Everyday dem two man mascot here kim and stace get up a war over randy and him dont want none a dem , before stace go use har money and fix har pig nose and har skin weh saggy like mad man balls she a tek and buy randy gucci .. Kim randy say u green and him nu want u u smell like old man , him only want and love him baby mother stylish



91 thoughts on “HIM DONT WANT NUH BADDIE


  2. Mi neva know stylish have a child…. Mi loke her music.
    Mi always see this youth ya neva know him and mi artiste deh.

  3. Nothing shows how much you love your man than keeping him in FAKE Gucci from head to toe….LOL…. Any man you have to buy is obviously a man that’s going to give you more bun than coronation. I don’t understand some gals fascination with waste man, this likkle boy looks like the type who would credit toilet paper in order to shyt ah bush.

  4. The girl with the nose dont look bad at all uno send in the worst pic and if stylish him love y the rass two woman a mine him snd a own him up wat happen to stylish money oops did she have any

  5. Everybody claim dem a Randy’s baby mother & den Nuh get any knowings! Raffle baby dat !!! Is Randy owning up to his so called baby mother??!!?!? For months now Randy say it’s not his baby jokes on stalish mi nah call her no damn stylish!!

  6. All dem skyscraper boys does do is beg. None a dem wuk no where. I don’t know any of these women personally but off a social media. That one name Kim every post is about Randy, bout how much them love each other and she di main chick and stacey him sidechick blah blah blah, but him don’t post nothing bout her or any of these other females that claiming him. For a big woman with 2 small pickney to mind, why you don’t find some self respect and stop chase after man who clearly using you. All a uno is him sidechick since him nuh have no ambition. smh

  7. It’s obvious it’s stylish and her dutty Fren dem that put this up on the page! She’s worried about the wrong thing she needs to be worried about who her baby daddy is because Randy Sky said he didn’t breed her! If a man is denying you and your telling people you a breed fi him you should be a shame of your damn self! The Stacey girl is here from New York and I’ve seen her more than once up and down with Randy all week! Unnu send in the worst pic cuz unnu know she look better than all of unnu ! You can tell that girl is a decent professional hard working girl & stylish is a waste gyal!

  8. I kno stacey personally and n all she do a mine man dis girl have some serious insecurity problem. Sender yuh right she do look like a pig n soggy bad

  9. It’s obvious it’s stylish and her dutty Fren dem put up this! She’s worried about the wrong thing she needs to be worry about finding who her baby daddy is because Randy Sky Said he didn’t breed her stylish is here making fake pages and telling everyone she is pregnant for Randy and he’s denying her everyday she should be ashamed of her damn self! The Stacey girl is here from New York and I seen her and more than one time and they have been up and down all week! Unnu send in the worse pic of the girl when she was getting her make up don’t cuz she look better than all of unnu! You can tell that girl is a decent working girl and stylish is a waste gyal who Nuh have no clothes and Neva look good yet and call herself stylish she need to rename herself to tacky bout baby mother with her raffle belly!!!

  10. You’re true beauty is before the makeup not after the make up dumb ass…from my point of view the 3 gal them a fool and waste gal yaw man randy mouth skin up like any pussy and him have the 3 a them like puppet Kim Fava donkey and mad woman meisha bad breed no ramp fe do up she then big har up smfh fake friends them moyaevabless Richie sky baby mom a best friend wid all 3 a them smh at least him use to put up stylish pictures on his ig never yet see green arm Kim and Ms piggy Stacey own yet and NO STYLISH IS NOT MY FRIEND I JUST SEE THE WHOLE A THEM PON IG

  11. if moyaevabless a fren wid all a dem whats the problem? not her business who and how much a dem randy a f**k

  12. It clear dat somebody is very angry and badmind. Stylysh and her friends did this, Unu say Stacey hsve pig nose but she look better than Stylush and Kim and all dem dats why unu a try dun the girl. She dress and look better than all ah unu. If Stacey Randy want, then why unu vex? Kim and Stylysh need fi move on. Kim ah mad ova Randy and him never did want har from stsrt.

