Many people who contract the A.I.D.S virus go through a stage of denial then anger, whether acquiring A.I.D.S could have been prevented by them or not. The case concerning the young lady in New Jersey is no different but started off as follows:-
American born of Jamaican parentage , she was a troubled young lady and was living in the U.K after her mother left the U.S to live there. She was sent to Jamaica because of the problems she created at home.She managed to attend a prominent high school in Kingston where it was said that she became afflicted by a demon while there and her attitude changed immensely , it was also alleged that she became involved with a group of girls. It is said that while in Jamaica, she contracted the A.I.D.S virus, but others say she contracted it from an American man she met upon her return to the U.S. After contacting the disease she moved out of her grandmother’s place and was given her own apartment by the government. The disease was masked well because of her size. Allegedly her grandmother tried to warn some of the young men she was seemingly involved with , but because of her turbulent relationship with her family she was able to convince her victims that her grandmother was lying.
It would seem from the outside looking into her life, that the steps she took were calculated as she went for treatment of the disease more than two hours away from home.
She was a heavy smoker and wore her jackets open during the winter and because of this had a constant cough. This too hid the effects of the disease.
While calculating the steps in which to spread the disease the young lady became a very active and popular member of the New Jersey dancehall fraternity , known because of her loud mouth and appeared to many as being outspoken.
Many dancehall patrons who knew her will admit that she always seemed in hot pursuit of young men and often left one club by herself to go to another, often asking for a ride . This seemed also as a part of her calculations as many men who found themselves giving her a ride often ended up sleeping with her at some point or another. Men who were temporary homeless from the dancehall scene often shacked up with her, not questioning which she did not work or received full government benefits without a dependent. Men took sex and a free place to stay as a gift from heaven not knowing that they were being exposed.
In March of 2010, she fell ill will chronic pneumonia and could not get to the hospital she regularly went to for treatment and had to go to a treatment center close to where she lived. This was a week after celebrating her birthday, and for gifts it was said she told the crowd all she wanted was sex.
Treating her close to home, caused her well kept secret to hit the streets along with her rapid weightloss, it sent tongues in her area wagging, this sent her into a low level exile . She began to stay away from parties and tried attending church. It is alleged that upon attending church , the pastor turned her back calling out demons and spiritual warfare. She decided to stay home and after an attempt to return to the party scene, a few weeks after printing her flyers in 2011 she died.


  1. Oh lawd have macey..some people evil and mental sickness have no bounds..no sah..so sad all di way round.

  2. I am recomending you trade mark your thing MET! THIS! IS A GOOD BOOK. Please listen to me, You really need to write this book MeT. “Life of a Dancehall troubled Diva”

  3. Few questions:
    What made her childhood so troubled?
    Why did her mother send her to Jamaica instead of getting help for her?
    If she was possessed why didnt they try to do a exorcist?
    Why did the church turn her away?
    So she was printing her flyers den drop dead? or tek sick an neva recova?
    Someone please ansa and bear with mi, I remember the story running but cannot remember the full details…… @Met can I get the older story please, and tonks (the link)

    1. If certain demons go into a church and the spirit tell di pastor nuh fi confront it..who is he? remember the pastor a nuh God, read di scripture this morning, satan all try overpower God’s angels

          1. Remember there are people around who sell dem soul eno..u can rebuke their demons but it will not change them or that circumstance

          2. What did Jesus do out on Calvary? Are you telling me GOD can’t do the impossible? GOD can do exceedingly, above all…the problem is people don’t have a prayer life. You think you can give one try and it solve? NO!! Prayer is a lifestyle…pray 24/7…fervently. We must also pray for one another’s healing. Just as GOD caused an earthquake in the prison when Paul and Silas was locked up and the chains fell off…so can the chains of diseases. Prayer is our weapon just ad disease is satan’s.

          3. I never said none of the above mi say di pastor a nuh God and maybe he got different instuctions and was to turn her away. I agree with what u say wholeheartedly but we nuh know y di church run her and it is very rare a church run out someone so maybe he did that by instruction

          4. mi wud luv to hear da pastor side…but dat nah really matta still..at dis point and time. what is needed is change.

  4. bwoy met mi cant figure out which man inna di mix so mi just a go read the story and wear condom yah

      1. Yuh no sey mi live roun sum gay females nd when dem see mi dem look like dem see duppie. Mi cum like coal pon dem forehead…mi mek dem kno sey mi (& mi daughter) is no eye candy. Mi see dem nastiness nd start repeat scripture loud.

