1. macka u cannot look good no day in ur life. u sick joncrow stomuck wait! is di same cheap red hair from did odda day u still have pon yuh head yuh mean to tell me a big 50 y ole walk n f**k ooman like u cant buy a pack of hair?? oh gosh plz jus dye dye

  2. Good mawnin Metty, mi family :peluk :peluk :peluk … Well it’s not the best looking but I’ve seen worst. It’s an upgrade from how she usually tan bad…

  3. Gm all, Macka look like she put har lip inna pile of har own doo doo, what a lipstick ugly my Gaddd!!! In my twin of twins voice. She is very exotic looking indeed. Macka please tek di picture down a beg of you!!!! :maho

  4. De last time mi check de Calendar, mi see wey Halloween is not until October 31. So why de hell Macka a assault our eyes wid har permanent mask a few weeks before Halloween fah ? Please vampire Macka, stop haunting us !!!! Me know say dat your permanent mask caan come off, so you need to go back to your dead – end street, where you belong. You”re too damn old to be trick or treating.

  5. Dear Macka,
    No sah, Macka, Macka, Macka, hair glue fi lipstick is NOT the look. A prettier, softer, more refined looking young lady could not pull this off. So why you weh tuff like slavery handcuff think you can? Denial is a hell of a drug. Macka you have money, hire a stylist or buy a mirror. plz.
    A fan

  6. jah kno macka fava di donkey bad bad ina di last pic mi jus a memba wen spice bring di donkey pon stage dwllllllllll

  7. No sahhh she really look like muma blazzzzzz lol which one more zugly errr cah them pass ugly them zuglyyyy dwl no sahhhhh

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