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  1. These case dont water down my dear they make national headline where mayor com ex mayor everyone involve they are all going to jail and that good for them Who the hell them think them is

  2. The 15-year old is the victim….why would she “try to escape”. There is nothing stopping her from leaving the US and catching a flight to Jamaica.

  3. What did I say the other day? “I hope she not from Jamaica, because that high school most of the students came from the island” . why we can’t stay out of the news. A damn shame!

  4. Bad ppl wen u do d crime b prepared to do d time, No Run. I do not believe in the jumping thing, that is what PUNKS do.

  5. Why haven’t they arrest the other girls who were involved in the fight? The parents are just as bad, let her face the consequences instead they trying to get her out the country

  6. I’m confuse. Is it the 16-year who was the only one arrested for the fight, the one who was trying to flee from NY to JA? Or is it the 15-year old, who was beaten by the mob?

    1. Dem scrape up two more suh a now a three and three to go…it’s not de victim who try fi leave

      (Simplicity soon sign in)

  7. Good, cause any decent parent would have hauled her rass to the police station and leff har deh. Never in my days have I seen young girls behaving the way they do now in public, so sickening fi see and hear dem. I caan figet the nasty disgusting words I heard one telling her little child who could not have been more than 5 in Philly. I stay weh mi deh yaw, caan badda fi dem.

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