Hey met, this is the follow up to the story, so even after u and the bloggers warn me to be watchful of the man and forget him (the same man that was asking about anal sex) I still continued to see him. Relationship was going on good and I felt like I hit the jackpot with this dude, then little things began to surface. I started to snoop through his stuff cause I figured he is just to squeaky clean. I found receipts of him being out and I remember he said he is home, or at the gym or some b.s. like that. He started to mess with a flight attendant but he said she was his friend who wanted to give him a buddy-pass I let it go. Other things began to unfold, we went to Jamaica for Christmas (yep, one big happy family). I was so proud of the man that I brought home I almost took him to the 14 parishes and showed him off and of course they all loved him. I told them we were getting married, he smiled bit it look forced but I was too happy to think too much of it. He returned to the states a week before I did cause of work, when I called him for a few days I didn’t get him figured he was busy. When.I came bk I went to his house, I saw that some things were moved around, I though of it as just cleaning. I began to search, I saw dvds of some orgies that he and some friends had, I knew of the cause he told.me he ”experiment” but among them was some recent one I watched one and it was an after party where the got drunk f@#k and slept, in that one he didn’t participate. Then there was one with about.9 guys and two girls, Met all kind a nastiness did a gwane I never know a woman’s body had so many openings. Fast track, I saw him and a guy messing with one girl and then him and the man a look pon each other a way, Met me nah tell no lie but me can almost swear say he’s gay, when I confront him he said I have too much “emotions” involve so we need some space. Me bawl a night me bawl a day, me just a get meself together now bitches from all over ready fi tell me who dem be and what dem do. Insanity nearly reach me a swear.


  1. so is this a follow up or a continuation? cuz i swear its only been a week or two since you sent in the first dear met and metters asking us if we think di man gay. so di story above sound like too much tings fi happen in dat short time. which leaves me to believe that u knew all of this before you write in the first time.

    sender i don’t think ur in denial, i think u know exactly what is going on an what diss man is, but because him have money, u turn a blind eye. however, ur conscience a ride u cuz u know u not comfortable with who him be sexually so now ur caught between a rock and a hard place.

    mi love money too sender, but mi neva yet mek true money mi compromise or lose miself. mi naah continue fi deh wid a man mi suspect of being into other dudes, because true mi know him have money. a nuff money man mi tell gwaan bout dem business or mi juss neva even luk pon dem cuz there was sumting mi juss neva like bout dem or mi spirit juss neva tek dem. so u know weh fi do, i don’t think u need us to tell u what to do.

      1. so this person is not the person who did write in weh day an tell wi seh di man tell har fi skin out har ba-tty ole mek him fu-ck it? an seh di man always a ask fi threesome wid other men?

          1. yes met mi si di “click here” but it was un-clickable so mi juss assume seh a di last dear met sender.

            if a di wrong sender my apologies, i will go read an refresh mi memory when di link becomes available

  2. Yes me memba her last story…. My girl… just gwan left di man… ah bare batty business him ah penny!!!! Not in your cabinet mama… Pack up and gwan ya mama… it was good while it lasted

  3. ok met mi juss read ova fi first story then read ova di story above fi tie dem togedda

    i feel this guy is bisexual and if u don’t want to be with a man that fu-cks other men, or takes fu-ck from other men,then you should leave.

    but senda cum here mi ave sum questions fi ask u. so please to forward

  4. Mi say mi go read the first story n blogs mi laff so till mi have stitches no man JMG sweetttttttttt
    Met ooooo :peluk mi love unnu mi nah lie lmaoooooooooooo *tears*

  5. Sender, I mean this with all due respect one human being has for another when I say….:

    IDIOT :nerd :nerd

    The man show yuh him true colours but I’m assuming because he is rich (or as they say “comfortable” financially), or him give you everything you want or he’s handsome and a gentleman, you feel you hit the Jackpot. Even when warning signs are there us women usually ignore them because we feel we lucky just to have a man that single/have money/handsome/treat wi good and then when the proverbial SHIT hits the fans we complain and bawl and bitch like a mutha. :cd

    After what we metters told you (even though I don’t know why you asked us if you were going to continue see him and be with him anyways :mewek ) and after seeing and virtually accepting that not only is ur man a bottom feeder, he loves orgies, have another woman who is a f**k buddy, does not want to settle down (please note the ‘forced smile’ he gave when yuh run off yuh mout to peeple bout marrid), and participated in a 3some in which him and di man a look pon each other like a appetizer, you really expect us to sympathize/sorry fa/advise you again? :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

    BISH Puhleeezee!!! If i were you I’d get a full course STD/HIV/AIDS/VD and all other ‘D’s tests and leave di rass man alone! Don’t come to Met when him give yuh somn whe cyaa cure, or tell you dat him get a woman pregnant, or leaving you to be with a next man! You were warned before! Let he who have ears, let him hear.

    Amen. :travel

    Morning Met and metters, I seriously kainttttt dis maaaning wid dis chica here.

    Not even GATORADE can quench har thirst to rass. smh :cool

  6. No Met, I’ve been gone but it’s been and hask. It’s been my experience and I sure did learn from it. I’m saying how deceitful some men can be and how gullible women like myself are

  7. Fadda GOD!!! Listen sender you snoop & find!! You’re evidence is BOLD FACE! Listen just wait for the sores to cover your body & the “flu-like” feelings to take place. Because STD/STIs are in your future. This man is having ALL types of high risk sexual behavior. :sungkem
    Gwan mek di money sell your soul to the devil. LEFF DI MAN!!! :nohope

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