No sah a wah do dis poor and boasty nuh use to nothin ediot gal Richie Ann. Instagram peeps if unuh over ya unuh don’t make this ugly gal fool unuh. She don’t rich. A the in thing fi she and waynette fi find man and Nyam out except waynette have more ambition than richie ann cause she use the politician money and pay fi her schooling and invest in a small shoes store. Richie ann however con the old saggy balls man fi money fi pay fi schooling and use it to buy Brazilian hair and dine out fi make it look like all is well wid r. She na whol no bagga a money she badmind shanzi and a run competition wid r fi keep up. A pure $100 and $200 she pick up a western union every fortnight and come behave like life nice wid r.


As fi d Pissin tail followers dem wen d gal a play smart wid unu and a try embarrass unu. Unu fi run d dutty gal and stop make she feel relevant. A one likkle broke dung taxi r puppa run and r mumma run off a new york. R mumma never give r a trip yet. If that wrinkle face white man nuh sponsor richie ann a ticket she nuh know plane. Gal crawny and Fava rat in a real life. Gal mouly from high school days and tink like wet barrel. Nights upon night gal affi a strip pon Skype fi show the old man just fi keep the $50 dem coming. And fi who love chat bout badmind and hater unu run come comment now make me get fi light uno up


  1. Dwrcl mi seh this sweet me man sender mi understand many will say you’re hating but it’s obvious wha really a gwaan kmt people love put on for the world too much stay in your means and stop the competition….. Yes she a sell a few items and a Mek a Likkle money but you’re no better than anyone else the same God Weh grant yuh Likkle fame can be the same one Weh erase yuh name Suh gwaan

  2. This little girl a try compete wid EVERY gal Shanzi is just her biggest threat. Insecure people behave that way. Im over her tho, hope she eventually grows up tho and not act like this when she get her degree. Oh shit if she stunting with little cash jus imagine when she start work her own, kingston DONE !!!

  3. I’ve seen a lot of ugly girls in my life but this ChrisRush girl is SPECTACULARLY UGLY. I believe whats being said about her because ugly people are tormented as hell. Gal yah mind twisted bad. If me did ugly so I would stay hidden to raas.

  4. She still go to school? Because from this term start all she do is lay in bed :(….I wonder how much she sell her lash for because she gets they are from aliexpress they are $.89 and $1.99 for….the magical angel lashes are not good it’s plastic and make ur lids feel heavy….I won’t bash her for trying a little hustle but she is just nuff and tiad and it also look like she have a sublet shore or something.

  5. A dat me a wonder too..she stop go school??? She claim she con her ex man outta 2 million dollars…yet she ever de ina her hot ass box of a room or a lay dung pan her bathroom floor. Where all that money gone Richie Ann? Cuz u still a tek taxi and U still look bruk and hungry. From the time she claim she ago come a farin and cya reach…how she a wait pan her goods. Kmt higglers travel the most idk why she nu stop try fool Jamaican ppl. I say Jamaican ppl cuz we a farin know she na buy nor sell ntn of quality. A the first gyal me see frighten over Walmart. Dutti Walmart. Kmt big up urself ya Richie…fake it till u make it u say

      1. Yea, i love ur blog tbh. Funny enough came on here to read a story n saw my name smh lol these ppl love see me eeh

      2. I just wish they wud most something factual abt me for once lol my madda run off? My mother is at home rn lol rich? Far frm thts just my name. Hungry n broke tho? Never

  6. Low d girl the girl a do r thing n staying out the mix. Bet a dutty shanzi sen een dis. U muma a tek thousand a shit frm u stepfada fi u can come pan social media a dress up n hype. Memba seh ntn nuh ina fi unu name and dats FACTS! Rose do r bada 2 time n it still. Ah mek d man treat r betta. She nuh tiyad fi him tell r fi come out a him house? Good gad man. Big ooman like dat ina real competition wid r pickney! Talk abt tht! Thts the realllllllll tea

  7. I like rush she alright she nuh follow d crowd n d girl nevaaa seh she rich r name is richieann so thts y r ig name is richrush she seh tht countless times

  8. I love rush am a customer of hers n she is a really nice person n comes off as a kool girl. I like to support young people

  9. Well me a say it sender – u bad mind. what does somebody antics on ig have to do with you? As long as the person not doing anything immoral or illegal why make it your biz. you can block or log off if she annoy you. she getting her $200 a month how much you getting?

  10. All a uno wah a cum post bout uno love an like er is her biggest hater uno a liad lean uno ass up affa d wall if shi a bitch soh let it b an stap lie ppl wah use to money noh act soh

  11. Anonymous 5:05 that is a lie !!! Everybody IG page u go on u can see a comment from this girl, once u give her the time of day she aguh run een. If she neva suh nuff and post suh much crap pan insta nobody would really care what she does. And the fact that she always come ova her come ansa proves she LOVES it, jus lowe har we will eventually see how things turn out for her.

  12. If she never tief di money she can bade inna it naked if she want. so what if she frighten fi money? make people live them life & go live yours. I dont know her but you badmind tone irk me bad

  13. If she a go f**k, f**k wid ambition and use di money further herself, tekking di money fi hype and floss no mek nuh sense, still a tek taxi, still hitch up inna one likkle room, etc, fi hype and likes, no sah…

    And most a di big money man dem weh she a push down pon nah look her way (see the first post wid her as reference, wen her name mix up wid Millwood dem, and di man wife come set di record straight bout her a push up herself pon her husband and sons). Di taken care of lifestyle she a try reach nah go come wid how she a gwaan! Real money man prefer subtlety!

    She need to just tek it easy and mek sure she a go school! She a set up herself fi end up like dem big woman deh weh still a try mek it happen di dem!

  14. Richie Ann the KFC and Wendy’s and nasty looking pasta u a post a talk bout u wan turn food blogger don’t mek u qualify for somebody who with a good palate. Bye. Stop hype bout bruk and hungry never. We don’t need facts fi come here pan u fi done u. U is a walking talking claffy. Walk and beg friend from anybody who u think a live likle life. Every popular Jamaican pan ig comments u itch up and big whoop she come a farin 4x fi d year. Unu a count tho. Fact remaining is this likle dry head batta ears gyal nu stop gwan like she hv it and just prefer to stay outta the mix. She nu hv it so staying outta the mix is not a fkn option. The mount a Man U claim fi con and u literally have nothing to show. A hype wid cheap ass things. The way u claim how u a tek man money u must can have something to show and try nu claim say a humble u humble cuz u hype with ego official and Kylie lipstick. So if u did have ntn whe cost u more than US$100 we woulda know

  15. I used to follow her on Snap. The day i saw that girl post bout how she just done gi head is the day I un-followed. somebody cyaa so brazen as old people would say and so down right nasty! Don’t get me wrong, i’m not hitting out against the activity. I just think she lost any semblance of class that she wanted to portray when she did that. You talk about keeping a low profile but everything you do you post. From giving head, to who you con and who you want to f^8k and s86k next. Just focus on school. unu young. You and Waynette might feel good now but years from now when unu want a good person to settle with, all people will remember is unu hoe past. Memba say Jamaica small and Kingston smaller. People talk….just an example. I’ve been to a particular Riu and heard the staff discussing who come wid old man already. lol Ms. Shamiele or whatever is a regula!

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