1. Please tell me this girl isn’t cursing like that to get in someone who she is degrading party for free.. this must be a joke

  2. So who put gun a fi har head and tell har fi guh a di dance in a rain? dem people yah just love notice, more time dem fi just build.

  3. Oh but I really like her n she’s made a fantastic point…I too don’t want anybody on my page who don’t love me!!!Why have Haters on your page for real Sherilee

  4. Suh him put gun a yuh head Sherilee and yuh go a him dance go support him. Bwoy Sherilee funny still. Naw lie … but I have a question and it’s a serioussss question. What authorizes her to get into EVERY dance for free? Just asking. Seriously.

  5. How the f**k you callin someone cheap but u don’t want to pay to come in there dance even if u never pay is it goin to hurt ur pockets to pay one time.it be people like u that come ah people dance and watch and don’t pay nothing at the bar, so what if the Man love Money which man and woman don’t love Money it pay people’s bill bitch and shit ain’t for free. Black people like you never want to pay for shit and complain about everything. Didn’t u get your ass beat up few months ago from some chick why u so mixup u always post f**kery on fb.why u never say all this shit to his babymother at the door why come on the internet and talk shit bout the man..people let u in for free cause they know you sick in the head. Bitch complaining about 25$ what if everyone come in for free how u Expect the man fi make money bitch

  6. Can someone enlighten me on who this big ole woman is bout she don’t pay to go to dance, is she a celebrity because her feelings sound hurt didn’t watch most of the video but I found it funny because she said she don’t pay fi go a dance.

  7. Cheap ass bitch you always look pop down no one will miss u if u don’t come out. You love talkin about callin police why don’t you just work with them you ugly bitch.one day a nigga goin to really hurt u because of your mouth keep it up bitch!you have no real friends in ah real life bitch.

  8. LoL, rules change you ain’t shelling down the bar, so why should you get in for free?. You don’t pay go nowhere,well someone cut the tides, bout pneumonia, dem did call you and tell you to come?, Did you and them have any agreement, where you promote the event and you get in for free?, Girl bye, you not getting any money back, you same one say you always get in free, so as time goes by things change, venue price, security, DJ, you name it. You are not an asset you are a liability.

  9. And the $25 she a cuss bout she pay is not fm are pocket someone pay it fi are if you listen the video good she want drink fi free and going fi free I can bet she a go fu我是k with the wrong person one one these day look out it’s coming and not even police ‍♀️ ago can help you

  10. And inna whofa world are you a Superstar? Suh, Suh, Beydoce, why yu purse full uppa food stamp? Dem nuh tek food stamp fi guh eena di pardy??

  11. Me a go want da girl ya get a life. People a keep dem dance and dem must let you in fi free. Come gwope fi mi deh lol

  12. Lol is Sherri lee even a real person? Fire links check if yuh $25 dollar short cause I swear Sherri lee is a duppy gal. That’s why she nuh pay guh no weh, she enter through the wall. Shi remind mi a Di Japanese duppy weh deh every weh and always Inna Di same clothes and hairstyle and haunting same damn way ,

  13. She’s the one that’s looking stupid for complaining about paying $25 to go into Redz party

  14. I don’t usually have time to listen to anything over a few minutes, but I couldn’t switch her off. FUNNY AS HELL !!!! Lol

  15. She acting like she tekking the man and his wife is her mate. All this long talking for $25. She sound like a retard when she talks. Slurring her words sounding like a drunk.

  16. Shi soun fake asf….weh yuh a try hug di girl weh a collect fah? yuh did hear seh admission is a hug an smile? pay yuh money are gaa yuh f**kin yaawd loll

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