Hello Met,
As you know Sir John Holt funeral is to take place in Jamaica this Sunday but is on hold due to the fact his wife, Merl refuses to pay for services. because of his past infidelities. Basicallly she is a scorned woman that waited on this day to come to use the power she has. She wants a cathedral funeral for him instead which costs nothing.


    1. Sound so to me too. She stayed married to him, and might possibly be getting a good pay out. The least dye can do us bury him

    2. Dos man neva have a will? Or ras nuh do will? Cuz if she nuh waan bury him all dem kids getting nothing from his estate. Wat a bitch!

  1. Met, Memba me did ah ask bout the wife when me see all the kids. Merl fi do betta still cause she sidung inna it all hose years. Mi fraid ah Merl cause that behaviour only lead me to conclude dat she did a slow poison him because she vex and neva let it go.
    Merl spend up di man Money cause di young bwoy dem only ago con you and teck it away later.

  2. How sad. Did they have kids ?. H dead now so ain’t nothing she can do to hurt a dead man. A should a myother make me thief the bank book when she a sleep and she’ll it down and go bury my father .

    1. The body flew from England to Jamaica and got picked up at the airport in a hearse…plus the man wasn’t a pauper. Bitta bitch as another poster wrote.

    1. Exactly. She should have gwan har ways since she couldn’t take the pressure. A she look slimy right about now! Him infidelities don’t add up to this by a dash…this is worst.

        1. Whappon Fam? :kiss
          De man a fling seed lonng before she and during she so she should have find a different husband if she never like de flex 😀 .

  3. If its the lady in Windsor you guys talking about. She has a crippled son taking care of who’s always in and out of St Francis Hospital ! She has 3 grand kids taking care of that has a drug addict mother. Why it can’t be that she just don’t have it? Look how much kids he has why can’t they put together to burry their father??? What did he do with all of his money???

  4. But what a S#%&#&! dis! De man dun dead aready, why she see de need fe come shock john public and de media ya now? As his wife, she don’t see dat not paying for his funeral is a bit off at dis stage, and dat being vindictive at her age don’t work well on old wrinkled skin. Dis ooman comes off as strange, mean, and a bearer of malice/grudges to me.

  5. Is this for real? If it is, this woman must realize that now is not the time for drama. That time gone long time. Just send off the man in peace and let him rest in peace. John Bolt is a Jamaican icon… If she have issues with his other women, she and dem fi sort dat out after his funeral. John Holt suppose fi have him money dat him earn. Dat suppose fi be able fi bury him gracefully.

  6. If n I’m using the word IF very carefully this woman no she devil witch think she can hurt the man anymore a lie she a tell she need to cut the shit n pay the money then nicely crawl into a donkey’s asshole n go dead wicked witch kmft

        1. :kiss
          Me see reference bout pickney outside the marriage…de man have 23 pickney so it look like pickney a come long before marriage, lolol A dis nuff woman love bawl out bout dem a wife fi do…I kill the bitch who attempt to do any male relative of mine in such manner.

  7. @ kunta agree with you. Yes bun hurt, and especially wen u get kids out side during marriage. But lives goes on he is dead holt is a legend he shouldn’t endure this embarrassment give the icon a decent funeral make him goes home in peace go rest. Wifey memba wat goes around comes around so do the right thing spent icon money a sent him home in peace a Mek sure all his kids get them fair share dem done deh ya aready lt is time to let go move on GOD is love.

  8. People keep making the assumption that the so-called wife has the money available, maybe because they assume John Holt made a lot of money during his career. He probably made some money during his later years, but the bulk of these artists got cheated by the producers back in the days. Also, his health issues over the years might have depleted any money they have in savings.
    What I cannot understand is why “poor” people spend so much money to bury the dead and rich people cremate their dead?

  9. welcome to the life of entertainers that married women that only care about themselves! who na tek weh the pickney dem fi get naa wan bury dem husband.. kmt

  10. I refuse to believe this woman is doing this out anger about this man’s lifestyle while he was alive. You can’t spite a dead person.
    Maybe she is his wife but wasn’t provided for in a big way, and just doesn’t have the cash in hand and is going the collection route like almost everyone in JA does when a loved one passes. ‘The Tide Is High ‘was covered quiet a few times (and did well – especially Blondie’s version) so I assume Mr. Holt got royalties from that, but not everyone thinks about this day.
    Allow this woman to mourn and while you’re at it establish the real reason why this is happening before jumping to such silly conclusions, because you can’t spite a dead man.