  13. Jus pree some pics a Stacey Ann on Facebook. Jah kno! Randy a zookeeper or wah??? All tree a dem look like dem reside inna Hope Zoo. Mi cyah see how him stomach strong so.

  14. Its obvious a bare badmind heartbreak ting ah gwaan Stylysh nuh kno har baby daddy and Some other gal mad caz him out wid the foreigner one..Unu badmind caz the Stacey girl look damn good. So what if she thick, she stay good

  15. Bad mind is active, obviously a Stacey Randy want.Unu need a life dutty kim and bad breed meisha under here commenting and Raffle belly stylysh and her frenz

  16. People hate on people for a reason, you bitches wouldnt be on here hating on the Stacey girl if she never obviously have unu worried..Ok she’s thick but she look and dress better than all you Bum Bitches. Kim and Meisha get a life, everybody knoe ah unu ah do this.

  17. Everybody know that its Kim and Meisha handy work this @_evablesskim and @badbreedmeishaboo under here making these comments. @meisha you did get your time fi mine shsniehype to, buy him car and him beat yu and diss yu and next gal drive inna it everyday. You do surgety fi lose weight and yu look worse now..Look how yu saggy and stay eid yu big ugly face and big eye dem
    Dont get started on Green arm stay bad drag queen looking kim. Go pay attention to yu 2pitney dem
    ah mad ova man whe nuh want yu.Mi see the Stacey gal ah party and she thick and look goood. Bad mind f***s

    1. STACEY STACEYYYYYY? U NUH DONE YET? we kno a you & yur fren dem a comment! everybody can see seh yuh ugly a yu alone think yu look good!

  18. Seem like uno have di real tea. Kim seem really insecure always a talk bout natural beauty and trophy wife. kmt! Is wah part a she pretty and how you a trophy wife when you a mine man. Randy cya do nutting fi you or your pickney dem carless gyal. Before you go look after your kids dem you gone Jamaica running down man weh don’t want you or your pickney fi mine. And that Meisha stay bad gal run in Kim mix up like she a f**k Randy too. Kim yuh see Stacey buy di Gucci now you go haffi work overtime and buy him di Louis cus dem say he all ova Jamaica wid Stacey after she buy him di Gucci.

  19. Stacey gyal yuh need fi use your money and buy a new body wid yuh belly heng ova yuh pussy like kangaroo and yuh ugly face like piglet you think you are so educated and you above the world so y no man don’t want you???? Bitch randy don’t want either you or kim a weh day me see him and stylish a western union a collect the money weh stacey send, him tell me personally say a stylish alone can get his money randy proud about his child a him mek me kno stylish a breed and him a hussle everything for his yute. stacey and kim unu life sad kim him say you too green and stacey your pussy stink so I guess you need to school it to, all unu a gwan bout randy mi never see him post kim or stacey yet a them eva a post him so unu need to come to reality and face the fact randy don’t want unu. Unu love post unu life on media too much before unu hide and gwan mine di bwoy unu life sad bad


  21. Every f**g body on kim and n stating her arm green STACE CAAN look like Kim no day Kim is jus reserve n humble if Kim was a hot gal STACE u would see n yes a Kim cousin this a talk unlike STACE stinking pussy fren them way a comment n a say “”we don’t know stace ” bitch it’s obvious a your army over ya! Me see u the other day a ja n u UGLY BAD in person bout look better than ! Stop worry about Kim kids them well ok and taken care of! Way u don’t use your money fix your body nose and face u a mine young boy if u think randy want u you make a sad mistake……. Any day name day me have to buy a man a Gucci to par with me me stop take fuk and act like u up deh pig looking gal!

