So met this girl now who goes by the name of monalisa who is boom boom baby mother (the selector) is dating this boy who mi sure is b****l no if but r maybe kill r dead pple a fast inna r business n a bag a things him use to live a farin n one a my battyman fren use to sex him good good relationship and go ja and is the same thing kareem only use woman to cover up me kno that n kareem kno too ,this boy walks with a pocket book bigger than a females own n goes by the name of pretty boy
Seriously ? man nuh pretty
Other thing is that some of yall female need to put ur child first pay attention to ur child education
The father of her child which is boom boom (the selector) mentioned at a event on the mic that him prefer wen bob (the son) is around him cause wen hes around his morher he learns nothing.
Betta a mother did a say that bout the father
This girl deh a almost every dance
Mi memba one day we on the rd and boom boom say him a hurry go home cause a bob alone deh home him mother drop him off n gone a party
And u all over ig like u the best mom sigh
Post a pic every sec go party jus so u can dress up n post on ig so u can get a million likes
My child comes first party can stay it na done and some uno now a days mother need to get that inna uno greasy head n stop run dung man style n fashion n trying to be wellknown
Child or the future

0 thoughts on “MONA WID DI EXPLORER

  1. Yes Kareem a big big fish! Who nuh know dat dem lost! Nobody nuh funny like him…..a so nuff a di young batty boy dem a yard a swing both ways bout dem bisexual! Use woman fi cover up dem batty likings! Mona she a real Duppy bat everybody & dem mumma know sey Kareem a faggot. How yu fi knowingly sleep & sex a man who get sex inna him batty! Kareem a lil boy too a dat. A true him & him man purse him claim sey a him money bag kmrt!

  2. This gyal annoyin as f**k she a work so damn hard fi likkle popularity and she look very scrawny wid out hair and makeup terrible bad bad bad

  3. I thought I was the only one that found her nuff and just cant dress fi save her friggin life and she is not pretty, she resembles a poodle dog am sorry. Mona yuh a try hard fi kep up wid Aneka, but Aneka has fava and you don’t, yuh need fi stop it. Yuh too nuff, go back in your nobody zone. It don’t fits you Monalisa. It don’t.

  4. Ispy she have some bag unda her eyes deh fi young gyal. Sender me glad to refresh me brain bcuz me jus a remember say a Boomboom babymother all along me a wonder whe me knw her from. She jus too nuff. Aneka is a next case by hersel

  5. Ig a turn dem jamaican ya inna 1 piece a prekkeh she so thirsty pon ig nah stop nuff up inna everybody it so obvious re route unuh priorities man attention seeking thots wannabe celebrities

  6. Aneka who waan be she she jus have clothes n shoes she juss get a hype wha day that y her party flop which class aneka in park plaza class dem hot but kmt and nuh have dry shit abeka nuh have her kid either she can dress but that a it IG tun ppl in a star who f**k r they nobody

  7. OH lord, and she can gwaan so @lol, I want to know what is her claim to fame how she so hot and not even a likkle car fi harself. The whole a dem running behind her wid har pig nose. She hype bad and she need to chill and go fi har pickney bout sh eon Ig a ask him weh fi carry back fi him.
    How about stop going road a night, give IG a break and go be a mother to your child, oops you can’t you affi go round every night fi yuh bills dem get paid. smh. You atalk bout ppl a sey yuh sell front. smh why that strike yuh so. What about your child missy.
    @lol why she and Kerry did fall out though ? yuh know

  8. As far as I see it all these girls…monalisa, aneka etc all look dirty and nasty, like they could use a bath. Ig “fame” does not pay bills or make u somebody. Instead of being your friendly neighbourhood thot they need to do something meaningful with their lives especially if they have kids. Nuff a dem deh at every pan wah knock and dem pickney cyaan even read or write…sad thing is they themselves not the brightest sparks either!
    I care zero what a next gyal waan do wid har cratches but some a dem gyal yah waaaay too hype and don’t even have 1 red cent fi rub pon di next.
    Addressing the point of being able to dress…wearing clothing where either your breasts and/or vagina is exposed at all times does not classify you as being able to dress. These girls look the same aaaalllll the time!!
    The monalisa one keep party weekend gone name FAB and nuhbody nuh go. How u gonna post videos on ig telling ppl if dem nuh come a yuh party dem fi suck dem modda?! Dat mek sense?! If I have a valid reason for not being able to coming even though me and u is “fren” or mi hail yuh a rd mi fi suck mi modda?! Ya’ll bitches need to get unnu act together cuz unnu nuh ready a rass!