  11. Nahve a thing fi sey because I don’t know the circumstances…to a lot of Jamaican men including my dad dem cut ties with dem wife long time and when dem sick or dead everyone a look to wife…not saying that this is the issue in this case….

    1. Not funny in the least bit Quena. Pussy feelings can go pon hold because the man began his craft since age 12! so him could a f**k dung the world a bitch have no right to withhold HIS money from him and worst in death! F***k a gal pussy feelings WRONG IS RASS WRONG!

    1. If the matter is what it is as Sender states then that would be only right…if the 23 pickney dem don’t pony up to the expense.
      THEN AGAIN…if the spouse want to play bitch even the the government, children or donors would have to seek the courts to remedy the final burial decision…cause WIFE have final say.

  12. If Rita can bury Bob, this lady can bury John. Bob infidelities are world renowned. And Rita endure down to Bob death bed, Cindy was there also. At least John tings never that public. So I hope she bury him with the dignity he deserves, and enjoy the royalty money later.

    1. Royalty money? Seriously, how many people buy reggae music anymore? Are their anymore reggae music shops anymore? All the ones I use to visit are now out of business and blame their demise on free download and the digitalizing of the music. The younger kids don’t listen to John Holt or can appreciate his music. The other thing is, most of these older musicians don’t hold the rights to their music. I can download every available reggae track in MP3 format for free and most people stop buying these type of music a long time ago.

  13. She should do he right thing and pay for his burial…if she cannot afford to bury him she should ask for financial assistance in doing so..

  14. So sender why don’t you and the 23 children pay to bury him? Maybe she feel she no have no money to bury him after he squander it on the 23 childrens mothers what left is all her. Been in this situation a few years back. Granddaddy dead and the bitch of a wife that he picked up and left nyam him out tun round kill him , the man have how much millions a bank a jamaica and not one dollar she never put towards his funeral but guess what the stones the builder refuse was his head corner stone. We put our money together and bury him and life goes on . Instead of bitching about what the wife not doing. Do your best and let him rest. She too will need a burial spot, who will pay for her??
    If you don’t like a cheating man don’t date and marry one because no matter what they will never change until they tek sick and only have you the fool tot ake care of them. You can’t handle it LEAVE!

  15. Dats why ppl fi meck dem own funeral arrangements, too many ppl siddung and nuh know how dem going bury when death come. Death an life are intimately connected so you preparing fi one, prepare fi di odda sed way.
    So di cathedral funeral nuh funeral same way? What happens in di cathedral funeral, odda dan it free?

    1. All when it mek you usually find somebody to disrespect the wishes…too often it’s the wife or children to do that.

  16. Very true @phanton @anon because him a celebrity him getting a free funeral won’t look good I’m assuming, its consider charity. As stated before sender and the cgildren should pay for it since the free one not consider good enough. They must feel the wife sitting on a gold mine so she must spend it since she won’t share it. Guessing he never made a WILL even though dat no mean one shit now a days smh

  17. At DWRL, it nuh look like him did have nuh will fe true. De only will is that “thy will be done”. There is nothing worse than a woman’s scorn. A jus hope dat de children dem can put dem finances together and bury dem Faada. See Ishawna dey a sing bout restraining order,a hope him pickney dem can get one and ban har claat from de funeral as well.

  18. But from my understanding, a him sista him did live wid, him an di wife neva inna nuttn. That ooman dont know how fi him money come or go, so any body fi go bury him a him sista and pickney dem and fi di kip ooman dem wah chip in mi sure dem nah go say no…. A run Merl fi run dem…

  19. Let me jump in on this from what I know it has been paid for the funeral is set for Monday at the holy trinity cathedral don’t know where all a dis a come from not saying that she wasn’t hold on to the money but it pay fah

  20. Poor Merl I can imagine how she must of felt, yes she was wife in name but he continued to live like a single man. So it is obvious that she wasn’t going to be looking in his direction now.
    She must pay and the matey dem run een and pose up on her at the funeral, think about it….

