Grace yuh nuh see Stacey a done yuh Gracefully :nerd

Stacyxpressionz No matter how talented you are, not everybody is going to like you, but that’s life, just stay strong… Oh well.. *sips tea* ☕😋

Stacyxpressionz Being real and happy is like being a lady… if you have to tell people you are… you are not… #boasietuesday lastnight

Stacyxpressionz If you think your opinion of me has any effect, Honey let me assure you that none of my self worth is wrapped up in what you think of me…

Stacyxpressionz Our dreams inspire us to live life to the fullest, our sorrows guide us in learning & accepting who we are, wisdom is what we achieve from experiencing both.

21 thoughts on “SPICE YUH NUH SI?

  1. @Met me already seeing this being like when Spice did fall out with the other dancer dem before, fear up yourself cause di tea a go come in pon rapid!

  2. Spice a trouble mecka!! When she did fall out wid the other group a girls this one was on spice wall a drop wud!! Now luk what happen to her.

  3. The common denominator is Spice, she needs to look into herself and really get it together. No Stacey anuh saint but she a tek the higher route is spice a shade the gal nd she a done har neatly

      1. suh much a dem suh tuff mi a wonder which one yah tawk cuz one deh deh wid a bob style dats still dancing for spice

  4. That’s why I don’t mess with female co workers, friends associates…..always on some dumb shit….smh…Spice a better you hire random people to perform at your shows, Don’t invite them at your house or let them see you slipping……strictly proffessional….

  5. @12:40..i am with u mi noh deal wid mi co worker dem i think spice just noh allow dem fi dou has dem like wid er mi here sah nuff a d dancer dem wah leave wen y carry dem overseas goh dance a club etc trust me none a my co worker can cum a mi yaad

  6. Nuff a uno mash up inna life because uno bring ppl inna uno circle an help dem an dem help uno dung trust me mi noh fancy spice but mi hear sah shi noh allow ppl fi walk over her certian way dats y ppl noh like er mi never hear no bady sah shi work dem an dont get pay

  7. @anon, I agree with you. Save your money hiring dancers, too much chicks bring too much problem. Keep it strictly professional. Not even my house or family I bring certain coworkers to. Most Females always want what you have and don’t know how hard you had to work to gain it. Spice don’t even address the nobodies, you’re putting yourself on their level. Most celebrities have to hold their tongues against the negative comments attitudes that are directed towards them. Separate yourself my girl. Them say you ugly/tough but your fan accept you for how God made you, you don’t have to prove nothing anyone but God.

  8. Spice a throw shade pon Stacy fe bout 2wk now unu Neva si dat. All along wen she a praise danger n d next girl a Stacy she a drop wud pon n Stacy ignore har. Now mi si like Stacy cyan tek it nu more n start drop back wud spice she put up a garbage bag post smh. She n nobody cyan gree. Nu wa day ya she write bou she love har team so a cuda wa now? Smh

  9. I spoke with stacy and she has left the team. Its no big deal. Think ur all reading too much into it. I wont go further into details as i hate mixup. But its really no big of a deal.

  10. @justsaying di same gyal who do fashionenira hair (puddonplussweet).

    spice mi nuh know wha fi seh. mi memba danger foot get sick suh she drop out fi ah while. den shelly guh pon tour wid har mon, mi seh ok. but mi notice all when she come back she nuh guh back inna di group. then spice seh she add on one gyal name wandadidanca, and di first night she introduce har pon stage, was di last time mi c har pon stage wid dem. now stacy, mi cyaan keep up i swear.

    when mi look pon tings, expression nuh lose nuttin. cause before spice, dem still did ah tour and go places we never hear of. dats y spice ah try learn fi dance from wha day. suh when tc and danger leave, she coulda be ah one ooman band.

    how comes she nuh have dem kind ah problem ya wid spicey couture.

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