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  1. Yes to bumbo MET try remember me did tell you say me feel she and joe a f**k!! See it deh foota buss it! Ishawna she no fraid she get cervix cancer.. All her pussy water down iron ballon still naw go buss.. The stuff gyal do fi them career then come a talk bout them good & legendary I can’t take it.. God take the wheel !

    1. She is a ungrateful gal and wha de babyfadda do wrong is hype har up. See him returns turn into public disgrace.

  2. so how come dem deh gwaan like dem wasn’t flinging words afta each other….cockshawna ova IG a galang like she Nuh affected….bitch stop frontin……Di whole a fi yu business deh pon front street and you knowz….talk Di tings foota….I weaaakk!

  3. Met, I a side with Foota hype! It’s right on this site I get to know about these two and I remember the engagement announcements. I don’t remember any animosity towards him until after the engagement. I don’t like bagdandovich! next slave masta as far as me concern.
    De man say she is a COOLER! Base on ALL the info before and afta she is a ungrateful and disrespectful. There is a limit to everything. Me see people a talk bout him could a black (being too dark in complexion a sin?) and soft; him have all rights fi defend himself against all enemies!

      1. Me not giving she, de boss and de songwriter/”badman” no pass. Outside a dis site bogdanovich de “good man” name tend to fall into such synonymous commentary within my circles in Jamaica.

      1. Yep! She a dog shit to cause she shouldn’t a do har pickney fadda so…because she a babymadda she fi get handle wid care? Him a babyfadda so him fi get hangle wid care to! Fair is Fair
        :kiss (me love yu still but we can’t always a cross river in unison)

        1. :ngakak of course I agree and a she mash his corn first but if Joe neva draw shutter whey day him wudda gwaan tek di beating like a bitch and dat a mi issue…plus him lie ooo memba him walk and talk bout a lie mi did a tell pan him when ishawna man mek him get box? mi nah tek no check wid him

          1. All should be FAIR in love and war… :maafaganwati
            I think the drawing a de shutters may have spared a life cause dat gal look like the type fi create dem type a disturbance de. Look which part it reach?
            She fi get run whey cause nu musical future nu de de so…she need fi get spice donkey and ride har ass off into the sunset!

          2. PP all di beating she get a chugit neva stap har! She have a piece a determination in har wrongness nuh normal but he is a fool as well. While the goings on was going on he was there at the studio everyday. Him used to beat cockyawna fi cool har but to no avail

  4. Metty, please tuh reserve ah space pon Dr. Phil couch fi Foota Hype cah dis man ah maaad ova Miss Legendary…:ngakak Foota ah maad oba Joe and Scatta nyamming skills :ngakak No Foota dis doe look good..yuh mouth dus ah get weh suh, man fi chat but nuh suh..

    1. Yardy4life…it look good! Dem too outta order! Everybody fi have dem say but him? gal a do album and have de white man and boi a diss him up inna him country…not a rass!
      See bagdonovich go have holdings in entertainment industry…whey him ago do now…blacklist foota from nahme food inna him country? Iswana did betta off if she tan a foreign…salt bat!

      1. PP, Foota bawl out tuh much an it mek him look bitta. Mi nuh seh man nuffi defend demself, but time longer dan rope an is only ah matta of time. Him shoulda jus lowe di low life gyal mek she sink harself more.

        1. Sometimes yu see people a struggle and the best thing you can do a lo dem mek dem find dem way up.
          Him a human so if him wan holla and bitta him have all rights. Don’t she mek song as her way of showcasing her bitterness? Me not siding wid har because she a female…

          1. PP me know we nah guh agree pan dis one and mi see weh yuh ah come from. She dead wrong fi mek song bout him, but smady haffi be di bigger one an nuh stoop to fi har level. Foota dive eena di mud wid har and now di two ah dem luk dutty. Mi nuh side wid har cah any gyal weh run di salt ting red jus low dung and nasty. Him nuh need fi call ah next man name cah dem tings dere always come tuh light.

          2. Yawdy…I got yu, but sometimes shame and disgrace mek a person leap all kind a boundaries. Shi di think she ago get a grammy from that crap she do the other day…hear de man say dem have a part II pon de way. Guess she think by publicly thrashing him de iron ago release off har balloon…dat gal a crosses.

