1. Someone needs to inform her that Trump is petty af…he will come for her!!!We’ve seen him go to war with lil kids on twitter#facts.

  2. Tenesha image and her fake stuff and her fake life. Yuh color the blue stone yet with white wash ?? Memba sey a green card yuh have and yuh have a few drugs conviction charges Suh mind trump of tuh trump yuh .attention yuh a seek bout yuh a mention trump name because yuh sure would love trump fi f..k yuh because then u could stop buying all these fake brand from the African man and start buyin the real brand stuff them and you wouldn’t of to fake sey yuh a home owner when u a tenant. But tenesha if yuh get trump would you stop working obeah ?? Because fi young gal yuh love obeah. From Goldie teck back her husband yuh cannot get a next man fi grind yuh only Rohan use to hide and f..k yuh fi years and yuh obeah him and get him deported . Tenesha u is a wicked witch.a hope yuh repent soon especially for the sake of yuh child.tenesha image beg yuh obeah man a man Suh yuh can stop walk and hide and teck people man wey nuh want yuh.

    1. So wait deh mi nuh too know wah gwan. Mi never know own say dem dip Rohan the supposed baby fada weh did deh wid Sadamite Chin.. so chin still a f**k both gender

  3. If only she had closed her legs and sit like a proper young classy Lady should, The pic would have looked decent, But then again, it doesn’t matter how much namebrands or fake namebrands you wear, when you are a hoodrat you are just that. She still live in the blue house with the blue stone? :ngakak These fake ass celebs wannabe.

  4. lawd real chat?? knock off or not as a chi chi man sey this bitch is doing all the knock off a favor, who knows its knock off or nay. mi see commercial pon bus side don’t look half as good
    or what she looks dam good in dem jeans, that’s why dem cant stand us Jamaican gals fo people man always a look pon oonu an get bax yes she have to b carful but bottom line but she looks goooood yes Im female and Im not a sadamite, a di stripper look bring een cash GALANG YA GAL

  5. She ain’t got no green card now because a them same conviction deh because you have to do a background check to renew a green card each time

  6. She look like fresh roadkill on the Southern State Parkway or like a Turkey studded with cement #EpicFail #SiliconeFowlPart2

  7. rohan nuh want har she go ja and him nuh look,her son need a dna bad , that little boy is stone love child , the world know, tina know to but she and blue stone nuh inna nothing,blue have her brother money , mr nice dun har to ,chat har wid him woman, fret say blue hole nuh good ,the amount a obeah she wuk, she should really have a tek and keep man.

    1. So she’s just a pass around??? She used to f**k Stone love’s older brother weh the Feds them come fa wid da whole John Shop shit. Estrado and Mr. Nice aka fret come from the same place inna Jamaica an dem a fren. Fret ain’t shit all him do a look fi gal fi mine him and have nothing but disease pon him buddy!! A waste ppl dem

  8. Dem Jamaican yah who deh over a foreign pon fake papers and green cards and a run down fi call up Trump name need fi understand demself! Trump will f**k unnuh up!

  9. Like seriously..y these young ladies/ women off dancehall have no class no grace no ntn about them? If them dress appropriate they dont stand or sit to complete the look.love my ppl and just so u all know u can be in dancehall n still be a lady with class.mi have a little she love dancehall like wow but neva tek no men in deh..she work set golds n full a class carry herself very classy n elegant.

    1. I agree with you 99% love child. However u didn’t specify your “little” what?..niece. .cousin? Keep encouraging her to stay classy n sure as the sun will shine ,she gonna achieve her goals along with all the silver n gold jewelry.

      Tell her don’t get nuh rope or cow gold chains though cuz those tacky n so 80s.

  10. First of all it’s not Stone Luv pikney it’s his brother Estrado who did get lock up a do time
    She did f**k him and breed but tru Rohan had di money she give him the belly Estrado did cute but bruk
    I don’t understand why Tenisha do up herself suh now she really luk like she out fi bust
    I wonder if dem injections dem get swell dem up afta a while

  11. Yardie, thanks for ur correction n nuff love.u very shady but i can take it all in.my little sista is who i was talking about. I do know the different bet the two words but in this trying n dispressing trump season i can make mistake because i am worried for my family

    1. That’s the spirit dear.The Almighty will guide n protect you n yours. But why worry when u can pray? It was written that these are the times of the coming of the 7 headed beasts…Google the G7.Read Revelations n u will see prophesies being fulfill now now.

      Stay classy n don’t panic,the human spirit will unite us n we will rise up against the TYRANT so you will be fine again!!

  12. Yes I know people renew too and travel and dem tek it and tell dem go court and sometime people file for citizen and. So they give them volunteer deportation mean leave by a certain time I would rather that doh than sudden

  13. bitch is not a greencard holder nor a home owner not even own a car. wonder if har obeah man can work up something for her to become pretty outside an in…oh laawd she is one ugly piece a gal. I don’t even think she was pretty in har black skin..

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