Met , why everytime these girls posts pics . It’s never in their homes ? They don’t live any where or what ? Cause u can clearly see inna De first screenshot . De man shoes under De tv part deh . Why the broke and hype Ness ? No job , no education . Just p**y pan forehead , to buy cheap overpriced clothes and what else ? Post on social media ? At 20 year old . Hype and bruk Anna post nah cut it .




  1. Me seh I see this gyol a half way 3 the other day with out all her accessories and me seh ‼️ What a gyol fava witney Huston when she coke out . The gyol ugly and stay BADDDDDDDDDDD. No hair , no make up , no nothing gyol neck back black like road dolly shakur yuh stay bad Ina real life me a tell you .

  2. Lmfaoooo I saw her in Asia ‘s cafe and kept looking because I was wondering if it was her,she looked totally different for true,is her darkskin friend (moyagodblessed )she was with make me know say it was really her,she not ugly but looks really different outside of instagram

  3. Lol I saw these posts on the gram and was laughing. Di man shoes dem line off doe lmfao. She just upset mi bout she a 20 look pon har to lol no ambition before she go back a skl or go look wuk.

  4. No sah to bloodclaat . Think a me alone did seet it . Half a we don’t even follow dem ppl yah but dem keep popping up inna we discover .
    Dem gal yah need fe get a life . Instagram tun one pieca pappy show . The fact is when u see them posting things like stacking money .
    If u don’t have a home and everytime u run go De dearest China made clothes store fe buy what in style plus do u hair . And nail . U nah no money lef fe do ntn substantial. U will hardly see any real girl making moves advertising on ig . Unlike these dirty cheap bu bitches .

  5. Come off a the young people them let them live them life and enjoy them self how it hurt you so sender ??? Mek the young gal them do them thing it’s nobody fault why you reach certain age in life and f***g misreable! !!mek the gal buy har over price clothes them a fi har money and mek the man shoes them line out cause your man don’t have so much !!! Yuh too nuff bloodclaat sender how u come by ??, everybody look different in make up sad bitches you couldn’t expect to see the gal ina 3z with make up and filter cause the gal a nuh poppy show like you and ur sad friends and cancubine! !!nuff bad mek the young girl stay man and go try sort put your life b4 u try put down people! !.

  6. @anonymous better the gal #BUY OVER PRICE CLOTHES more than share and borrow like u and yuh dutty fly by day pitch by night friends them sad nuh bloodclaat !!!!leave the gal alone

  7. The point that the sender is making is that . Why spend all that money on petty things like tjose and don’t own a bed..all unnu a uphold slackness goodly nave ntn either birds of a feather flock together .

  8. Mi see it too lmao only time these bitches post inaa house a when them Deh a ppl yard . she no have nothing than the overpriced cheap clothes ! Fi just reach 20 r body run dung. Girl get a job party back to back ain’t cutting it !

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