1. No sa everybody want a work off the young abs body . Every fish jump out off the aquarium for this young bwoy it’s acceptable in dancehall now one set off batty man . Robbas you like like a clown for Gucci ease off now man .

  2. Suwayne is a batty man anuh today!!
    It buss out years aguh from 2012
    Ah him woman funny she run go do her body and stay rass bad
    Dem live inna wa likkle dutty apt a mount Vernon you woulda thought they was rich on da gram .. dem lame bad

  3. Sueanne a long time fish that pretend like him not. Everybody know except Sueanne who in deniial. Remember they call her Sueaanne.. long time dem youth yah mix up inna batty thing and a pretend like him don’t like that.. do you thing Sueanne..

  4. The girl Suwayne deh wid weh name nordesha is only with him to wear name brand her baby father prince deh a jail for murder all she care about is name brand and she work in a group home she can’t afford brands so she latch on to battyman suwayne for likes run to do body and it don’t look good

    1. Suck a dick bitch with all that false information. Prince nuh deh a jail fi murder & she name Nordasha and she been wearing name brand

  5. Ohhhh please him and him gal full a shit she don’t have shit she work in a group home and she ugly yuh f**k without makeup and him is a cab driver kmt uno just need fi chill wid all the fake and stolen things

  6. Most a them man yah guh both ways an a hype mek nuff a them f**k man now a days battyman ina all up ina hype man party and all up on them ig and Facebook look on this young boy now keep him party and so much battyman a tek picture with you and you see nothing wrong with this TF

  7. Nick Klean love f**k ina batty mi know that fi a fact an now mi a see him pon nuff a di battyman dem ig and him nuh play fi like up them pics especially when dem have on name brand r them not from New York battyman all leave comments pon him pics then dem wah tell me seh dem straight dem want to be man yah love too much likes

  8. This is strange Corey never ever fly in for someone’s party it’s just depends. When I saw him there I was surprise. But never the less I don’t know if he’s gay. But he sure came to support suwayne. He will come to NY for some parties but not if he don’t know you. You people need to stop judge and assume on people.

  9. This is questionable corrierudeboi live in Chicago he was just inna New York the following week. Him come back for suwayne it’s clear that something is wrong here. And they took a pic! Well they maybe friends. Rudeboy nuh mix with the regulars. I think the puzzling part to this is Corey coming back for this party.

  10. Dem little bwoy Inna dancehall love name brand clothes so them will give away dem little buttom to mantain the hype.

  11. He link Suayne to the shoes because the batty man have the link. If u notice the batty man have on the a similar shoes lol so Suayne need to produce the receipt for that P. Diddy red bottom. This is the chance to clear ur name.

  12. And the biggest fish from Canada MADAME MENTION (WELL NOT THE BIGGEST BUT THE BIGGEST)come down to this party lol okkkkkkk every single person in these picture are some big SHARKS – ACTUALLY WHALES.


  14. Damn can a young nigga get money anymore damn put some respect on his name too mek sure yuh sey “Suwayne Fashion”. Most of y’all fathers, brothers, uncles are batty mon cuz yuh love label people. Suwayne woman (Nordasha) look real bloodclot “GUD” couple thousand dollars well spent, nordasha body is in the top 5 of the best do bodies. MAKE UP OR NO MAKEUP GYAL PRETTY AND ENUFF AH YUH MON WOULD WANT HER. Nordasha don’t even belong inna di Bronx & her hole real gud that’s why Suwayne spent pon her. One bunch ah lies in these comments. y’all stalk di people social media page and mek up one bunch of lies smfh that’s fan behavior. Corrie and the others fly in for the party because Suwayne party is the best year to year party that keep inna the Bronx. & dem DONT live inna mount vernon, dem live real gud, have up dem good paying jobs, dem eat gud, dem love each other and dem ah mek money inna real live. Next year again they going to give y’all more to chat bout ‚úĆUNTIL THEN GUH WATCH DEM IG. HATERS

  15. Suwayne cant manage a real women that’s how come him a f**k Mon ,,,if him really wanted to be with that girl he would move out of his mother house n buy a house for them to grow up dem children,,,iinstead him just wah f**k battymon ,,, him n jerribling mus a f**k ,,,,

    1. Are you a home owner? The big house is coming just wait on it until then their kids and them are going to continue to be clean every day. Yuh need fi guh focus pon Yuh father, yuh mon and brother batty hole

  16. Well his women can’t look that good if he rather f**k men all day ,, no needs to stalk anyone everybody just calling it how they see it …he women is ULGY without make up …n her body is not top 5 fake or real .,,, so stop ..

  17. Suwayne a star don yute dem man Deh a humble yute uno leave the yute alone and go suck uno mada anytime a man a Mek money uno hate pon people suck uno mada and leave the yute Suwayne a top gallest amount woman dem man Deh f**k and who nuff gal mi kno a mad over him over him.the hate is real!!

  18. Damn the hate is real must a gal weh the man a f*k do this the man have him gud up woman and naa pay uno Nuh mind so uno a spread popoganda smfh keep making money yute yuh party shot you and yuh woman look good!!

  19. All of you lesbians and Faggots need to worry about y’all own assholes. Yuh people love assume about people life and don’t know shit. Nordasha is the poster girl for bad and boujee she don’t even talk to people but ah nuff ah yuh mon would love fi have her so shut up NORDASHA LOOKS GREAT & IM GOING TO CONTINUE SAYING IT YALL CANT SIT MUCH LESS STAND NEXT TO HER … ALL EYES ON THEM NEXT YEAR AGAIN LATER FANS.

  20. Nordasha yuh look good bad you and yuh man a lead Mek dem gwan hate don’t stop beat dem you and yuh man love uno together.

  21. Jerry and Suwayne a the two biggest Galist a Bronx and the two cleanest yute dem big uno self yute.nordasha look damn good b4 har body do and now she looks great wish if a me did have have har.

  22. Suwayne you and nordasha look good at the party and don’t listen to bad mind people keep doing what you guys doing obviously you guys doing something good that’s why dem a acknowled uno ,uno a lead rite now humble couple love uno together all a uno weh a hate go suck uno mada.

  23. Unoo gwaan like battymon a crime, kmt Ja’cans are the most judgemental set a bunch. Lowe di rass ppl dem and mek dem live

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