  22. @nof**kto give its obvious now that ah you meisha and kim trying yo mek it look like ah smaddy else writing this.@evablesskim @badbreedmeishaboo unu go whe unu self now. F**ka unu Go get a life man. The Stacey girl a kill unu, she ah beat unu bad. Mi look pon har IG she can dress and ah bare brand she thick and stay good. Bad mind active, ah nuh Stylysh write da one ere ah unu 2. Meisha Shanie use yu and trick yu and tjen beat yu.Every nigjt dofferent gal inna yu car Abbbbbaaayyy. Lowe the gal she look better than yu and yu careless fren Kim

  23. @nof***togive Yes Meisha this is definitely you. You and stay bad Kim nuh stop gi whe unu self. Go get a life and Meisha you need fi gu get back yu car from Shaniehype that beat yu and use yu. Yu mine man to yu an Kim have no f***g life. Unu plan fail. Idiots everybaddy know ah unu ah do this

  24. Is anyone around when Randy is having Pillow Talk with theses females??!!?? Why females feel the need to bash one another when it’s the men that’s doing the tings dem & telling bare lies??!!?? To all the cheerleaders let me ask you a question your friend (Kim,stace,stylish or who so ever) didn’t know the man was dog shit after they took him back so much times??!!?? The man is OBVIOUSLY dissing all of them behind each one back!!!! If a man truly love you the whole world supposed to know! He would put a ring on it ! Not even the so called soon to be baby mother have ring all of them a hype off one another and all of unnu inna the same category! Getting played! No matter what the facts are everyone sharing the same germs and same man! Leave people business! How could you be proud to “breed” from someone who have so much women and had yet to hold you up to any relationship status! You know seh women mek man Nuh have no respect for dem!!

  25. Kim just stop it !! The man don’t want you get over it it’s really not that serious !! You have way to much time on your hands

  26. Kim and Meisha unu tired?? Kmft Enuff is Enuff now kmft. Meisha and Kim jus mad caz Shanie diss har and Randy never want Kim. Unu f**k off and stop now man

  27. Rameisha Rameisha Rameisha a Inna you crawny face me waaa talk up the things them weh liard wild looking donkey face green arm handicap Kim talk up bout you say ut then again who can done Kim and throw wud pon her like you…me waaa buk the two a unu one time a Jamaica u see and Rameisha you too bloodcloth lie bitchhhhhhh you know you went under to loose all that weight and true it no do good u affe go do if over again boo that’s why you work so hard yep Kim talk it mama so stop act like a gym and eat right do that crawny mouth gal weh no stop look friend from the dance hall community pon social media wid you thirsty nuff self the ppl them a talk bout you meisha you need to tap it Wait You Turn

  28. Randy yuh inna good hands wit piggy cause mi ere seh she luv carry man pan vacation n spen nuff n mi ere seh she put up di man dem puc n dem wify si it n tell piggy tek it dung lol… Pigg wen is the man minding gonna stop yuh nuh reach sugga momna age yet wat yuh doin to yuh self?!?!.. You kno deep down dis nice young handsome boy don’t want yuh. I don’t kno if he wants the other two girls but mi sure dat boi outta yuh league u need to stop these things and seek help for this insecurity thing i even heard ur sister’s were talkin about how the boy wit yuh for the clothes n things dem n they need to tell yuh the truth even his brother knows he’s playin u for the green card

  29. Unu too bloodclaat old bitch a war ova stylish man lol stylish dont mek them draw you out or try bring down your reputation i love how you humble and focus i love your music is the first i hear your name calling in cass cass

  30. Miss piggy stacey is not now you a mine man a long time this randy guy is not the first you seriously have a low self-esteem issue you need to fix is years i know you and you keep thinking a guy will stay with you because you can mine him and control him it dont work like that hun looking at this randy guy he’s too sweet and flashy for you and its obvious if you weren’t giving him things you couldn’t have a convo with him. You try to take my man once too and all we did was spend your money together and i watch you everyday posting him and i just laugh at how stupid you were. Bitch you need to take a look in the mirror with out makeup and see how f**g ugly you are with a f**d up shape and a f***d up personality. Next thing bitch who cares how much degree you have coming here talking shit trying to be little people, if you think these girls are so low class y try to buy out their man???? Fact of the matter is Stacey-ann Powell you are trashy and will always be a looser and your pussy aint goid either because no guy stay with you for more than just a couple months haha jokes on you

