Well Well, Christina I guess you finally woke up and smell the coffee, that Aneka was just a pimp user, I am glad you draw yourself back up in your shell. Clap clap, from I see the way how she dissed Mona ( alMona you did just too nuff too) I knew your time was gonna come. Don’t follow the idiaaat gyal Shamele she is just a rebound from man to gyal. She is like an headless chicken. Aneka is all about herself and you are prettier than her, and has way more going for her. I am just glad you walked the f**k away. Now please go focus and yourself and a career, you a smart ass girl. Aneka is f**ked out and dun out. Run and please keep her at arm’s length.


      1. Yes she did Quen Quen…that purse is way too bold for the outfit; the floral printed top is enough…other than that, she looks great from head to toe..

  1. All I know is that all the photos disappear rapidly off IG.
    Ppl keep running down this Aneka girl for what though ? Instagram popularity ?

  2. Aneka is just a fake ass bitch ! Mi glad Cromedoll drop her company … Aneka fi gweh man ole f**ked out bitch … Guh luk wuk ole whore!

  3. Suh sham you and niño lef ? Suh ubgone back to aneka after she did a throw BERE word pon you pan IG bout hair color this and dat. The whole a unu young gyal jus fake no real ness to unu. Jus want a hype. Like how you n niño lef a leak can guh whore u out now. Mi think a neka tie yuh . Is like dem chicken head gyal ya jus a flock har suh

  4. Aneka is a escort and this is why she make dem wear her clothes so that they can look customers … Aneka and Shamielle go out and try target customers that’s why dem live in Ribbiz now … Aneka dey wid a butch now and still a walk and sell .. Aneka if your reading this when u sell to the uptown man den they are all friends dem siddown and discuss .. Uno sell uno front Fi clothes and hair and Dnt have ntn else due to how she ever a buy clothes me couldn’t believe she still a tek taxi

  5. Tru shamiele and Nino gone back together , Dutty aneka draw back fi cromedoll tru she no have nobody Fi gu whore wid no more and cromedoll like a idoit gone join back her company smh .. These bitches sick me cromedoll u is a little chicken head tru u waan wear aneka clothes and live high life u soon ketch AIDS … After Nino left shamiele fi jav she run gone deh back with him omg poor soul

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