        1. lol, pumpum nhamings by a man to a woman a nu sin. (Foota if yu do no sweat) but dat a easy lie fi tell pon a man doe, lol

      1. Met ooooo him don’t eat it kiss it lick tingle it wid him nose n jook jook it up wit him chin him no eat it lmaooooooo


    1. yeah a whe MS TOYA DEH in a wll of dis ?
      Nuh she a di first lady of Down Sound Records ???
      So how Cockyawna come tek over and a run over the place suh
      and now Foota talk seh she a sex TOYA Husband ???
      Toya fi gi Ishawna a proper proper beatin
      or wonder if she ina the 4some freakiness to

  6. Damn the man seh ,dem left because she want f**k gal and a one pussy to him ting…..f**k ur way up yah my girl no make 1 man hold you dung, tek dem all til you reach

  7. Yea, so it’s definitely been confirmed that Foota is a bitch ass nigga weh love harbor pussy feelings….real kiss n’ chat tips nigga and bad mine….I don’t know the history behind gnu past relationship but I’m starting to get the feeling seh ah dis yuh duh the girl through out the relationship and it get back tuh ar and she finally had enough of yo shit and decided to style ya bitch assess….mi seh mi HATE man lakka yuh Foota cause when fe yuh coma dem left yuh, yuh hav nutten nice fe seh bout dem…Ishawna, try pump yuh pussey brakes and nuh fuhck more man dan yuh can handle, but do what makes you happy, and if ah di fuchk ah bun Foota, gwaan fuhck til it germ heart attack. Foota, you is ah piece ah dog shit fe ah chat suh bout yuh baby madd a…mad ca di girl nuh wa married yuh aft a you same one buss big public engagement and now she run yuh…ah good!!

          1. dwl…a nuh Nick and Mariah dis bout gag order
            Talk yuh mind Cockyawna but be prepared for consequences and counteractions

        1. Mi nuh seh she right bout dah u know Met, two a dem wukliss, but him si one parent a tek it too far mi feel seh him shouldah did hold back pan some a di tings wah him a seh bout har..dutty and nasty as she may be..caz as dutty as him seh she is,it wouldah come out soonah or latah. As him seh she a coolah,u know wah happen when a collah get hot Met?..it start drain and someone else wouldah see it, and him wouldn’t be looking like dis now..dats all mi a seh ma’am.

      1. You can hear di bitterness inna him voice…and what if Joe and Skatta nay want dem secret buss?…who is he to reveal that? real asshole if you ask me..

    1. Yeppie dem selector bwoy deh dangerous bbaaaadddddd!!!! A 2 tongue dem ave, yuh cant trace like dem& yuh cant style dem, dem full a word like dictionary!!!! A das y Macka Diamond did compare cigarette butt (Miss Maggie bid daughter) to Shibby an under dah context deh she did a do it. There is always 3 sides to a story; her side, his side & d truth, I dont know who is in d right here, and not because Im a woman, I am going to agree with a woman who is trying to embarrass or humiliate a man solely because a relationship ended but they both have a child together, for that reason among others they shd have respect and be civil with each other, but Ishawna my word to u, if u’re reading this, u cant style a selector, dem full a argument him wi all talk wah nuh guh suh, and d whole world believe him, so if u both dont respect urself, out of respect for ur child just act like an adult, and try to maintain whats left of ur dignity that’s if any at all remains!!!!! (

  8. Bwoi Met mi undah di weddah tiday, cold/flu mash up mi ass but mi did haffi come tek a peep ovah yah and I are glood I did :ngakak ..Wah Footah seh? Ishiwahwah wuss dan Angel? and she is a freaky studio vixen and him nuh innah dem tings? suh why him haffi a call up fi har name now..hold on deh mi mek mi gitup offah mi sick bed yah. Bwoii mi shame fi Feetcha.

  9. Yea, so it’s definitely been confirmed that Foota is a bitch ass nigga weh love harbor pussy feelings….real kiss n’ chat typa nigga and badmine….I don’t know the history behind unu past relationship but I’m starting to get the feeling seh ah dis yuh duh the girl through out the relationship and it get back tuh ar and she finally had enough of yo shit and decided to style ya bitch assss….mi seh mi HATE man lakka yuh Foota cause when fe yuh ooman dem left yuh, yuh hav nutten nice fe seh bout dem…Ishawna, try pump yuh pussey brakes and nuh fuhck more man dan yuh can handle, but do what makes you happy, and if ah di fuchk ah bun Foota, gwaan fuhck til it geem heart attack. Foota, you is ah piece ah dog shit fe ah chat suh bout yuh baby madda…mad ca di girl nuh wa married yuh afta you same one buss big public engagement and now she run yuh…ah good!

