16 thoughts on “HELP OOO..HIM NEED HELP

  1. Young man a try. A bit in over his head but ambition TUNN UP! Is a drone missile di girl launch pon him and him nuh know what reach him. Dat girl is terrible….dwrcllllll

  2. I can’t :ngakak You mean to tell me this young man couldn’t google acute and obtuse to figure out what this young lady was saying? My Lort.

    1. You know him never have to? The bitch OBTUSE fi true, in all sense of the word…look it up :maho

      Acute would a suit har to.

  3. It should be made mandatory by phone companies…..that individuals use Google at LEAST twice a day or else your phone service will be disconnected. Permanently. SMH. If him did just consult Google (because obviously he didn’t know what she meant which is why he said “huh?”.)Him wudda have a likkle idea say him said sumting off. Him was unsure….. Therefore him cudda just do a quick 1..2…an come back. Dwllll. Helppppppp

    :siul :siul :sorry :sorry

  4. Gm all,i bet if it was a guy that did this to a “slow”girl nuff ppl woulda style him as an a**hole.Why she couldn’t explain to the yute n simply sey she not interested??

    1. She fi gwey of course…bitch could have pointed out the spelling instead because she damn well and know what him mean.

      His only fault is that damn keyboard doing it own thing and him not seeing it. But the “a beautiful eyes” got me 😀

      Morning and TGIF!

  5. Explain to wah Yardie o please u deh online a look woman u betta come wid u “A” game or better yet u dictionary…look weh Google deh right in front him :ngakak :ngakak
    When I’m writing something and I’m not 100% Mi draw fi Google or Mi kids dem lol.

    1. All I read n heard u sey was Google kids I swear lol 🙂 🙂 Pp she disgusting with the shade fi true.everyday above grung is a good day n we thankful oo.

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