1. Tiaa needle y ever u name u is a real man mascot u self esteem low bad u man look like a under cover battyman y a try hide him self him go round take bear woman fi hide him self u should be a shame to own a man y look like that like a walking fruit role up I saw u in a party girl I was mad come over tell and your friends go look on YouTube tutorial girl and your friends make up was trying with your fake labels next thing they say less is more but boo that yellow jumpsuit did want a belt and some more take off the fake Chanel pin and hair y want wash girl your man is gay deal with it

  2. I went and go at there page him hype bad and she full r self but them young still Mario pictures look like him just a come round and a try find him fi him want be boy r girl dem fashion over style but boy some fashion not for everybody u mirror broke me no like u dressing Tia u friends a hype u up but u real don’t stay good

  3. Low d gyol n d bwoy, caz d time unno tek a worry bout d ppl dem life in unno worry bout fi unno sad life, mi nuh like r caz she Too hype but give r weh due to r kmft

  4. Yes she is a man mascot that due to r she a own a man don’t even like r him always in me inbox I had to tell my man tell u friend get out me inbox I don’t never own a man that don’t own me nothing don’t nice bout him

  5. Cum on girl man ago always in woman inbox dung to married man so weh yah cum wid, who to tell if ur man nuh in other gyol inbox kmt, sum a unno just badmind n grudgeful.. End of story…

  6. SHE SAYS HE IS HERS, HE SAID I HAVE OTHERS- dat yuh waan type sender? Needleeye yuh nuh shame? Yuh a talk bout man a your own and you couldn’t even tag him inna your post? A your man an him don’t even like the pic or comment pon it?? Stop hype up dem likkle dutty bwoy yah, mek dem feel like dem a smaddy. He fava like wen a owl frighten.

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