  31. @Smh I agree wid you!! But you know how di ting go dem type a women no have no self respect so den rather war ova man than war wid him. And Kim cousin deh up top being humble doesn’t excuse stupidity, you cousin still mine Randy and that’s a fact! None a these women nuh hear bout std and AIDS di way uno proud fi share cocky uno should feel shame. All a uno know bout each other an still walk round like poppy show bout you a tek care a him cus him love uno smh is betta uno jus call each other sister wives an dun di ting.

  32. @abby knowles Meisha everyone knows its you and Kim on here writing these comments. Meisha memba couple months ago yu was still 400lbs so eat position are you in to criticize nu baddy look how yu look. As for Kim, lost case. Unu get up everyday ah mek fake page and a harass people
    Meisha same ting yu did do post up Shaniehype recording a suck yu big ole stinking pussy an a dun him
    Randy neva want Kim and Shanie worst neva want you. Glad him get a car out ah yu.

  33. Stace you too out of order and love pose up pics and videos with stylish man you already know your role in randy life so keep that money coming especially now when him have a yute on the way i never really have no problem with kim cause she humble but you big idiot ugly stace too f**g hype and think you better than people a one person randy want and is stylish not you barrel waist stace a so you come try buy out moyaevabless and she nyam yuh out to stylish a moyaevabless good friend the two of them nuh ramp fi siddung and laugh off a unu man mascot stace mi nuh bloodclaat like yuh and i hope you give yuh self a bad injection. come pan yah a gwan like yuh a smady big up stylish nuh worry bout dem gyal yah cause randy a fi yuh big ugly stace you can never replace no one memba dat you need to seek physician

  34. Yu sad bitches,Stacey is very educated,beautiful person. Look at the things Kim and Meisha writing about her all because of a man
    Kim you are like a scavenger if a man tell you over and over him dony want you why you dont just stop and walk away. Yu nuh have no shame.Leave the girl alone unu clearly not on her level that’s why y’all mad. If ah she Randy want a jus she. What unu gonna a achirve from this. Kim this wont make Randy want you, he never did
    So you and Meisha stop.

  35. Stylish u need to get the hell off the wall and stop refer to yourself in the third person cause we know say a u deh over here a talk bout Randy say a Stylish him want. Why u can’t have likkle shame and something bout urself? Look how much time ppl warn u bout dem dutty bwoy yah and look how desperate u look now? As far as mi know a man fi run down woman but u and these other stupid clowns making asses of yourselves fi this eediat bwoy weh nuh stop dis u to ppl. How u fi a skin out yuh pu$$y to a man weh a talk bad bout u? Unuh too good.

  36. Well if a only Greencard him deh wid stace fa,let’s see if him a go marry har cause him turn down Kim pon her offer lotsssssssssss of time not even that the bwoy want from Kim and you dirty Kim weh a type why you no talk seh you bring him pon vacation to and true him no waaa stay wid you alone him invite him friens and brother idiot gal no see say the bwoy despise you stop throw cocky pardna now man smfh at least stace a get her damn draw them,you just a pay and nth and yes him do want stylish so you can stop mad now kim

  37. Unu want buck Kim a Jamaica lol stace make me tell u n your friend n idiot family this if Kim a soft soap her family them out here a no soft soap and me can bet my life on this ANY DAY unu fuk with Kim out ya unu have to fuk with we to and me will write my name pon this to cause me caan take this fake page thing and through Kim a say bill!! Randy nu want none rass a unu kmt wtf!!! Y’all are f***n stupid!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Damn sound like you guys hate the Kim and meisha girl. Lolz this entire shit is about them. Nobody talking about the pretty baby mother Lolz this is too funny. Do anybody in here have a job Lolz. What the Meisha girl look like she having sex with the battyman looking bwoy too?

