Dutty Tony Ray Ray stop pick up and drop Dutty Gangsta Dawn in a yuh wife Infiniti truck dutty old Man U too disrespectful and nasty I hope when the wife find this out now she fix u properly and fling u out of it. And u do it in front of everybody but karma is a bitch


  1. Him dump hard face peaches and went back to dawn somebody madddddddd . Dawn and tony ray na stop fck it’s been years they sleeping together somebody madddd.

  2. Oh Peaches you need to SHUT up and concentrate on moving out the people house. Not even 1 year since you move and the people want you out.
    You come into the people live (tony and dawne) and hype up yourself now you see he not leaving dawne and you sad. Girl BYE, you shoulda take a trip to jamaica with your daughter and niece for the holidays.

  3. So it’s cute to know that Dawn is a married woman and f**ing on her husband lmfao and she is the one that have the most to say about other people and her life is so dirty dont really know her other than sseeing her in the party and I really don’t like her not one bit because she is a trouble maker and bad people really dont have a lot to say and this is why I know she is a punk she talk too f***ing much .

    1. Dawn is PUSSY to the core. Like me seh me family run in pon ar pon Nostrand Ave an all now sour face Dawn no budgr an if she did a one 2×4 would a greet ar face dat hot summer day cause me cousin dem did well a wait fe ar. Dawn gets noooooo ratings or respect in the projects she is just a loud mouth trouble making whore who thinks her citizenship can save her from a proper buss ass. Let her try the wrong person at the right moment an see if ar bet no get buss. Big married woman name a call pon man hood out a road an Dawn an ar stay bad minions dem a cheer like a good ting she a gwan wid.

      All Tony Ray Ray him fe go sidung an know seh de days of the Rock an Starlight Ballroom are over an cannot be relived. Go rest your body an take care of your health. From Higher Higher days you a gwan like you is smaddy an all now you no reach nowheh inna life.


  5. Kmt.. I know the big woman Tony did deh wid back in the days and like man, woman talk about sex in the company of their friends and as far as she seh Tony little penis is not even something to tickle with. No wonder Dawn husband can’t tell that she’s straying for years. Tony nah mek no tracks lol..

  6. Peaches why you think Spence want you now he know that you is a f**king dog look at your f**king iron face stop worrying over dawn she have a good man paying all how old r.u now about 53 go look a life wat is your plan for 2017 peaches from barbershop to man to home Depot to shoplifting to boat ride man now it is dancehall man get a grip on your pussy now leave Tony Ray Ray and is wife alone he f**k you take your money and leave you homeless my God wat do you want from Dawn now she is everything bad but have a good name on her pussy she doesn’t need your man Tony Shame on you peaches Stop f**k all those man and try to change your life

  7. My my all of U shore have a lot of time to think about the people them lifestyle it is a new year now think for your self Tony working is wife have a good job is kids is okay and for dawn i am glad she leave dancehall and give you all the woman come out once in awhile and all of U still f**king with her y u all don’t step to her and get over it Toney wife don’t leave your husband and give that whore peach please he is a nice man and I really like him nice man

  8. Peaches look like one big fool in a the party a drink Moscato and Ciroc together when she see dawn walk in she started drinking more dumb ass bitch If you check the mats two years ago nobody know her even up to the boat ride she claim is what 10 years is her mother used to keep the boat ride and come type in party like she someone because her daughter go breed for fat boy oh please go sit down and take several seats you look like a witch witch

  9. Get over it f**k you and rotten pussy Dawn nobody is not scared of water bloom Dawn she the most hated women in America all she do is walk and beg friend and tell people let by gone be by gone f**king hypocrite ,she need to go and pray and beg God to for give her for all the wicked things that she have done to people all those lies and story that she tells…. how can someone defend a person like that she is bitter to the Core even are own child she talk about SMFH at this witch old obeah worker….

  10. Dana could wait till the baby reach one if go take dick my god my god!!!!!what a day when she a come up and immigration hold on her with our bluebook And start investigate the bluebook

  11. At hi Dana came up on her papers but yea I do agree that was fast on another note her daughter is gorgeous… looks nothing like Dana’s son she sweet

  12. Mek dawn move har nasty whoring rass an gweh. A never si a old ooman luv suck wood suh yet. Shi always a talk bout big to har husband and knowing she don’t love him.

    Wat a nasty stay bad old ooman.

  13. This story is about Dawn Tony and his wife how did peaches get in this
    and if Dawn so bad why she dont stop use are mouth to murder people and take it to them physically lmfao old beating stick you never win a fight yet the only fight you win is with your mmouth and all a social media know about that she get her ass wiped in new combination and twice in Universal resort and in a VanDevere and lowkey lounge you really need to go sit your old boring ass down

  14. Every comment in Dawn defense is Dawn herself writing them she bad like that.Talking bout Dana Dawn must go talk bout Wendy weh breed for the battyman Mike and is only him make her feel like someone.Up until now neither Dawn or Wendy is civilized they can’t come out the project and Wendy pickney ugly Noh bc and claim har man is drug dealer and still can’t elevate herself.Dawn go sit your ass down remember your blood pressure high like the most high.Wendy do breast and belly trying to look like her role model Dana and apple but Wendy it spoil Dawn last pickney look like handicap so who she can diss?when she breed with infections 3 times

    1. @kimoy please who the f**k is Dana she go breed if a next man and give the little boy to rav and that little boy is not his child so what the f**k you saying then I ain’t no f**king body Dana do surgery to do her belly and batty that little boy is a Ugly they love the Hype life she went to Jamaica the same time last year to go give the belly to rav again to give him a Next jacket but him run our way !!!!

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