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  1. Suh why stinking mouth kerry a post video a take up the problem pon r head.girl bye…Bye felica!!guh worry bout yuh man weh deh a jail and your pickney dem.You should a sell two a your shoes dem fi pay fi jue car, hence dem wouldnt repo it.You need to take several seats.

  2. Apple is not wearing fake this lady as a reputation for dressing and wearing unusual things an if har things was replica dem wudda look like mines and the replica dem wey mi hav looks nuting like Apple sandals but wen mi dress inna mi replica nuh bady cann talk to mi lol but seriously har things dem real, Apple mi still looking fi Tom Ford glass heels sandals inna di replica but mi cant find it any where mi love sandals bad fake or real!!!

  3. Michelle go and sit your baby diaper want to change looking ass down. The bessss of yuh leff a ‘Hengland. ‘Merica mash yuh right up. Yuh can stay there flying under people name and using pple cc. Hold on diaper batty Michelle causen sey yuh a inject battam and one of dese dayz yuh gwine inject it inna the wrong vein. Fuxking criminal unuh.

  4. @anon :ngakak :malu :ngakak poor girl the fact of the matter is tapple shoes are fakeeeeee … Yankee donkey Michelle wtf sit yu stay bad self down ,, I cannot stop saying it what a day it shall be :selamat :selamat

  5. @PRETTY NIKKI :babygirl :babygirl :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak MICHELLE YUH MOVE BACK A NYC AFTA GOLDIE DASH YUH OUT HAR HOUSE A LA :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  6. This crap getting old now .. Marcia a boast off the lawsuit money whe just got put on !
    Her priority all wrong … She should be worried about her big son that’s gay .. And her grand daughter that get send a jamaica cause her parents want to live party life . Feel sorry for she !
    Whoring big mouth demecia that f*k and walk .. What happen pelpa dismiss u and u run back to sweet cocky Migue!!!!????
    Little girl u run around with say ah ya best friend u try turn arh out u set her up with Ryda ( Shelly)

  7. Ah wonda why it hurt har suh bad :bingung Yankee Michelle what ah way yuh pledge allegiance tuh Happle…..yuh need some of dat energy pon you bady weh ah turn color.

  8. ah swear u guys are some haters so what if its fake real or whatever y unno decide fi pick it up pon unno head how is this a problem. If it fake she rock the fake well and if it real she rock the real well y Jamaican people must stay suh yah wishing the girl and her man go to jail they have kids DAMN!
    Some of u need to worry about unno own life wah wash down like river cause yah worthless asses either sitting home with no job or just working for nothing not living but just existing….. STOP HATING!!!! DAMN :bingung :bingung

    1. I hope them shackle you and Apple’s ankles together when dem ship alla unu guh pupa Riker’s…you can pour your heart out to her then… :bola

      1. Yeppppy :ngakak Mi nuh knoe how many times mi fi tell di teefs, scammers and dem defenders seh we nah guh show dem nuh luv oba yah, but dem jus nuh get it…

    2. mi have my own kids fi worry bout, me caan worry bout mine and fi dem…obviously dem na worry bout dem kids, else dem wouldnt a walk and a teef people things

  9. Then Yankee she keep in calling the woman old!like how much younger are u Michelle?? Kmft!!!! Nah teck up fi marcia..but at least she actually live some weh! And noh use the money and buy bay boot and clothes!! And Nah go ina the ppl dem store go rob dem blind..

  10. once again sweetie im going to assume u just delusional cause I have yet to say anything about my life.. but if u have to comment on what I wrote to clarify what u do as far as hating then so be it sweetie!!!! let me guess ur one of the ones that’s just exiting huh? :cool :nohope

    1. There is no way I could be your “sweetie”..,, sorry I have no interest in your type. No one knows or cares about your existence…..let’s just assume that you can’t be any better than those of us who enjoy this site.

    1. Yuh nuh jus wutliss, yuh is ah fake piece ah trash weh ah luk validation inna yuh life. Yuh talk bout di bloggers dem ah hata and need ah life, yet yuh pitch pon di wall. Well Ms. Prominent & Ambitious, let’s see if yuh practice weh yuh preach dis time.

      1. One more ting :ngakak Tek di real outta yuh name….Cah ah di word FAKE mek yuh comment inna di first place. It set off ah trigger inna yuh head….yuh can run but yuh caan hide : ngakak

  11. i rather take that kind of money and invest in my kid’s future than designer clothe’s, bag’s,and shoes. i just don’t understand why u need to buy expensive items to be noticed! it’s seems to me that is a low self esteem issue!fake butt, breast all that stuff will never change who u are. Ms. Apple post cc with ur name on it! receipts don’t mean a dam thing! let’s see some degree’s, w2’s and some tuition receipts!oh yeah and some bank statements that u have some kind of savings!

  12. Duty Michelle wey run way from England after u tek u one time best friend michelle Ramsey babyfather Robert. Apple better keep are eyes wide open cause u might tek jay I con to.Everybody know seh u love tek u friends dem man.michelle u stay bad..

  13. Yessssss ah Michelle tecking of Robert cause Kerry (puss sister) and Yaneek fi get chop up from the great Ms Ramsay. Michelle guard strong she tek di man and never get chop. She great cause all dem time dey she sey she ah married woman and still ah run di puzzy ah road

  14. Apple you n u friends, sey wouldn’t dont wear fake shoe, fake bag, fake clothes, but u all hve fake ass, fake breast all a u body fake

  15. Michelle u can run but you cannot hide!! You spend your whole life running from country to country an a thief and f**k. That all you have pan u resume. You all tek you fren dem man. Your a nasty shameless bitch. Lady with bad character and no class. It sad that you think expensive shoes and clothes can cover up your ugly PVC body and hide the real you. You and Apple runway from tiefing charges inna England and use illegal documents to come to America. And instead of getting your lives together you both came and do the same illegal activities here. Nothing wrong with hustling but to brag and show off on the same tax paying people that carries the burden of your ill wills is disgraceful. Be humble living your lives as you see fit cause even the (man) that thinks he is rich and has it all can loose it all at the blink of an eye because of his exalted ways. Whatever you have and achieve should not b on the pink wall for attention and braggadocious purposes. It is you private business among your family and friends. Remember this is a public domain, and your pics and comments are up for scrunity by the bloggers on this site. Another is the fact that your pic and comments are save in a private data base that is not accessible to the public even after it is deleted from your device. It is only accessed by the Federal Government. I don’t need to tell you the reason/s for that. Next is the fact that here in America, unlike England where the prison time is short, the system makes an example of people like you two, 4, 6 or the whole clan. So don’t even thing that because the blogs are somewhat strong, direct and hilarious they are not true. Michelle, word to the dum, you should try and avoid confrontation like these that exposes you to the public. And, you also have a more serious situation going on with your PVC ass. Pay attention to your bottom cause it look as if it’s poisoned. Not jealous or envious just the truth as we on the outside see it.

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