  39. All a unu pon da site yah need fi go chuck off and dead unuh love people business and fi go see how unuh life sad, unuh a worry bout kim stacey and stylish who obviously very happy and contended. unuh go fix up unuh sad dutty life. if randy look nuff a unuh unuh would a go deh with him too cause most a unuh is a dog to unuh own vomit. go suck unuh muma all a unuh who a talk bout the gyal dem no look good go suck unuh muma show unuh picture mek we see unuh. nuff a unuh a tek three four man and nah get nuttin so if hood good mek the gyal dem buy it

  40. Unuh nasty dutty people pon this site love people bizness and most a unuh life muckyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. nuff a unuh gyal a suck pussy and lick out batty low the bumboclatt people. obiously randy stacey, kim and stylish are happy and contended. Unuh a class people bout them no look good really????????????? show unuh f****g picture mek we see unuh. a bet if randy come look unuh nuff a unuh gyal wah a chat wud a drop unuh drassss fast cause unuh no have no class. low the people dem bloodclatt bizness. if the gyal dem a mind man dem wont be the f**g first or last go suck unuh muma and gweh and low the people dem. all a unuh sound like a nag of f***g haters, quick fi talk shit pon people name unuh come in like dog to them own vomit

  41. Stacey everybody in here know is you a writing aBout educated and not on these bitches level kmt girl please you is a low down dirty tramp i know you personally and you need to stop is not the first you doing this you tried this with my friend man too but because he is not as careless as randy you did not have your way with him like seriously tho you need to stop or go purchase some rope and kill your self

  42. Ugly dog face stacey suck yuh mada and stop call stylish name is you come in yah a talk like smady else di gyal nuh have no time fi unu you need fi go buy a new pussy a new nose and a new belly you sick mi stomach educated dunce gyal mi want di war start fi juk yuh inna yuh pig nose worst yuh mek fake page and msg me on ig i want yuh get a beaten b4 yuh lef

  43. How skyscraper seh dem rich and have woman a mine dem. The scamming money done pon the house or what dem should a shame..

  44. Dwl these comments are hilarious. Look yah Randy a you say Real Rich. You a use u good looks to mek woman fool fool and buy you tings. Dem ova pon di wall have dem friend waring ova yuh while you collect di money. Nowadays rich is jus a facade cus half these young boys nuh have nuttin to dem name but walk round in brand name that these waste gyal buy fi dem wid dem hard earn money. Some gyal sad like funeral. Randy u ting up!!!

  45. Dem skyscraper bwoy yah bruk and hungry like dog especially this one randy all him do is beg them dont own nothing but clothes them target the gyal dem a farin look them on social media and then them start skyscraper too beggy beggy man soon start f**k them, them friend shanie hype walk and suck pu$$y like him life depend on it a some waste man them but only gyal weh think low about them self them can trick. You three girls are some real idiot a war over them worthless bwoy deh mi sure them dont worth it skyscraper unu need fi look a job go pump some gas or sumn. Ladies get a hold of your self and dont mek unu level look so bad i am sure unu have better use for unu money than a give these beggy beggy boys

  46. This is getting from bad to worse!!!
    You people here talking and very concerned about people lives, is your life in order?

    If Randy want to have 100 gyal is that any of unuh business.
    These girls are living their life clearly content doing what their doing for a guy they love why is it bothering you people commenting.. Unuh want some of the money too?

    Who name Meisha n how she reach inna this?

    There is always many sides to a story n then there is the truth!!!