  5. it shouldn’t tek all dis to wake people up. dem goin still do what dem want. dem have NO fear of GOD. Herpes, STD’s, HIV/AIDs, Cancer not going stop people from fornicating, smoking, and drinking.
    For all da men dat neva once step foot inna clinic/dr/hospital doors chat bout yuh can tell if a woman have da ting. Yuh is da reason why da ting a spread so rapidly. Stop gwaan foo foo – a mad people carryon like suh.
    And women just caws a man look gud on da outside doesn’t mean him gud inside. Stop walk and sex anything dat set dem eye pon yuh.
    Black people don’t realize a frame dem a frame we fi degenerate. Unu too licky licky…

    1. Dem get up daily God dis God is dat and what not…all dem a talk dem doe believe ina God..dem jus a say it because it wudda look bad if dem nuh follow di rest

      1. A hole leap of dem mi see duit pon social media…what did the parable of weeds teach us?
        Mek dem gwaan…who nuh hear will FEEL.
        What gets me is how can unu pose up inna dance every chance dem get, chat a bag of tings pon fb, lash out pon obeyah, & go to church pon SUnday? Church is just a place where yuh guh to worship. GOD calls for corporate worship as well as private worhsip… if unuh don’t have a relationship wid GOD outside of church den unu a idol worship…mek GOD inna what yuh want him to be like da muslim and catholics.
        Luke warm water is nasty…and GOD will spit the lukewarm out.

        1. ayyyyyy preach I was telling someone about the lukewarm the other day…. u fi either hot or cold u cyah inbetween fi Jesus because u a serve the devil same way….preach preach a like it.
          When we speak dem mek it look like say we want dem cold up and walk wid dem two hand a dem side but if u know God and a open urself to certain things ur life cannot be well.If nuff a dem did have God ina dem di right way the would discern people like this. Someone knowing God and nah live di life is like rejecting God totally eno..Dem have God ina dem and dem can tell u whey every reader man deh and every oil and spray for what..yet dem believe ina God

          1. Met – new christian need support along da way…we must do a betta job helping dem thru dem journey.
            Btw, how come mi cyaan chang me login to sugaplum? everytime me try it go back to da unknown ting…

          2. mi nuh know how come it go back..u sign up? maybe if u register that can fix..mi neva even know a u! nuh worry bout the new christians I have been planning to make a page for that..JMG gospel because it is getting scary out there, people will soon see that there is only one way but it will be too late because they will know it but not know how to life it or execute it..u haffi can execute ..there is nothing u can do with folded hands

  6. When you tell people about sexual demons and strong holds, them laugh at you, the bible clearly states, Do you not know the body is the temple of the living God, we have to be careful how we use it, clearly this girl was under an attack by the adversary that used her body as a weapon of warfare, I have been reading a lot of Minister Ewing Blogs and I am learning a few things from him, we open up ourselves to a lot of the spiritual enemy as a result of our own conduct, and we fall victim to satan and perish because of lack of knowledge. Met one of these days I am going to really take the time to write a true about a friend mine that died mysteriously, Met I will submit the story to you, it was so demonic, and we were young at the time, and never understood what was happening to her, I will write the details of it and send it to you

    1. thanks so much..the bad part fi her is when they did not get it out the first time in jamaica but people must know..getting them out is the easy part…that person has to change their life and remain a child of God…if not those demons will return with more powerful demons

        1. I preach and teach everyday..we have to…the principalities that they are encountering we haffi arm dem . Demons they control people to speak curses on them and agents of satan that satan has set to create situations for them..We have to tell our children it is the only way. As you said before , praying feverently , fasting this is the way to armor ourselves because the weapons of our warfare are not carnal ..(For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds)
          The only way to defeat and uproot is through prayer

        2. Amen! We haffi mek sure seh wi grow dem eeen Church, nuh jus christen dem and it tap desso. Dem fi able fi accept Christ wen dem a still pickney an baptize inna the Father, Son and Holy Spirit tuh. Nuff ah di likkle pickney dem nuh baptize, cah dem mumma nuh baptize and not even dem young gyal granny nuh baptize either. Bus as Metty seh….dem know weh ebry obeah/reader man deh

    2. Nuff peple deh inna warfare…sex is the weakest weapon dat Satan can form to attack people (weak). Us Black people luv dem body and emotion too much dats why dem get caught up inna dis BS.

  7. Met if them ever know how true and real this is, when we take the girl to church, the prophet was a blind man, and he told her to give her life to God, and stay away from sexual misconduct, and she will be healed, Metty back then I tell you, that girl was so pretty, the living and the dead wanted a piece of her, and Met as soon as she stay away from sex she was getting better and putting on back the weight, and as soon as the first man look her way she was back in full swing, and get all pregnant, Met she went into the church just like Ashley, the church refuse her, when she died, she looked 110 years old, Met I have submit this story because she close to me, and it was horrific, lots of demonic influence she was under, this aids thing is more than meets the eyes, it is supernatural, Metty when I submit this whole saga you will be convinced that it is.

    1. Nuff doh realize dem body cursed. When one fornicates they pick up demonic (whatever else) spirits from the 5 optimal points of the next person body .

  8. Met thanks for the post where you mention proverbs 24- 14 its very deep and truthful all now mi still reading proverbs!

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