    1. Yep! She a dog shit to cause she shouldn’t a do har pickney fadda so…because she a babymadda she fi get handle wid care? Him a babyfadda so him fi get hangle wid care to! Fair is Fair
      :kiss (me love yu still but we can’t always a cross river in unison)

      1. Yuh right as well PP, not totally sticking up for her, but him sound bitts as all hell; at the end of the day, dat ah fidem problem and not ours :peluk

    1. @ Lu this one should be good enough to move on.
      A man should have the right to say what the hell him want fi say just as much as de woman. bitch ass nigga or whatever…a somebody pickney to. Me no do feminist cliches cause woman just as dangerous as man.

  10. foothype you know say u very rude dead! how joe fi wife Ishawna when the man have him wife already? me sure him neva tell you say fi go wife up no hoe.. how skatta and joe fi have a problem with Ishawna me think when dem see you all dem did a do a laugh off a u inna dem head.. joe a doe wrong you fi mek toya stay out of the music business.. she nuh need that right now! but ishawna u really tell foota say u wan explore di freakiness?

    1. But what is wrong with that if she did want to explore it with Foota at the time? If that is what she wanted to do, she was right in discussing it with her ex fiancé…

      1. Speaking in general I I man nuh like a thing no mater what you say to that person it’s not going to change cause di person just don’t like it.. can somebody give yo something weh u nuh want.. or tell you to do something you don’t want to do? I Shawna did a read too much JMG when the ppl dem come over here and say foota nyam out the girl front weh live new York! den how me na ge none and go ask foota and him mussi run har

  11. this is exactly what Ishawna fi get, when u alk and very man u see fi money a dem something yaa fi reach you. foota say she worst than angel.. and a she wan come trace angel all the time.. and when dem do the clash angel say go way me see u a tip toe from smaddy yaad… so foota just a confirm say Ishawna is a real real bowas and a skettle

  12. not even beanie or bounty dun angel so yet.. all dem say she lie.. no sah me say beanie or bont nuh style angel so. neva ever.. but look who Ishawna wan tek weh from ppl joe? what a gal dutty and stink. u see toya go out go seek out har man and bring him inna di place and u wan come tek way the gal man? and u neva put I no work.. but missa joe smart cause him say no I na go so, Ishawna di way how u a gw u really think joe a go wife you up? skatta is real ugly u shouldn’t even mek him blow pan you girl u tumuk not stomach is really trang not strong but trang

  13. What a dutty nasty girl omg after mi did think a lie them a tell.smh foota actually put her weh she dh.no self esteem,wow at least foota speak intelligently abt the situation…omg

  14. Me jus a listen again him say she a mattress ( being that she slept with both skatta and Joe does that make her a sleep number mattress? ) :siul and the next ting did he say she worse dan Angel he is throwing shade at the same time ( met you need a tea icon pan yah cause me woulda sip bout two cup yah now.

  15. When people doe hear dem will and fi always feel. Yuh cyah a mek dis song and expect it fi blo over and foota not because joe fire yuh den u a go waa walk wid joe name. Di whole studio shudda lock dung because none nuh better dan di other

  16. me feel like man disrespect woman like Ishawna because dem always need man fi help dem do something.. dem act like dem cannot do it themselves! it doe bloodclaat look good mi say it nuh look good ( inna mi matterhorn voice) while looking through the mirror

  17. I agree Met.
    On a SERIOUS note, it is disrespectful and NASTY to sleep around like that as a woman u will ALWAYS have a bad reputation with that.
    I buss dat Joe and Isahwana long long time I pree it.
    LOW women sell out fi money.
    A womn fi give it up only with / for LOVE FEELINGS
    – then again Footah is yuh CHILD mud dah hush yuh ras , it looks BAD pon u

    1. Foota vex because him say Joe jump in the middle when him stab offa ishawna whey day n he has been hinting at it fi a while but skatta should never write no dis song I dont even know what to say there

      1. She a bax food out har pickney mouth when she a mudd him a road, then a tek hood from employer/employee and a mastermind how fi destroy him wid dem. Nasty little vomit. Dis is a modern day Delilah.