    People here passing judgement and discriminating against these females like unuh a Jesus . Make sure unuh man nah use unuh n f**k pon unuh too

    All of you females are fake n chat each other or else half these things whether it be truth or lie couldn’t reach a road n people talking

    All unuh go suck a hood n bill n come off da people Dem business unuh a get paid fi comment or wah

    Yes Stacy stay bad n is a liar, ugly is an understatement
    Kim fool a work hard fi a man so what if she smell bad
    Stylish say she a breed n if a randy baby y it s hurt unuh

    Come like unuh waan f**k n mind randy y u ppl have so much to say

    Whoever put this up a try trick ppl n try get the man pon Dee side it nah work!!! All of unuh careless n hope unuh wake up after this

  47. Meisha go try get back you car from Shaniehype, yu carry him pon vacation last month and him beat yu nearly kill yu dung there @badbreedmeishaboo

  48. Kim you have 2 young kids you should be ashamed of yourself.You on here posting about this chick all because of a man, that doesnt want you. Smh, you need help

  49. It come like Stacey cyan breed saggy pussy Powell vex true Kim have har kids n stylish pregnant and tru har hole condemn n she nah nuh yute she a worry bout ppl bout raffle belly n Kim kids

    Likkle sugar mama cougar old foot gyal u need fi go a yuh OB/GYN N FIGURE out y u nuh have no pickney cuz any one who have yute nah go bring up ppl pickney inna argument cuz dem cayliss n disrespectful like u!!!

    Go river and bring Epsom salt n wash out yuh crutches inna yuh ghetto apartment pon sedgewick avenue inna di Bronx wid yuh 33 year old hole a kill up yuhself fi Young bwoy yuh cyan get nobody yuh age

    Don’t mek mi read out yuh file you fake RN bitch !!!!

  50. Clearly none a dem happy wid di situation caa if so dem neva woulda mek it pon pink wall and war each other on instagram. Neva inna mi life would I tek mi money and mine man who have bagga woman. If mi an a man deh then di whole worl haffi know wi deh. No such ting as a private relationship cas nowadays nutting nuh private pon social media. Him clearly nuh want uno cas him a look more woman to scam outta dem money. Di one name Richice di same way cas di first time mi meet him he a beg. Uno need fi do better and stop being so desperate.

    Stacey yuh nuh pretty at all but u have ambition so try find a man wid ambition.

    Kim you nuh easy on di yeye either but dem say you humble so try find a man who nuh inna di hype.

    Stylysh mi nuh kno, dem say you breed so congrats but hopefully you have a side job cas dem say di music biz nuh werk inna ur fava.

  51. This is really sad tho is this the kinda person stylysh is with? smh is him looks catch her or something? because this is a non progressive guy as to what I am seeing i didn’t expect her to be with someone like this stylysh i am disappointed in you, you deserve better you worth more this and if you are really pregnant how is a person like this is gonna take care of his child? I hope you have a back up plan. I hope you find back your way stylysh you are someone i always look up to i guess you just made a mistake or this non progressive element trick you or something. Ladies need to look out for these guys they will tell you all the things you need to hear and clean out you account
    Stop fighting each other ladies dump that trash and move on with your lives he aint worth it i just hope stylysh is not pregnant for this nigga like seriously.

  52. Kim you need help. People dem say you crazy and it really serious. Who go out of them way to to do this yoi have alot of time on your hands. When yu het time to tek care of those 2 ugly kids

  53. Everybody know Randy and him bredda dem all dem do a Scamming. Scam woman look woman on social mefia and then beg. Stylysh ah breed an him say a nuh feem. Portmore mi live so mi know.Plus if Stylysh a breed fi him she nuh need fi do this pon here. She ah burt the career that she dont even have.

  54. By the looks a things Randy in Jamaica wid the Stacey gal and unu Kim ah mek fake page fi mek the girl look bad. Kim you are a jealous sad bitch get a life. You have no shame.

  55. Its obvious wats happening bare jealousy. Kim you ve been stalking Randy for years noe and all the women him deal wid. U nuh tired, you have no shame.

