1. Sender u think u slick di girl dont want u man! Di girl happy in her relationship! U need fi go take care a ur insecure self! U and ur batter ears frenz. Me not even ago call di girl name fi entertain u!

  2. KMFT this boy is a scammer, him teeth dem Nakka Nakka inna him head, wid all the money pull up yuh a do why not go invest in braces. Him and di gril shamelesssingh did deh and him woman beat out har claat and she had to run fi har life so now she back to girls. Tino is nobody.

  3. Senda weh him do. You can talk this is a safe place. Come talk up cuz this young man don’t look like him mash ants

  4. Him lef her! She see javana a support him party & a spread propoganda pan di gyal bout she a take her man sender u lose!

  5. @ladywow 4:29 me kin ova at yup comment bout this is a safe place :ngakak :ngakak senda a no him file me wah run, me wah run bout 1/2 more yawd a fabric pan him jacket KMT

  6. Him look good, bout him file mi no concert. Him have whatsapp? Senda weh him IG mi want do some charity work feh the christmas yah, you know if him want a visa??

  7. Everybody kno niño a Battyman. From him used to live off molynes.
    Him deh wid man fi money fi keep the party dem. Him bruk like. Corey Todd nah pay dem fi them Sultry lounge party.
    Him walk and trick ppl bout him drive and deeven live no Weh good. Him need fi invest inna wan good braces.
    Btw… Me hear seh him and the KareemBigdreams guy deh and Kareem a mine him (under the down low)

  8. Scammer Gallis batty man LOL hate is a hell of a thing
    Sultrylounge Top Floor quad music by chromatic the ultimate
    Adm $1000
    Ladies drink all night cause me a Gallis lol
    Strawberry Daquris
    Best of Addi
    Don’t miss it
    Follow on insta @nino_tns

  9. Hahaha finally him reach ova yah… a waste man this all about the hype wid him sad life. Me no know how a stevedore a push so much hype and everybody whey work inna shipping know how fi dem thing set” money a rinse. An den di gyal dem fool nuh Ray J & Kim colide. Especially the likkle groupie one she Ms. Kellyj the MUA whey har legs kant keep close. Da whole a dem is one set a groupie verybody a a RayJ n Kim everybody inna the same little sad circle.

  10. Nino tell all a dem fi run come Tiffany did a try hard fi keep up wid you and bun wudda kill har, all har own fren she get bun wid. Kellyj did a f**k yu while yu a f**k har own fren and Tiffy at the same time suh she did haffi just a tek silent f**k. You’all are just pathetic. Yu and Javana a try hard fi play off say she nah tek f**k to…lol poor she.. just frenz..hehehe. Shamiele honey mi think yu did decent but from you go deh wid Nino you is a waste gyal tuh, how it felt when yu get f**k pon wid yu big big fren? eehh mi dear? Nino dear welcome to pink wall…ooh no yu did over yah before inna bed wid yu first time “just fren”. All a walk a tell man how Kelly pussy need bearings it wear right out. Kelly a nuh round table talk and drink and laugh after yu name deh pon yu hear mi dear ask Jigga tns.

  11. First nino walk an eat pussy, him a fool N walk an tak people card him have links to tak off money fm credit card

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