        1. Das whaddam saying! Same thing mi did a tell Cita today say mi nah defend a soul because she wrong full stop..there was no grey area there because of who it was n the proximity

          1. She a common soap! a so NUFF man lose dem life back in the days (not so much now cause de man dem tun to batty) because a females JUST LIKE HER!
            Dem walk and tek tom, dick, harry and everybody and expose tom to dick, harry and everybody. De one whey write the song is a batty to cause him a look airplay to so him and de gal conspire fi do de youth so.
            Bogdonovich fi run icewata and skatta or we him wan name. Worst if me fi invest into KLE me don’t want hear dem slackness yah and if dem blight foota me ago lick out pon KLE.

          2. When u tek a good look pan it a bay snakes and spiders . Me as a woman if mi mek di mistake fi sleep wid my man fren God and his wonderful Grace know mi wouldnt able show mi face..Not fi nothing more dan shame, that i stooped that low, mi cudden look a rise outa it because that mean nuh good nor no God nuh ina mi.. I am very leery of revengeful people, not because they are undeserving but because they have crossed out the Higher Power and the sacrifice of one’s self for revenge mi nuh embrace neither

        2. I dont condone what she is doing PP she is dead wrong, but what right he had to stab offa his child’s mother?? some a dem mek pussy & buddy fly up inna dem head a dat a fi dem problem. Dem tek a tekker and when dat tekker start duh more tekkings dem tun fool. A she she f@#$ har way up fooder unuh gaan from lirical war to physical war yah now??!! Unuh memba unuh yute!!

  18. Quote .. Footah SAY
    ” BIG man ting ”
    Footah u is a f**king LITTLE BWOY .
    BIG MAN ***** NEVA **** F**K AND TELL. And TALK publicly bout d MAI. pu$$y u USE to f**k.

  19. Met u know wah mi nuh get tho when a man do him crap an do woman like dog. its okay but when a woman dweet ppl love call r name .from wah mi a hear all a long she been this way suh fi him a come a spill him guts now like she a good girl gone bad it seem as if she a beat him bad lol dem seh what goes around comes around suh him a get back wah him dish out to r dwl not saying if she sleep wid all sort a man dat right but a dat him foota fi get him never hear di saying u caan turn a hoe in to a house wife

  20. She worse dan Angel wow?? Weh beenie wife and everybody somebody have to do with unno problem?? She a mattress? When a person angry his true feelings expose……so all along you know she a mattress but you still want wife har? But all is fair she start throw shades first. The man must defend himself

        1. Mi like how yuh split justice, dats y mi love yuh suh, cauz mi nuh know how dah bwoy yah weh chat like hot dumpling inna him mouth a gwaan like him nuh duh all manners a evil to. U & yuh ex have unuh baby madda & baby fadda drama & yuh a throw shade at angel, i hate ppl like dat, all dung to d queen a england know seh D angel is not an angel!!!! Handle it like a man man and tap dash wud pan other ppl like a big hole sissy.

          1. His intentions are not genuine..He intends to bring everyone into his misery. Angel never look at him nor is Ishawna in the same class as Angel but Angel name bring in fi whatever hidden agenda there is he has..from u see him video whey him mek yessideh u know that he thinks he is a master of deception God a di master and time will be in the mixture.

          2. Everybaddie ina di triangle wrong but no one is willing to play a mature role and step away from the mess. First of all what happened was so shameful mi nuh know how it reach di public ears

  21. Mi know him love fi read yah but him supposed to know say one ting mi do and is be fair. I knew it wasn’t going to end well but cockyawna feel a piece a hype pan di stage when she call foota name like it a suppligen

    1. She actually did that? See we a talk bout Carleen and back in the days.
      Well! Back in de days she would a feel a pair a clarks or bally up unda har crotches bone…times change big time.

