Well my story is this I met my husband of 7 years he came up to bury his son.. His Mother and I were coworkers . Long story short I’ve liked him we got in. he claimed he love me. We got married I put in for his papers right away homeboy start to misbehave.., party Non-Stop. Link up every roach every bug every rat every cat.. every school math neighbor from back home.

As day light him send text.. Please callme. This was before WhatsApp came in. Then the phone calls came Non-Stop. On my day off I used to be like we can to get a time me and you.. it take that makes fuss.. but the writing was on the wall because this man cuss for everything. Only thing you didn’t curse over the way I cook. Then he argue that I cook too late.

Then the first cheating that I found out about came. So we start to fight police get involved you got arrested three times beat me up two time wicked. Police turned him over to ICE. But before this I put in for his green card. Everybody was like is only the Green Card you want, that was my family friends.

In-between all of this I find out. That he was living with that woman back in Jamaica which you didn’t tell me we even had the same name when you start calling me a part of my name other than with my friends call me then I find out that that’s all we used to call her we have the same name then find out again he was on crack for 8 years..,

He didn’t tell me Jack. That was devastating for me because I had a nine year old daughter in my house.. when I asked him about it. He start naming people. Run to his mommy she run with my name two people accusing people of telling me that but its in that time I realize that the mother hit me oh my God she did do some things but that’s is for next story.

Each day it was so clear that they only wanted to do the green card. Mother and son plot against me.. one night we had a big fight in the street everybody was telling him to let me go and he wouldn’t that is when the police come and he got locked up me like another full-blown idiot spend up all money on lawyers for him two lawyers one man in Florida who one for the prison. The one that he told me about who wasn’t lawyer rob me 2500.

I still owe lawyers but because he got send home anyway I don’t think I need to pay them but they never did their work. I try everything to try and stop them from sending him home.. I cried day and night.. because I thought we loved each other and we had forgiveness … why was it locked up over here I make sure he had commissary all the time phone call everything.

Anyway we lost the case and was sent home.. when he went home I went down in March me and my daughter in May I went by myself we had a good time because it was our anniversary. I used to think he was really genuine and love me. And he was just miserable by Nature anyway when I came back things went like financially really bad with me I have to move I was sick from all the stress I even developed like heart problem bad palpitation anyway I never leave him an inch.. every two weeks when I get my pay I sent him $50..

Sometime he curse and said you’re like a $50 can do nothing. Every single day excuse me of having a man …, anyway few months ago I feel a vibe that he has a woman and is BP picture background everytime look like somewhere else other than we was living in the picture was taken I asked him you tell me a lie anyway in February I went down unannounced he was mad anyway he played it off and I came back without any incident when I came back he was arguing with me about I popped up on him okay so I said I won’t do that again but while I was there I see there was a number saved in his phone.

Like this Paula first lady ask him about it everything so I saved the number what I believe was he couldn’t delete it from his phone because he wouldn’t remember the number and the girl maybe would have been wondering why she’s not hearing from him.

Anyway I came back and I promised him not to pop up because I stayed away from him one full year so now I said I’m going to start coming more often.. as soon as I came back to New York I check my WhatsApp because I did take the number out the phone and save it in my phone too so I see homegirl checking my status I said wow.

Anyway I didn’t say any thing I just screenshot every day when she check my status anyway after while she disappeared off my WhatsApp I was your thinking maybe they broke up when I went back to Jamaica God is good to me right as I went there I realize that she had changed her number and he save it under under a guy’s name but being swift I got hold of it right away. Then I told myself I was not saying anything to him I’m just watching him and he’s talking to her while I’m there.

After I spent up my money went back down there send barrel by my phone three new shoes. New clothes fan.. biting my brand new bed., fix the leaking roof. So you all see the level House of wickedness and ungratefulness so and his woman have me nice nice me for an idiot using me so I got mad . I am in Rage now I’m a mad

Black woman.. so you told her my old life story oh I clean s*** over here. I don’t have no shape. I used to shoplift and go to church and cry many more things so right now I’m going to bring them down just the way he brought me down like literally put him on blast okay that’s a part of my story there’s so much more.


  1. So where is your picture so we can title you as the DUPPYBAT! Your husband’s picture so we can name him too why a only the other woman unu women like putting out there???

    Unu so call wife need fi go have raaas self esteem and ambition! Some a unu a only wife because of convenience because what unu husband do to unu n unu accept it, him can’t try that raaas with the Matie/home wreckers! As dem slip dem slide! But unu allow these men to get away with all this crap then come on social media trying to humiliate the women! Y’all are disgusting

    Unu c the signs and avoid them because the moment you put his papers in and he starts misbehaving you should have said hello sir gwaan back where you coming from. But no you stayed and endured and now trying to embarrass the mate! Unu man will forever nuh want unu!

  2. When people talk unu must listen. These Jamaican men don’t WANT you. They just want green card!

  3. Lady, haven’t You heard the phrase fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me? Well, I really hoped you have learnt your lesson for real. time we ladies start getting a hold of our self esteem and stop putting these narcissistic f**k boys on pedestals.

  4. lady u is a big idoitttt thats all i can say.. u a get use and you kno and yet still u stay and a help him…anything u get u tek… a sympathy u a look..smh

  5. a the grammar why him leave. a likkle joke lol. just leave him alone. you know this man don’t want you. hes not going to stop taking you’re things…. you have to stop giving it to him. some people are bad, no matter how great you are to them. hope you find love. we all get hurt. the love you need is within.

  6. It’s a sad story but let this be a lesson to stay in school and pick up u book so nobody can take u for Ediot. Focus on your child education and not man because you’d have been better off, green card mash up, the man get dip and you still fussing around him, cut it off and focus on your child well being please, cause you leaving her to go chase a former crack head maama man that used to TKO and degrade u in front of her instead of making sure she get the education you clearly didn’t, is just gona repeat this waste people cycle. Poor child need better than this nastiness you well decide seh you ago live ina

  7. Lady Noone cares you sound dumb af. Its not even 1 time dude play u. Several time and you went back dont you realise you are setting up your daughter to do the same

  8. Hey lady normally me have sympathy fi people who deserve it. In your case I shake my head due to the level of stupidity and desperation you displayed for this man. Instead you tek the money and spend on your daughter plus fix you self esteem you a run back a man a Jamaica. You cannot blame the other woman if you fool enough fi gI weh u money.

  9. The person who posted this essay should have dash him at the end of the 2nd paragraph, if she had any hope of getting a bit of sympathy. I say this because she won’t be the first gullible farrina that fall for these useless men and their lies and there is no shame in making a mistake and quickly rectifying it. But no, she stayed in that ugly, drama filled arms house for a further 12 paragraphs, potentially exposing her vulnerable girl child to a violent home. And after all of that, she then post a picture of the other woman rather than herself or the man. Clearly there are women out there that are so desperate for a man that they pick up trash. What a doormat. What a coward.

  10. A woma intution is always right u should never let it go this far oonce they start desresect u it time to go

  11. Everyone has their story, this woman is crazy, she has a lot of issues.

    1. She got pregnant by her daughter boyfriend and gave birth to the nine year old she referred to.
    2. She failed the interview on the first attempt to give her husband status
    3. He met her with the Heartt situation
    4. While he was incarcerated, she visited a man she had in Jamaica
    5. Like she said no communication was forthcoming from her for over a year as she was intimately involved with someone else.
    6. She showed up at one of his visits with a broken arm, as she was seriously beaten by her other man
    7. The relationships with the other man went sour and that’s when she tried to rekindle with the husband.

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