  56. @lame @sickbad @sickme stacey this is you talking, take a chill pill nuh girl and admit the fact that randy will never want you, you talking about jealousy stop try bring down the two other girls to feel better about your sad life me and randy is friend and i know everything so stop tell lies him rate kim over you because is years they been together as for stylysh him love her so much and so excited about his child. Stop try bring the girl unborn child in this shame on you this is y i dont like yuh ugly rass stop worry about kim and stylysh worry about your self you are 33 and coming here fighting over a little boy that dont want you. You need to buil saggy pussy stacey powell and all who talking bad about the randy and skyscraper unu can f**k off stacey you and your family them go suck unu mada stacey you is a very low class germs come here a try bring down kim and her kids and a talk bout randy say is not his child you f***g idiot y tru you cant breed? Low the gyal dem now is dead you ago dead when the baby born if mi hate yuh one more time yuh see saggy pussy dog shit pig face gyal a just tru me and randy a fren eno mek i dont want to talk the things them stop talk bout di bloodclaat bwoy unborn child i am a mother too and no mother nuh like it

  57. @sadbad Kim and Meisha trus me unu sad. Trus me ah nuh Stace dis me kno the 2 ah unu so me kno a fi unu ting tis fake page and all. Memba Kim yu use to ask people fi add Stace pon Ig fi see har page. Yu is a termite Kim and Meisha. Look wat yu did to Shaniehype, tell all ah Ig seh him suck pussy. Kim yu only mek yu self look more fool fool everyday. Posting someone name trying to make dem look bad wont help you.

  58. You females are so sad and dumb.Reading all the comments everyone is attavking this Stace person. First thing first, it seems like the Stylysh petson did this. They are negative comments about everyone else and she is ‘the pretty babymother’ Kim is green and Stace have a big nose. Smh. Everybody is something bad except Stylysh. Now females wake up. If Randy is playing all 3 of unu why are you attacking only 1 person? Why would any post any ones picture and do this. Jus remember Karma is a BITCH
    Whoever is responsible for this DRAMA its going to come back to Haunt you.

  59. who Meisha tek fi uno… This is her cousin and I would really like to know if she f***g everybody man who in here calling up har name
    The girl not even paying you guys nooooooooo mind I call her today to get the 411 she not paying me no mind
    The girl not even in New York she wid har new man unless is the man woman in here writing bad bout she
    Lawd me cousin no sah leave people man alone Cho

  60. Kmt..one bag a garbage up deh suh,waiting to be dumped,mi come fi address all f**g matter,firstly randy want none of d above mentioned,unuh a criticize d boy like hm did hold gun to these clowns head n rob em,nuh odda man nuh ave d urge fi f**k them n he did suh d man deserve fi get rass pay…stylysh another nut case,yuh neva stop till yuh breed eeh,jus becaz u waah fi hol dung d likkle boy n tie hm dung..u nuh see pikney naah hol man again??? Leggo d bloodclaat boy mek hm brain function ol turbit,a goodly nt even hm breed yuh,weh d big man weh yuh did a f**k deh??d one weh own the hotel..yuh bloodclaat serpent yuh…stacey stacey..whete do i begin…u r very ugly inside n out,dnt let nobody tell u otherwise..lol..with ur f***d up attitude as if u r cute,u need to go on a weight loss program n get rid of that kangaroo pouch u walking around,bout educated.. Lol..f***g jackass… Kim randy use you enuff n hm done nw,thnx to god,jus invest d likkle time n money in ur kids n stop stalk randy….u fi glad hm done wid yuh so u can ave a change in a yuh pocket,u can finally see weh u a wrk suh hard fah.. do urself a favor n buy some good clothes,shoes,hair n deodorant

  61. you know wat mek this post funny? randy woman is not any of the 3 woman up a top dwl. for him to know and unu to find out

  62. @real you sound like the one that give randy blow jobs on a regular go one side this is not your league, your name never mention so that mean you on the back bench your pussy dont good and you dont have any money, you is just a clean up so go hold back your space and wait till randy link your to get his dick suck

  63. These females are crazy the boy don’t want none of unno stylish the bwoy hate yuh and yuh know to God that baby isn’t his why yuh want to ruin that young boy life u need to be real with yuhself .Woman fi have sense and know when they are being used and when dem ah wife

