hold I will re-write because the gentleman does not want his tweets here..too funny

Him se avoid Kartel by any means…read below

Around 2004/2005 Island Explosion a young man and him brethren dem go a di show. Him se di show di shell, Beenie and Kartel did close di show dah year deh. Di man seh when dem did ready fi head out him fren dem did well frass..Dem stop a KFC fi buy piece a half dead chicken and it gi him fren running belly suh dem stuck ina di KFC toilet fi bout two hours..Di bwaay drop asleep pan di toilet……..dem haffi knock di door fi get him out …dem wake him now and hit fi toll…by dis time di fren a clock 150mph and dem spot a blue bimma a come full speed looking like baphomet. Him seh dem deh pan di toll both cars a go same speed and none nah pass each other..Kartel dem now drive up behind dem and a blow horn and flash light di bwaay seh him bredrin dem neva a pay him no mind because him did still high and belly a bubble up same way. Afta two minutes a di same speed dem wudden mek kartel bimma pass dem …kartel dem wind down dem window and when dem look a bay smoke and badwod
So him brethren draw sudden brakes and di bimma nearly lick up dem speed off a skin dem teeth ..Den di bredrin slow dung agen and seh ‘ guh suck u mada bimma boi’. When dem look di bimma shot pon d next side and drive up next to dem.. black tink like 2003 Kartel bimma…when dem look di window roll down half way and all dem hear is ”AHA HA..Bumbobloodclaat”..When dem look a teacha dat.. ( left hand drive bimma) and he was on the passenger side dem seh dem go 150 inna one lickle mazda and to how kartel dem man floor di cyar me swear it did a go tek off dem seh him mek one draw offa di spliff and it dun right desso ..Di bwaay and him fren dem start blaze back di highway…kartel dem bimma dat behind dem…kartel dem ketch dem up and block dem so dem a swerve kartel bimmer still behind dem..till dem see a window and him did deha di passenger side..when dem look di smaddy neva did a laugh dem a look ina one glock. Di yoot seh di fren pudung a piece a speed ina dem old car …when dem reach near di toll dem under dem same way and him did done plan fi open fi cyar door him bredrin dem spot him a remove him seatbelt an seh ” say pu**y if u plan fi run out me stop this bloodclaat”. Di man buss out Psalm 23 bout 23 time him seh like a 2 times table.
When dem reach di toll booth and guess what?? One piece a traffic who neva waa shit before waa shit den because dem cudden run..Him ease off di seat belt and exit di cyah him bredrin neva suh lucky cause him cudden run lef di res a people dem… and spot kartel dem bimmer ina di line
Him just see dipassenger door open and a man head well wrap up inna one white shirt him just perform inna.. wid supn well shine a gully creep

Hear fi him brethen now” Dawg.. kartel really a go kill we?
By time fi him tun roun a him dat jump ova di bar and shot up d toll road.. soso shut and pants

Him seh when him look back when him neva hear no no gun shot and far enuff because know him hand no dat straight …As di boss reach di 2nd car di light tun green.. him brethren dem start rev out a di toll booth and him see di iron rise him jump ova di side ..him bredrin stop and him jump back in neva seh nothing afta dat because him bredrin a cuss di res a di way because a di fastest dem eva done di toll…when dem a rev out di $50 gas run rite out and dem seh him fi help push di cyar…Him spot ferry police station up di road and and by di time him fi se cyar him spot di blue bimmer..him start di piece a running agen..bimma a go 150 and him a go 180…lef him bredrin one fi push di cyar…when him look him hear smaddy say
” daaaawg… weh me fi tell u mada. Say???’ Him hear ‘ SYM!!!!’ .. den him just say alright and start bolt agen ina so so pants and shirt up mandela high way no shoes…when him reach ferry police station.. tyad laka dog weh just done hump.. him see a police outta door and tell dem say him brethren a get rob

Him seh me him neva waa tell di police seh such man just pull gun pon dem.. by time me say ‘ officer’ him hear him brethren say ‘ me lef me cyar dung desso’

Him tun roun and seh weh di cyar? Di man say dawg weh yah ask me say?? U never hear when me get a f**k drop backa u?