  9. @smh, I saw it and I said to myself, there is no way Aneka could be her fren and wrote that and its not like you a well known big time party spender or promoter, they are attention whores as far as I see sad sets, Aneka why you child dont live wid yuh ? I dare you to post a photo of spending a month with your child, there is your challenge. Mi ago ask for a week with him ….smh bet you cant.

  10. But wait wasn’t Aneka a strippper?
    I think har man keep Sultry! Or promote fi sultry in a quad pon Fridays. Dem gyal yah claim to fame a dick riding. Mona was a nice girl from primary school to merl grove. Now she a try too hard to fit in!!!

  11. Se annoying as f**k fo real she needs to stay away from ig she cant dress trys too hard to fit it fava rass poodle fi real
    Anf i swear FAB wAh dem get slpless nights for every nite than one night wid u pickney
    It empty as f**k
    Wid r batty man bae lool
    They do anything to fit in aneka is really a next case wid r big broad mouth n pig nose
    They aint ready fo ntn @tempa @lol @anonymous @smh @soon sign in@travy_trendsetter

  12. She annoying as hell fo real man try so hard to fit in that u all end up wid a well known battyman n dnt care lool she can dress looks like a poodle dog n tries to be everybody fren to gain popularity girl go slp r spen time wid u child bunch a groupie
    And yes the slpless nights of promo for the party fab did flap lool
    Aint nobody got time for that
    Aneka is a nxt case more broad nose fava pig aint got shit
    Mona need fi go tidy up r room n stop trying to fit in

  13. Aneka a devil she mek page a diss shamrile a she sen this story not wven a year of clothes she have used sleep hotel dem frigjten fi her n she aint shit but a trisexual bicycle

  14. Aneka sen this she mek page fi shamiele tru she look betta she nuh like mona jus waan cimpany she just get hot not even yr walk truss clothes she is jus a trisexual bicycle that ugly as f**k with a boob job that is willin do anything money all dhq sher she a try bruck weh dem look stink

  15. @ lol what is Aneka’s claim to fame, mi need the ppl dem fi send in her file. I found it strange I think she is vindictive as f**k, she was the one that called out Crome bout sharing her clothes, only God can tell me otherwise. She just seem devious and sad!!!!!!!!!

  16. Her claim to fame clorhes n shoes wha day less than year she get a bed fibher self she was a gogo she aint shit not badmind jus truth mona lisa was damcehall she lef it try uptown idiot dem if ppl did rate dem wiuda go fab even for aneka sake ig fool dem aneka hide her kid n tek him n spen a money pon him once year a lesbian she used de wit have kid

  17. All unu a talk mona nah lose nuh sleep. Unu need fi mind unu f**kin business. Any bitch a talk bout she cant dress n dnt look good is just jealous! She’s a poodle but unu a f**kin mungrel dawg. She’s smarter than all u whores who need a f**kin life. It bun unu tru unu nuh have wha she have. So what if she choses to party, she’s still young n still hot no matter how unu a chat. Ppl only gossip when dem nuh have shit fi do wid dem own life. So to all u bitches hatin keep hatin cuz it nah hurt monalisa one bit! Unu f**k off! Nuff a unu a smile ina har face n wish unu can come close to how she look. Badminded f**kas unu need fi learn how fi spell. Mona will kill unu wid her intelligence. Unu nah put food pan har table, clothes pan har back n unu nah put money ina har hand. So Wha unu affi sey matters ZERO!! N dnt even mek mi affi mention bout har son. He’s well taken care of nosey ass bitches. I do feel sorry for ur kids tho, who have to sit there n watch u savagely yap and gossip abt other ppl on social I said y’all opinions matter ZERO
    UNU F**K OFF!!
    Lmaooo unu sound soo f**kin hurt!!

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