Well word on the street big fight break out down by Champions Banquet Hall between Sherekia Carter(Sylvia Lloyd) best friend,& Wi Seh Nice Ladies but nobody ain’t talking what the Royal Rumble was between Sherekia,Sylvia & Wi Seh Ladies…..
Anyone know the 411 and care to elaborate what happened with the fight why the fight escalated,why the fight bruk out,and who won the fight??





  1. You ignorant sender.. bout who won the fight.. you should be saying how low it is for grown women to be rumbling in the streets..smdh

  2. Sherika needed a beating from long time. She love to start shit with her ugly self. Lauderdale ppl run in with the story.

  3. Is that the ‘we say Nice’s ladies a bottom? Cause say….who let the dogs out is more like it :ngakak

  4. Sender tell me now which part a them gal the nice them need fe go sit dung with them ugly pop dung self

  5. That bitch I left her to nene Duppy !!!!!! nene not even dead good she have her man a hide but now open up in public an all a promote memorial lawd them must plant her to rass !!!! and the so call husband she married him an give him papers cause as him come an left you back with nene husband !!!! what it really is sheerika ????? Ugly bad body shape bad gal ok you fling two bottle an you bad

  6. What kind of RN on her phone 24 /7 she on Facebook more that the owners pay attention to your job & school you say you going nooooooooooooooooo RN working in any facility or hospital or doctors office
    on there phone like that get a life my girl

  7. Honestly all of these dutty WasTe gals look bad , that big black hog Reka needs to be tied girl you ever stay bad look bad shape bad the shower call each and everyone of y’all, dutty redz you suppose to stop partying long time from the ppl nah come out to ya party ! Y’all don’t have no shame , all you want do is be all over the place and talk bout you promoting Dwl I guess you didn’t promot hard enough because everyone went to bleach out face blesh party Dwl and they nah come out to yours Dwl

  8. Redz dutty baby momma your time is done ! Dun dun dun , you need to set some examples for those young whores you gat walking with you , them children only 19/20 dancing all over the place for free tickets to party and free shout out on the mic y’all have to do better , Monique you need to focus on your DENNYS job and stop mind these too ghetto sisters , because it’s not a good look at all with y’all crawling all over ppl dance floor ,hair never fix , eye brows always asking why nothing about y’all is sexy , but what I don’t understand why wear a ball gown to a party to go on your head REALLY ?! Waste gals

  9. If i ever damn laugh!!!!!I wonder how the one Monique feel really though that she and D.J National not together anymore though??
    How you feel though Monique… that D.J National dropped you like a bad f**g habit and he got swept away from under your foot by Unruly Nay & now she breeding for him??How you feel….Monique??
    I guess you ain’t feel no damn way at all since you picked up Unruly Nay sloppy seconds,leftovers and former babydaddy Randy….you have nothing about you Monique…..Unruly Nay f**d Randy and breed for him and then she lost her baby….then you was dating D.J National and yall broke up because he cheated on you with with Unruly Nay…..and knocked her up and yall on facebook cussing over D.J National and now you went and f**d Randy cleaning up after Unruly Nay….what a nastiness but so it go welcome to Florida where everybody f***g everybody rass ex….one big sesspool of nastiness…..

  10. Waste GYALS everyone of them ! Dwl dem ah nobody …. Reds is a low life whore Reka is just a waste of birth and the so call cheerleaders need to stay out of ppl parties cleaning the dance floor just for free tickets and free shout out , anyone ever noticed that these ghetto GYALS only attend day party’s or small events Dwl wa they dance hard for free tickets in return ….never have a cup in their hands but I’m certain they will be in the middle of the dance floor doing the most to be seen by ppl who nah even look pon dem , but as mi say you will never see them to NO BIG DECENT event ! Never first their hair & face never fix and they don’t have the proper fits to stand up mongs decent ppl and can’t even clean the ppl dancehall Dwl ,once they no they can’t lay out on the ppl dance floor they will not be there …y’all young gems need to find a new leader because this disfigured fave bitch k (redz mistake baby carrier) nah set no good example for unno

  11. @ DirtyJohncrow Yuh nah lie Kadian is a grown ass woman in her damn f**g thirties and have these two little young girls living with them Wi Si Nice Ladies oonu seh more like caan dance not nice f**g pathetic and they swear they the shit….Daniesha nuh rass work everyday she deh home cock up on facebook,instagram and snapchat….all mi haffi seh dem need fi get it together……asap all the one Monique bounce from man to man in dancehall first it the lawn gnome dj national who unruly nay f**k weh from her and now she breeding,then she guh f**k Randy Innocent,and tek her one f**k and cut from the ugly bwoy and now she pick up a next rass man kmt
    Monique yuh fi duh better….gwaan a school and educate yourself and get a degree and stop share room and bed with Daniesha smh caan bodda with them
    All Kadiann stop hype up over Fire Redz cah him nuh stop give yuh bun wid Yanique

  12. They have a page up now with Yanquie Dwl on Facebook ( MARK BROWN RASTA ) Yanquie is a next waste Gyal

  13. It’s time they step bk out the video light , they really look bad kadiann need a face lift I swear redz breed her on a vex drunk night only a mother could love that face . And why she always have her face like she mad or sad how she ugly so Dwl girl go run out in traffic

  14. redz u need to fight the ppl who u friend up while prompting ya party who nah come to ya party DWL

  15. Yes she need a face lift I’m with you , but as mi say that’s how much party dem a go to …. She needs to unload those bags from under her eye

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