This person live in DC please to post him he is a scammer advertising product to get your money then block u he is a scammer that need to be expose … This is what u get trying to buy from these Internet discounted Ppl

0 thoughts on “HE SCAMMED THE SENDER

  1. You may want to contact FEDEX (if that is there legit tracking #) to see if they can assist in investigating the person for mail and wire fraud. That number if legit have an originating source.
    BUT, you have to claims that the bag was suppose to be USED because you are just as guilty if you expect to buy Chanel bag for $500, 😀 😀

      1. But Phantom “Used” nuh meanl fake eeh nuh. Lol. Maybe dats why she tink it was legit cause she know di “New” one woulda cost more so she figure it was within an appropriate price range. Dats why mi say “cheap and clean”….An when mi say cheap. ….mi nuh mean $10 bag…..but u can get a nice Fendi fi $350 brand new ina TJ Maxx or a nice Marc Jacobs ina Macys for $300. Real talk. Happy Tuesday Phantom.

        1. ‘Cita, Me say USE just so dem can play ignorant to the fact that is FAKE goods dem a part take inna…lolol

  2. Hey girls!! :peluk :peluk :peluk…when it come on to dem expensive name brand bags deh that costs a lot of money, mi sorry but mi not buying online…str8 tuh the store mi going..

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