        1. lolol, me read but that girl postings never really interested me. Worst she did a try correct that surf board statement, lol

        1. De fox dem did too soft fi bruke bone…lol. Those were some comfortable booties, dem and water weren’t friends at all.

  22. This pass sad, this gyal no have nutten bout her. You never shit whey you eat, and fi tek you man boss and associate is a blatant violation of the code. What is disturbing is that their son will one day be privy to all they both put out in the air waves. And they need to stop if. She never love Foota, tekking Joe was rubbing it inna him face. If a so she expect to further her career at the expense of her self respect, it not going to work. :malu2

  23. ishawna fi gwey……………foota eat pumpum a yaad an abroad but him neva eat ishawna so shi no ave nutten pon him……….tlk foota a blood run tru u too………call anybody name weh u feel like d ongle ting dem can do a try offa u life ………brite shi n u pull up easy r self u knw hw long ppl a chat bout u ur time fi tlk chat weh u feel like cuz nobady neva did a tell shi dunn …klass up r puss c claat……….a 1 ting mi blame u fah u gi r ring an chuu u did seh u in luv but aso it go it beta fi luv an loose dan neva luv attall……..nuff a dem wuud do wurse dan u

  24. yes met but loe him………..mi nah tlk u met cuz mi can try fi tell nuff lie pon u but mi cannot tell a lie she u unfair……………….mi not even a tlk bout weh shi hook an who shi hook….but she has said her piece loe him mek him chat…………..at d end a d day mi a tell u d pickney ago always deh pon fi him side cuz d truth deh deh …………shi sell r soul

    1. Him too..From Ishawna dis him name a chugit and other places him shoulda lef because him get dis more dan one n more dan two place. Now that Joe let him go him a look a next ends so him a mek a likkle sound bout it..He had his right all along because they did do him wrong. Skatta and him was fren a dat him supposed to be hurt bout because dat a big violation..All a dem ina di wrong and I did feel it fi him because what she do was not nice at all

    1. She daring and too dry eye widout bakkitive …is only when u have a strong badman behind u den u gwaan wid dem tings deh ..even when di man put up say a di pickney a save har she still go do song

      1. …And met, a proper ‘strong badman’ would a buss har rass fi being a low down crumb sucker…lol
        Foota see Met call it fair! Now go pickup yu ambition where ever yu did park it when this gal came into yu life and move forward. STOP IG and INTERVIEWS.

  25. met mi com ya come read all di time an mi love up di page mi naa lie …. but mi affix comment tonite….dutty cockswana deserve any dis wa foot dash pan had caz she a hype pan di man….she neva affix go as far as dat a dash wud pan d man an a gwaan like she beta dan d man…….if a neva fi foot mi wudn kno bout she frm den time deh

      1. (inna me yankee voice) dat hoe gonna git her ass upon somebody stage talking and crying bout her position as a babbymomma, and how he shouldn’t be talking about the mother of his kid like that.
        (yard voice) She fi move her bumbo she neva know dat when she and de white boi pose inna picture de adda day wid de screen shot a clown him.

  26. Met: foota know seh skatta a wuk it and him never seh nothing tuh him and still a work with di man,until di whiteman start wuk it lol him seh Ishawna a studio mattress and she worse than di Angel

  27. She lucky, cos some man would deal wid har wicked Public woulda see har. Me cannot tek the dancehall nassynrss, dem fi do better.

    1. Sweet all when mi a say she shudden do song people a say bout can relate to..she know she wrong no song shudden do…now foota mek up a nice likkle bag a lie dash pan har one time BAM

        1. :ngakak no him tek har truth and turn it into a lie, i hear dem lef because a di beatings and a di beatings di next man did a cool off when di sex happen :hammer

  28. met mi knw seh him is just as bad…………but all mi seh mek him chat an nobadyyy no badder chst seh him did an dat shi shuud ave likkle shame an knw seh it did ago backlash pon r……..met mi juss rate u yahhhhhh………..but foota chat dis knw him fi hold him peace afta dis an no seh nutten more …….u no tink so a blood run chuu him to

    1. Him always reading here and a class up…Mi did put say him a get suspend and all that…him still was going dere..because he was getting paid so dat a my issue wid him.When she mek di first song him go pan di radio say a nuh him she a dis..den him go find out seh a skatta do di second song_____________________________________________________ him shudden mek nobody haffi tell him dont come back..