  21. mi nah bury him either everybody fi contribute to ommuniy propery bout the woman fi spend her likle much bury dead man….him dead she cant get i back.. where the res a woman if a ten a we a one tenth mi a pay????

  22. Lawd dah 1 yah sticky bad. I hope d reason she refuse to bury him is solely because she is not in a position to do so, & not out of revenge. You want to maintain d title of wife & whatever benefits which may come after death, you also have to be prepared to handle the responsibilities or any debt that comes along with it as well. It can be a very lucrative title, I guess thats d reason why even years after d marriage ended some women are reluctant to give up title & get a divorce, but it can be very burdensome as well. Sometime u have to tolerate alot of disrespect & deal with a whole lot of side bitches who d husband a mine & try to steal ur shine. But Lady tell mi something; if u felt so strongly about his infidelities, why didnt u just get a divorce & take it up with him while he was still alive, why wait until d man is dead? I would understand ur reservation, if d marriage dissolved, & u gotur divorce & years after separation u were called upon to foot d bills to lay him to rest, I would have totally understand ur hesitation, but from what I read, that is not d case, u r still legally married to d man & kept his name, so there being d reason why u r being held accountable. You choose to remain married to him, I suppose, due to his status or for whatever reason it was, so what did you expect would have been d outcome??? U would get d will & not d bill???? If u did not want this responsibility, why didnt you go d route of divorce? In marriage as much as how his success is also yours, so too r his failures. Wait d so wah happen to him trailer load a pickney weh him did a fling seed all bout & a breed up breed up women??? UNUH CANT BURY UNUH PUPA????? A HOW UNUH WUTLISS SUH. YUH WANT FI TELL MI SEH AFTER D MAN SPEND UP PAN UNUH, UNUH REALLY CANT GI HIM A GOOD SEND OFF, UUNUH SIDDUNG A WAIT PAN D WOMAN FI BURY UNUH PUPA??!! Its only fair if wifey money was sharing/ being shortened to support you all, u should share in the responsibility of laying ur father to rest. D lot of unuh wutliss nuh baxide, should an never mek something disgraceful as this reach d media bout unuh father final send off, and a CAN BET BEFORE D MAN EVEN GUN UNDER D EARTH UNUH GWINE START FIGHT LIKE PUSS & DOG FI HIM DEAD LEF SINTING DEM!!!! Unuh should be shame a unuh damn self. As a blogger said up top, as much as Rita cumu cumu, she & har mates & children within & outside d marriage come together & gi Bob a peaceful send off & she get bun like bakery, so wah say unuh… A wah suh??? Unuh duh betta dan wah unuh a do man!!!!! kmt

    1. Onedrop…lol 😀 great piece of article 😀 😀 Someone up top said it’s paid for and will take place on Monday.

  23. Shame shame in spite of every thing I would maintain the lady that I am and pay for the funeral the Lord will bless you for that

  24. Loved him then (1972) and love him even more now!!
    I have the photos and memories that no one can take away.
    The man was passionate, loving and kind – women love that in a man,
    even when he can’t be faithful. I’ve spent a few passionate nights
    with him, and wish I had one of his 23 children – what a gift/legacy.
    John we still love you, and know that you are now at perfect peace with
    Our God.

  25. Tracey Hamilton And Associates that report is so false .. since i am one of the coordinators for the funeral … Its Monday November 17 at Holy Trinity Cathedral … 10.30 – 11.30 musical tribute with Lloyd Parkes and a whole host of artist… and funeral starting at 11.30 to 1.00 pm .. interred at Dovecot … its been in the news papers and TV… i think people are idiots when they make a report/comments without checking the facts… and we call ourselves journalist … kmt…

  26. And there was never not a though of not having a funeral … there were delays due to circumstances beyond the families control .. but we know us people its easier to write and comment on nonsense… Merl and his family have been an integral part of the planning process … see you all at the funeral … ensure you drop an offering …

  27. She has every right NOT to bury that bastard. Let him rot on the dirt he walked on so others will realize infidelities can cost your reputation ! You marry a woman for love, not LUST ! LOL if you can not keep your damn pecker where it belongs, then suffer the repercussions when you die ! LOL

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