Hello good day met , do you think it’s right that this young 25 year old girl of three kids with three different baby father go down to rema (Kingston Jamaican ) and go get married to a boy she just know for 6 months and two days ago was the first time she met him ?? Please tell mi if it right on top of that her own father didn’t go to the wedding or mother didn’t go and look pon the dress this old woman dress like them a go a prom this is a disgrace and need to be talked about this live in ct on Social service and works at Burger King every man that breed har leave har she is very worth less and have no shame she come down looking so pop down with this dutty wig met please


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  1. P.S at least she have a Burger king job if she did sell crotches u same one would an cuss har out bout it . Unuh fi leave ppl meck Dem live Dem life di way Dem want it . meck those without sins cast di fuss stone.


  2. Sender, go back to sleep. It’s too early for the foolishness. If the lady and the man feel like they are kindred and don’t want to wait any longer, so be it. What’s the problem?? You stated she has multiple children with multiple fathers and yet this man can look beyond that and wed her. Congratulate the woman and keep it moving.

    Smart people learn from past mistakes,it’s called growth.

    Congrats on your wedding ma’am. I hope it brings you joy and I hope you both walk with God on this journey.

    1. De Frock and head piece match the house d├ęcor BUT Lurker laid down the truth in gospel.

      My girl, a wish you longevity and happiness. Improve your station in life to benefit you children, so people mouth come off a you and them in the future.

  3. Sendr guh sleep and don’t wake up. Yu too bitter. Di girl happy you can’t tell the difference between of and have . Gwey man. Dunce nuh rass. Guh back a grade 3 and mek di girl do ar ting. Even wid 3 pikney and burger King job she tek yu man. Hot don’t ah bay! Oh and a next thing young miss best wishes on yu marriage. Gwaan mek a gyal head hat dem yah.

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