  64. Randy skyscrapa big up yuh self at least yuh name cyan call pon no batty f***ng … Scam di idiot dem yes

  65. Stylish is the only one randy want who dont like that go truck off somewhere is she and him a scam the gyal dem abayyyyy a years them a dweet now Unu can come off a di gyal name now and go look a f**k from randy if unu want all of unu a talk unu life sad like funeral

  66. The conclusion that i get from this story is kim is the X sugar mama Stacey is the new sugar mama and Stylish is the baby mama lol this shit is funny i wonder if stylish indulge with the scamming fi tru cause it look like she stick around through all of this.Randy i like your job unu leave the people them life and stop mash up randy work place him have picney fi mine now dwl

  67. Funny enough the gal dhe ah Jamaica right now with Randy enjoying her vacation
    Saw them at a party last night. So if Stylsh is ok with that, Oh well. Stylysh go stalk the old married man and try find out who yu breed fah. Yu mek fake page an put up people ova a man that diss yu everyday. For yu fren to say yu help Randy Scam these women you are nothing but garbage. Yu should be ashamed of yuself

  68. Stylysh you and your frenz and whoever else involve need to stop now. Thats why yu so called career stagnant. Use yu time wisely.Look at the pics you post up on here the gal right beside tje man inna di picha. Cuss tbe yute dats dissing yu why yu sen eeen the other 2 girl pic fah? Pretty Baby Mother where? You and pretty nuh use inna the same sentence Stylysh.Yu seh yu ah breed, be careful wat yu doing to other people.
    Lowe the people dem

  69. Why would stylish do this and she happy collecting some of the money? Unu come off a mi gyal case now

  70. Stacey you still in here talking smh when are you gonna learn girl no man will ever stay with you go and seek help

  71. Stylysh you aint getting shit,keep dreaming. Bitch go find your babydaddy. You and loser frenz still in here. Wat a way yu hot fi Kim and Stace. Go cuss the man that naw look at yull

  72. Stacy stop trying to get sympathy. Go find your own man. Sharing is not caring. Stylish should be grateful women want to donate to “her man” but it ain’t her man either. Dwl at everyone Randy is winning.

  73. Big stay bad kangaroo body gyal stacey powell my stylish caah crawny look in the mirrow piggy and continue to dream blood pressure ago kill yuh nasty bloodclaat mi caah believe yuh still deh yah a chat you really nuh have no shame

  74. Word of Advise: Stylysh when a man want you, you know. You wouldnt have to go thru all this fi post people and create this drama. If the man want yu yu would know especially when yu claim yu ah breed. Yu and yu stinking waste gal frenz need to stop now. Portmore mi live an it stink seh yu ah try luk a hype and hold dung Randy. Remember yu a woman to, saying bad tings bout smaddy else wont help yu or mek Randy want yu or anybady else in here ah comment. Mi read all the comments is bare jealousy and bad mind ah gwaan ah so. Stylysh stop describe people caz all yu fren dem big and stay bad. All of dem whe under here ah comment fi yu and ah boost yu
    Portmore mi live and nuh baddy nuh like yu or have nutten good fi say bout yu.How yu ah cuss gal ova man. ah the man yu fi cuss.

  75. Stylysh you deserve better than this waste man, him nuh use to nothing the people them right is a little beggy beggy bwoy him use to stalk mi facebook so i can tell you, him and him brother richy use to look me and my cuz. Him tell me how much him love me and cant wait for me to come ja then 3 days time him said him into a spot and is begging me $100 lol, i just play him until him stop msg me even clothes him a beg but i let him know is one man can get my money and thats my son. Really and truly randy and his brother is really hungry. Stylish it better you did go breed for an artist or someone else because he’s no where in your league is only looks him have and nothing behind it HUNGRY BELLY RANDY YOU IS A NO BODY you must figure out who i am when and if you read this waste man

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