tuned … weekend not far away and im sure poochie be out there killing unnuh again phahaha. Go beg mama to watch unnuh pickney and join her or silently watch her live posts because she be giving it to unnuh same way.. have a blessed day.

  8. Oonoo mus memba seh she have a daughter fe a next man before she breed fe Kirk. So just imagine how long dis gal a leggo har front…Either har mumma neva business wid de f**k she did a f**k fram such a tender age or mother neva have no control ova har gal pickney …either way it’s ashame pon de mother.

  9. Y can’t she be English and proud and stop going JA to live with these facebook cousins. You kill yourself doing care work and Washing old people batty in care homes to go look after pple in yard who ain’t even ur family .be proud of who u are .you not Jamaican, u bruk and ugly as f**k

  10. A job is a job … you females want to hope u got bupa care cash wen old age reach yuh n u need batty fe wash or hv nuff gyal pikney And hope its not petrina gyal pickney or someelse who is scraping the barrel to mek ends meet that has to wash it. Lol .. cah u will get the wash of u life. Spin n dry.

  11. er excuse me low life fools unu.need to get a job stop watch out her life if she waan f**k dwn di place and all these things she can a nuh unnu problem unu a damn sadomite or sutten. why u nuh go dwn her yard if unu bad and brave but unu nuh bad unu a pussy ca u jus a live behind social media. cum like u lot waan be like er. and u a tlk bout suk out modda gwaan guh suk out unu modda wid a straw wen she deh pon er period feisty.she nuh memba unu u lot stink like bloodclart waterford sewage. unu need fi stay inna ur lane ca u cant even reach a rass m6. u a tlk bout she ago london u did waan go or sutten stop watch out her life like tv if u waan watch sutten go a cinema

  12. obvs u lot waan be here or waan be like er cus u jus a sit dwn pon her name like dat woiii yoiii wa dem ago do ya now. u lot aint gt a job or college or nutten y u even bringing her kids in it for y u nuh look pon ur owna pickney dem beforeu. a tlk bout ers. if u waan watch ppl so much y u nuh go watch eastenders or go to the cinema dutty stay bad ppl u stink. like waterford sewage .

  13. Uno low life girls need to find something an go do, uno sit pon the girl name she just start drive weh uno want she fi drive a 16plate car everybody of to start from somewhere, she still a leave uno a bus stop doe.uno need fi leave the girl kids out of it, and uno talk bout wash old people batty how much a uno bank account fat at the end of the month. big up your petrina a you still a win.

  14. Lol batty wash nah fat up nuh bank account baby. Yuh need qualifications for dat!! She jus get up off ar arse and guh look wuk so she feel like she a somebody tru she a pay taxes. Bitch i was payin u income support for da last how much years so nub bodda come hype pon taxes

  15. The reason she behaves so F**** hype cos her dumb arse friends especially the fool fool coolie one Shernette and I
    Di next hugly long mout friend wanna know who mi a talk,always Mek she feel important. Nobody nuh look no F**g care job so her little dutty friend dem weh comment and pick up fi ar a chat shit. True her friend dem nah work dem feel like seh she up deh.
    Poochie need fi stop hype now with the fake design clothes and her shit weaves. Mi hear seh Kirk move on and have one woman him live with so stop hype now man poochie you pop down and cheap like

  16. Lord is what this girl really do to unnu, i dont know her personally ive just seen her around birmingham and to me it just seems like she is enjoying her life. Is she not allowed to do that? this is just straight jealousy and envy, what could she really have done to u that you couldnt go direct to her and instead wan anonymously put da girl name on blast. Thats wrong.
    To the girl in the pic (poochie) keep your head up and keep doing you because it your life clearly a burn them. Smh

  17. @ cleanvibesonly No you dont know her personally so dont pick up fi people yuh nuh know kmt. This bitch a f***g trouble maker and love try hype and bully people so mi nuh sorry fi her. Also to the illterate people weh a tell people to go look bout dem pickni and get a job ……. well i dont have no picni and i have my own business so stop comment shit. Not everbody front a gi weh from dem a 12 years old kmt. Mi see her weekend look like she go do extreme makeover dwl

  18. Uno leave Petrina alone and go find something to do. All a UNO wet a comment negative comments a badmind a kill UNO but guess what wi have plenty funeral clothes fi roll out ina bitches and dogshits f**g Sketel UNO luddy

  19. Ok shernette miss dog shit who all a f**k kirk behind poochie back and she so f**g fool she nuh stop pose up with you and mek u take she ediat dwl everybody a birmingham know shernette a one white liver coolie dog shit. Poochie a dog shit too so yes dem fi par and tek wunna another man dwl

  20. Woiiiiiiiiiii unu pussy musi salt bad fi unu try do up di gyal suh. Unu lef di young lady fi live her life if she narsty its her business mind ya own business and stop watch people and why unu cant tell her dis to her face. Cah unu is pussyhole come like duppy
    This must be miss rankin on her call frank movements again smh

  21. No sah dutty chat bad kirk from rivoli dutty jungle go breed pelpa ole f**k an lef an now she ah hype ova weh ppl no want oh please pplet nobody nah tink bout dem an dem happy life

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