0 thoughts on “HEAR NINJAMAN HIM

  1. But Ninja a tek a step back man..caz mi nuh tink mi did seh im done wid di bad/man crackhead behaviour? Yet im deh pan cam a pow, pow, pow but si yah..a di new found passport and kyar gots up innah im head again..bwoi a tell u..Ninja oooo mi nuh want u ketch anadah case sah suh tek u nu kyar and passport and guh tek a rest a u almost nu yard, continue drink di pumpkin soup dou caz it good i u..Bwoi Ninja face just crack mi di hell up.

  2. A dem clown yah unu have a teach di yute dem pure Fckry.Dem fi use da video yah against him inna court and put him away.

  3. All jokes aside though…when there is bad vibes/very negative energy that surrounds you, best ting fe yuh duh is jus tek weh yuhself; another man’s negativity will not be my downfall, nope!! nod adall!!! :hoax2

  4. wait deh a wah gwan yasso smaddy food ago get eat….. ugly shortage foota betta nuh f#$k round ninja dem man deh nuh care and hear the fake badman a falla ninja bout mi smoke gas like a something fi brag bout a idiot…. foota go have bout 10 seat, man weh get bad up an bax up nuh nowhere close to bad it only look like yah smell bad an Joe MI see how you a show mi how the thing set up man yes MI see MI nuh blind at all

  5. mi like hw unnu sitting like real men an a reason d ting …do ninja no mek no baddi haul u out a u kyar an visa dem waan fi get tek weh ole u peace…………….lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

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