  29. Smh u MUST be special,
    Cuz I said d SAME comment much earlier bout
    ” good Oman TUN BAD when men keep doggin dem…
    And my comment ” MAGICALLY disappeared ” off this website yah!
    Make mi go in mi bed .
    Nighty night.
    ((((((( HAPPY )))) by Mighty Mystics

  30. yes she fi talk d rings dem an tell us why she did a get di beatings…..woooiiiiiee da gal ya too much….yaaaaaaas big up carlene and mumma saw

    1. she neva did a own dem so she cannot tell we nothing bout dem…she neva admit say she get beating a chugit…if she did talk seh foota did a beat har he wouldnt have a come back like but she doesn’t know that …she a talk bout waa explore so him run wid har exploration…if she come bout beatings people will think a lie so its best she go sit somewhere quietly

  31. Met, yu closing on post 81 is powerful. I just wish him the best of luck and hope the child doesn’t have to share in this animosity. Again, post 81 should be read by the mother if she a peep so she don’t involve the child in her hell bent, woman scorn nonsense.

    1. They are snakes and spiders but u know with those kinds u have to leave them for their own kinds. She fren di man woman n know she was sleeping wid di man..di man see di next man everyday…knowing he was screwing his woman….di man kept silent about being walked upon because he was being paid..I wouldnt invest in none ..life is too short tek sleep mark death fast and begin a new chapter.

  32. Buoy it dont look good. Has parents I think its time this bullshit stop .The name calling and the throw words might lead to someone losing dem life. Nobody is going to win at the end of the day the two of dem look bad in a the eyes of the public..

  33. I feel like di reason why she a do him like this is because she fair fi r life so if she call him out an seh things bout him den ppl will know if nothing happen to r is him dweet that’s just how i feel caz we all know u can’t go to the police a JA caz dem won’t do shit till she daed an to how mi hear him could a beat r i think she just a dweet to some how protect her self from him hitting her may mi mad but a suh mi seeit caz nuh matter wah him do r it was nothing new a long time him a dash out him big foota to other gal an she know dat .i just hope dat fi di sake a dem son it don’t lead to nobody’s death are seriously getting hurt

    1. Stop it! Fear fi har life :hammer If yu a tek 20 man and more shouldn’t you main man fear fi fi him life more? :ngakak
      Him did hold back because him fear fi him job…lol

    2. u fair for ur life u don’t do songs like dat ………u sing n let d wurl knw she u fear fi u life jus like hw shi sing an put all a dem tings deh bout him shi cudda seh him waan beat r kill r an she fear fi r life……..but shi tun it inna a bedroom issue not him

  34. First of all dutty big mouth foota never quit that bitch ass nigga got FIRED. FIIIIREEEEEEDDDDDD. Foota stop carry pussy feelings you and the girl lef why you don’t leave her alone and stop walk and tell lie pon di gyal. Yuh soon get another bloodclaaat box inna yuh face. Foota ishawna a mad yuh. Yuh hurt

  35. Hello to all,i think u all need to stop and check most of ur comments seriously.
    Apart from the gossip,rumors and facts that entertains us daily on this site .Where are our morals ..I will just say this.
    Do we need to see something like another “Captin Barkey” saga?
    What if someone snaps out?
    I pray that the situation works out peacefully.

  36. Sever her rright! She knows her deeds yet still she singing songs tryna disgrace the man! Yes Foota talk the things yes she tooo brite

  37. Gyal cyaa do weh man do and still be a lady…and whoreshawna was or is no lady. So now foota ah talk, ah pussy feelings him ah carry!???? Whoreshawna nuh have nutten classy bout har, she need fe tank God fe looks weh she have. But fe go f**k yu man fren!!! Put har lower dan de dead to rass. Foota nyam pussy, common assault dat….but whoreshawna pussy nuh have nuh home training, no principles or self worth, it sticky pon har. WHORESHAWNA, LOW DE FREELANCER HOOD DEM, TEK UP YU PRIDE AND REINVENT YUSELF,YU CAREER IN AH SHAMBLES, AH YOUR PUSSY YES, BUT CLASSLESS ACTIONS WILL GET YU NO FURTHER THAN WHERE YU AT. Your punny bold bad, it lick down everything in sight.

  38. A this u call pumpum tunn up in a bad way doe.Merciful father I couldn’t not with the same syndicate a ppl that’s some messy shit

  39. Germzshawna! Seet deh no disrespect to all women but thats how nuff woman stay, she and the man used to lay in bed all bring fort youth and them leff and she nuh stop talk shit bout the man a try small up him ting fi get a hype wtf she think skatta an joe did ago wife har up fking ediaat gal see she bring the man to the point weh him haffi front page har biz an him neva waan do dat, in abt 6mnths or so she will be like a blank piece of paper which is NOTHING! Mi nuh like foota but wrong is wrong and right is right.

