* We must get in the habit of giving even when we dont feel like it. The person does not have to be a family member or friend because we never know which door our blessings may choose to come from. Help this young man as much as you can*
Good afternoon Met! I was wondering if you could post a video of my friend. He is a footballer/soccer player. He’s played in St. Mary, NY and now FL. He got invited to the UK for trials but unfortunately he can’t afford to go. But I was hoping you could bring some exposure to his page in hopes some people would contribute.
So what I’d like you to post is:

Jamaican talent Kenneil “Ziggy” Haye out of Port Maria, Jamaica is a phenomenal soccer/football player. When he plays he catches the eyes of many onlookers. He makes it looks more than a game but like an art, the way juggles the ball, dances on his feet and swings his body around the opponent.
Ziggy has got offered an opportunity of a life time of trying out for some popular teams in the UK. Which unfortunately he may not get to go due to not being able to afford it. So if you could assist in the matter the contribution would be well appreciated.
For more videos ZiggySoccer11
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