Trust and believe nobody hating on none of you B*tches. What you all have?? 1. Sharon in the black jacket harry left you high and dry you was in hiding just a come back and look a hot mess stay home with your grandkids. 2.Tracey your so call good body with no man ok and where you live now in which building??? You can only talk about your old car boo. 3. Michelle in the black tight suit Richie welcome door mat how much step kids you got now in your marriage? 4. Tamara in the blue Nico old cloth you move outta your mother apartment yet. 5. Neisha blue hair posh monkey wey share her husband with every dancehall girl.

13 thoughts on “HEF YOU

  1. Sender mi love how yu tek di time fi label each one cause a nuh everybody pan here know dem. YU get A fi effort. As to the content mi nuh know the relevance of it.

  2. Senda do unu up! 😀 😀

    Me nah lie unu fi stay home! #1. You hand ugly bad. Bitch you got man hands

    #2.You look like you a bit abive the rest. The middle finga ting no fit you.

    #3. Only when you a run errands you fi out in public like that! You too manly to be out and about a hol up middle finga :hoax2

    #4. You too falla fashion because you know say what you doing is abive you…you and #2.

    #5. Is whey you get dem long ugly finga de from?! Dem look deform. P.s. how far you and #2 think dem athletics material can stretch go? :ngakak

  3. A wey do them ugly nasty gyal a who a hate pon them. Not one person did notice them in the party a them just a carry on and make noise to be seen them. Sharon you look old and tired Tracey you boring now your ass big and stiff go tek dance lesson Michelle fix up yourself for once msn you always favor one strong man Tamara you really need some clothes Neisha you shop for your step kids yet

  4. Michelle me can’t hate pon you cause me and you a tek Richie. That’s y when I see you I can lol cause you wash his boxes with my juice stain

  5. Are these girls serious hate on who ? What? Each and every one of you girls got tricked and played my y’all man or ppl man. Sharon where is harry? Michelle where Richie is he with Lisa or Sandy or the new one? Tracey Paul not look @ U. Tamara Nico is so happy with his new family Neisha go breed

  6. Watch ya! A man buss them gyal ya Tamara was Nico fool for years Paul come hype up whoring Tracey and give her a car posh come turn Neisha inna step mother and take her off ppl floor porridge body Michelle Richie give papers and turn inna step mother

  7. Thursday school start and the same book bag and uniform clothes etc y’all kids left school with in June is the same way they’ll return. Cause not one of y’all rate your kids summer come and gone no pics with your kids no nothing just the party life and the waste man dem so who would hate on y’all. My kids live with me Michelle wey you son with him father and stepmom wey hate him Neisha wey your son with him grandmother wey can’t mange no more him soon come turn cruff like his father and hunt the people on church Ave like his dad did

  8. Saw Tracey last night @suku barbecue she need to act like a lady that’s y man can’t respect and want you is a time and place for everything. Seeking attention that way you only getting a nasty reputation. No seriously Michelle you need clothes and makeover I’m going speak to your papers husband him have to do better even though him himself never stay right yet.

  9. Funny most of the comments are from the same person. Same writing style atot of “you”!! Could of switch it up a little you know??….them for dem, would of for woulda. you get it?? Keep calling up all names so detailed, so personal. Sender also commenter, you seem to know alot about these girls. I know you must know where they live, work, kids school, mother, sister, brother house, where they shop, party. Why you dont take that same effort and go find them!!!!?? Tell them what you have to say. What is the point of the post? Keep it current!! Nothing New Happen. Over here giving history class and sh*t. Just Bill

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