With her much older rapper boyfriend and infamous trout pout, Kylie Jenner is just too cool for high school.


The 17-year-old reality star has ditched her at-home school program, sources say.
“Kylie quit homeschool a few months ago,” a family insider tells the magazine. “She told her mom is was getting in the way of her career, and that she wanted to focus her energies on building her personal brand and making money.”

Though most mothers would be outraged with such an impulsive move, momager Kris Jenner allegedly didn’t bat an eye.

“Kris gave in,” the insider adds of the 59-year-old, who as Radar exclusively reported, allows Kylie to have sleepovers with 25-year-old boyfriend Tyga. “She feels the girls are smart and savvy and they don’t need a piece of paper to show that.”

However, the rebellious teen’s “bad cop” parent, dad Bruce, isn’t thrilled with his daughter’s shocking decision.

“He was pissed when he found out that Kylie dropped out,” the source recalls. “Of course, he blames Kris!”

Kris and ex-husband Bruce have been at war over parenting bad girl Kylie, Radar has reported. The former Olympian, 65, thinks Kris encourages her youngest daughter to post sexy selfies.


  1. Good Morning Met, Metters, Peepers nd Others …..

    All dem bloodclaat yah sorry fi de fowl language suh early…wen ACS fi run in dem phuck’n don’t now bruce is 100% better of getring the full custody of dis lil nah nuh head piece yet gal pickney cuz dem muma only knw fi cho bombo……dis jus a get me extra blue a bet if a did a reg smaddy and dis hit the front pages b4 cock tek off him draws ACS wuda present cuz not being in sch is a NEGLECT .

    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  2. She betta save di money gud, cuz without an education life goin sticky pon har. And mi a talk a life on porn getting jizzed on, cuz a dah way deh she a go guh.

  3. Dat pimp of a mumma want summary beat har rass. Imagine she proud a Kim sex tape and making a mockery of marriage wid di youth before Kanye. Now this. White privilege is a hell of a thing. Because no matter what this family do them get away with no repercussions. Malia and her sister were lambasted for wearing casual clothes and not smiling. Money is the Jenner family God, dem disgust me

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