  40. Listen JOE did get piece offa Ishawna skatta write all a di songs. Di song weh say me need F*** a skatta write it and all write intro bout when foota gone she haffi go get it elsewhere and she a take a gyal man cause she no care bout wifey. And skatta is super super extra freaky extra extra freaky him dont pick or chose who him freaky with thats y him original woman wehh him did live a caribbean estates with(Trudy) say she couldnt take it no more cause everywhere she go she a hear story bout a next gyal weh him do freaky things wid.

      SUCK PUSSY ?
      F**K BATTY ?
      3 SOME ?
      NYAM SHIT ?
      GET PISS ON ?
      GET DILDO’D ?
      im curious , lol and u seem to know

  41. Ishawna is very wrong she wronger that foota. Now this man take u up from day 1 him wife yuh and promote yuh to di worl! All when nobody cared him never diss u publicly no matter what uno have. When him a select him always a promote yuh, him always a run joke and say di gyal dem nah go make ishawna kill him fi wateva reason. Di man held u in high esteem! Him try wid u. But met ishawna talk it say all a her friend dem & everybody roun her a get tings from man & a dat she want too, foota couldnt buy her all di expensive tings & di bagga excitement, but she so stupid cause him a giv her wehh most sensible woman want love & stability & she a get redeye offa her fren dem material tings very shallow

  42. And is long time she a f*** dung di place hence di beating dem foota did all step to her 1 time cause she did a f*** 2 a di bwoy dem outta 5star, not 1 but two outta 1 crew! & dem bwoy deh love chat and this anno jus now me a tell yuh

  43. Met how foota a tell lie pon ishawna when it done established on here & all ova di industry from weeks ago say she is a f**k truck and she a f**k everybody? So how when him say it it turn lie?

  44. A jus tru toya blind & disabled now dats y ishawna even get a chance fi take ova dsr! If toya was up and running a she woulda still be the dsr female sex symbol that joe is trying to turn ishawna into. But ishawna has absolutely no sex appeal inna di need love video just look how her body a move forced & awkward no likkle flow nor sexiness look like a handicap

  45. @PhantomPhoenix toya blind inna real life thats why we nah see her anywhere again its so sad wouldnt wish it on anybody and its so sad especially because her child is so young

  46. MET you watch this video ????????????
    how Ishawana a talk to her boss like her man suh ? wid attitude , she late and a cuss. thats not a artiste /manager relationship
    thats a man and woman ting
    you caN SEE that them been a f**k
    and how Joe mout so lipsy
    him fava Eddie Seaga – mi nuh know how Ishawna f**k that shrivel up cocky old man – she nasty and stomach strong bad – can imagine how him balls musty and grey hair pon him hood LOL
    at 3:33 joe all stop and a touch her face and fix her makeup – no sah i never see manager be so hands on before – body language of intimacy
    oh shit at 5:02 joe instructs Ishawna to get WET and CUM – like him experience it with her already
    at 6:00 seal the deal – they f**king – case closed
    at 7:20 while ishawna naked under the sheet, joe who is obviously intoxicated starts adjusting ishawna – no my boss never adjust nothing for me when i naked before – dem close sah
    but if Joe think Ishawna so unsexy in the video wonder what he thinks of her bedroom performance in real life LOL

    1. mi glimpse it this morning but i choose to stay quiet because if mi say di real ting people a go feel mi being biased so mi jus nod….if foota did believe so why was he still working and collecting money there?

      1. tru dat cause my man coulda never ever ever have suspicision seh our boss f**king his babymother / ex and still taking money from him and working for him
        thats bitch move – that not a real man
        no amount of money could make that ok
        unless foota did a f**k toya to LOL

  47. He can’t be serious. That is beyond piss inna corn flakes.
    These men in general need to take their ego out of the business It is crowding the space that is meant for creativity. And women need to stop hyping up these sour crotch men that have nothing qualifiable to offer u and nothing quantifiable for themselves.

  48. Foota tink mi a idiot if yu a pree har pon a freaky level long time y yu guh breed har if you not into dem ting …tek a beat like the rest a man dem nuh but no yu tink yu couldn’t change har ……. Threesum nuh must involve oral yu just cah manage two punash one time …. Beat that yes old boy joe

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