6 thoughts on “HIM SEH HOW FI KEEP A MAN

  1. I’m all for what he’s saying but I should spend my every waking minute coming up with sexual advances to keep a man and honestly if he don’t wanna be kept he’s gonna be gone anyways ohhhhh ok smh it sad bad

  2. Scenarios

    1.This is all selfishness.These are things that we woman have to do all the time. If he’s married, that man needs to “TAKE” initiative to put spark back into his marriage too. Wife usually works a full-time job, clean, cook, take care of the kids, take care of the bills and etc. If a wife is tired. She’s just tired! Then turn around a take care of the mans need. Why dont some men get up and help out more around the house to relief the stress from wife so she can be more available to him. Why don’t a man come say “Babes send the kids over to your parents and lets go away for the weekend. Pay for a massage. Drink some wine and etc. Most men feel “WIFE” should do everything regardless. So stop dissing “WIves” who are only doing their best.

    2. Most men are boring too! Sometimes we woman try to do something different and they not into it. I want to tie up mi man with handcuffs and etc. Him chat bout him nah do it. If you want to get some in public like on the beach at night. He’s doesn’t want to do it. It goes both ways.It’s that we “WOMAN” don’t go seek out any random man to satisfy out our desires.
    REMEMBER usually “SIDECHICKS” have nothing going on but their bodies and their crosses pussy. Any woman that subject themselves being a sidepiece is a piece of shit. I would be leary of them. If they claim to be so hot, why an unattached man hasn’t picked them to be a wife yet. They’re every man’s woman. Any body who’s the highest bidder can get them. Just remember hungry dogs aint loyal, they go to anybody that will give them “FOOD”.

    3. We fi wake up and suck cocky………what’s wrong with them to suck we too.

    4. What’s wrong he can’t play with the pussy and cock us up side ways too and take f**k. Some men are lazy. Them just want us to do all the work.

    5. Some man don’t dress up to please us too. Wheres the see through boxers. Wheres the soft smelling cologne? Where’s the whip cream? Wheres the playfulness to make us smile and feel wanted?

    6. Men are fools fi feel that sidechicks only want them sexually, most of the time its for their money or to boost up their egos. Man need to watch that.

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