Morning Met and Metters. quick question. I realize that dhq sher over IG a done the people dem weh deh a America weh undocumented under Trump government. But she over deh too from August she and dhq head top aneka left and go weh and head top come back oh long. So me want know from none of the Metters if a run sher ago run off or she find a little man weh ago give her papers? Cause it look like she and the man weh she did deh with a JA left.


3 thoughts on “HI MRS CHUMPUP

  1. What di gyal seh nuh wrong. Di gyal seh the jamaican dem who deh a America how long now fraid because trump win. She sehh. Them fraid because them hype up & gwann & use dem money buy pure expensive bag & boot & never try use dem money fi set up demself so that atleast dem have sumting & a good gi dem. Sender if u go america pin a visa dem stamp 6 months inna u book. Suhh if dhe deh there from August she still have alotta time left fi 6 months. & if a work permit she hav she can legally stay even longer! Look like ur corn get mashh

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