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Popular singer Beyonce’s sister Solange got married to move producer Alan Ferguson today. The couple rode to the church on bicycles . Mi nuh know if it hot or not but dat must be fi mek di press…mi nuh think it dope or cute…or different…it quack up like a duck


  1. Beyonce she do the group photo perfect with the dazed and out of it look. Tina has always been more attractive than them. To the bride, no words.

    1. Are you guys serious? this is so unorthodox and beautiful! Even the concept of riding on he bikes! Met I guess we are all different I love everything about this wedding

  2. This is a very PERSONAL wedding and I appreciate it. Solange is Solange and she did the wedding that she and her husband agreed on. Maybe he’s good for her due to his age…. like a grounding character. Shoutout to Originality. :alay :kimpoi

    1. You would be mad if somebody invited you to a wedding in an insane asylum with no air condition.Why wedding groom look like Big Belly Derick in him younger days.

  3. @ Ebony Lolita, shout out. Glad you have the eyes to see the deepness behind the ceremony. The beauty of SIMPLICITY and symbolism. Riding with the cycles also using their natural energy and saying ‘ we riding together in life.’
    She looks beautiful. She looks happy. A very very PERSONAL and intimate wedding indeed.
    Most rich people Nuh hype up like poor people ( pouring good champagne all ova d place like idiooooottttt)
    I think she deliberately wanted to keep it original and simple.
    Whether it last a year or more…. BIG up to all those who believe in LOVE.

  4. My advice to Solange’s husband is…..whenever you have any disagreements with her, just don’t get into any elevators with her. By the way, How come I don’t see her Father or Jay – Z in any of these pictures?

      1. yep….same way mi seh di mumma di dawta and di son and di likkle girl have a look inna dem yeye….wen mi si di tan up it look weird ….dem jus confirm something

        1. white is very symbolic in the occult a doe know its eery to me an u know im not the one fi call out these things but it feel funny

  5. Met! I’m right wid you. I am happy for their union. But that group shot aint feel right at all. There is something very wrong with that whole set up photo shoot or not. I can only speak on what my spirit felt when I saw it. That was eery and Bey is so not looking right these days it’s a worry. Even Mama K look over serious considering it’s her baby’s wedding.

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