Di police go in and tell who and who say him a pull out.. while him ina d station.. when dem look nuh di blue bimma dat a cruise past

Him seh him swear a this did a go happen

But instead di window wine dung and him see two man deh pon

So dem did tink police gone fi help.. Di police come back out wid him squaddy and deh pon


      1. mi copy paste save long time..mi mind tell mi duh dat lol so all who lock up can lock up mi can rewrite it too funny

  1. Lol dis story is funny, suh him run lef him fren but when him look round di fren deh ah di station too what ah way Kartel brite, him love likes too much. Like people haffi big him up, ugly skeletor looking creature, who is u? Kmt!!

    1. Mi done ansa u already and your ass is still leaking? The tweets were public I was polite in removing them. It ended there but since you think toilet paper or a cork is here continue to leak. Ive already said what I said. When people act nice this is what happens.

      1. Mi waa know who mi did a disrespect? Mi nuh have no problem representing my womanhood but mi have a big problem wid a man a cross over ina it..ok. Mi ansa u nice and polite , went about my business , removed your tweets and your talking as if you really think I had to give a shit WTF??????????

        1. one man whey waa be ooman…and u know one ting when mi wrong mi nuh have no qualms in saying that and mi nay wrong needa…mi done and gone bout mi business and this mrmaam find himself here a say me disrespect him and i apologised fi the nothing that i did eno ….

          1. Lol mayb this was material s/he was gathering for his Pulitzer works lmaooooooooooo ahhhh sahhhh

          2. any infringement a gwaan a dem a try slide ova ina my draws side i is behaving today :angel

          3. when mi read ova dis mi laugh till mi sick ”Him spot ferry police station up di road and and by di time him fi se cyar him spot di blue bimmer..him start di piece a running agen..bimma a go 150 and him a go 180…lef him bredrin one fi push di cyar…when him look him hear smaddy say
            ” daaaawg… weh me fi tell u mada. Say???’ Him hear ‘ SYM!!!!’ .. den him just say alright and start bolt agen ina so so pants and shirt up mandela high way no shoes…

          4. No Metty….Cheut a one a di baddest pon yah!!

            But di Earth Angel afta dat comment hab mi a grung….smady call fi Medic….I fall an kaint git up :ngakak

          5. ________________________________ mi nuh tink no old sore have nuttin pan chuet noh sor she bad she bad she bad..velly velly bad :hammer

    2. Met, mek dem move dem rass, no law can tell you to remove a tweet or social media post. Dem cannot come over here like they have any proprietary hold on those tweets. From the moment he put them on twitter, it belonged to all of us. Run wey the clown dem Met. A act them was act like dem as smaddy when win never heard of them before.

  2. met mi did run go pon di road fi a likkle bit, diss miss mi, plz rewrite it as weh u seh u go do, cuz jmg nice inna di mondeh yah

    1. Me second that…me wan see it to. Me wan fi see why “mrmaam” a attempt fi cross over inna met ‘womanhood”…lololol

        1. That was funny. Honestly, me nu see why de ‘author’ who a retell somebody else story fi take on proprietorship…that was funny.

          Thanks Met, cause if a me alone twitta/fb nu read.

  3. If I laugh one more time, di man say him a bolt and him only hear him friend ask him weh me must tell yuh madda….LoL, I can’t laugh. It might sound impossible but when trouble tek yuh all pickney shut fit yuh

  4. no star, met mi a dead!!!

    a how dat one fren can run so???

    when him jump out a di car a di toll, a wouldn’t let him back in when di car dem start move dwrcl!!!

    a woulda leff him rass, mek him finish run go, how far him did tink him did a go run go looool.

    diss funny bad!!

  5. A weh dis “Fast & Furious???”……Dis one yah funny, cah ef a jus read mi a read dis an “tyad laka dawg” suh, mi know how dem feel when dem a drive/run fi dem life. Di part weh him a “buss out Psalms 23 like 2 times table” too :ngakak
    Pon a serious, all mi cyan seh is “Kartel yuh woulda mus run outta gas….one day one day”

  6. Met yu a the badest round here ,And little most yu kill mi cause when mi think sey the head line done read mi run up ina it again in the comment broad again why yu of to write it two time met and the boy di already buss out the psalms two time already.

  7. Lawd mi cyah git up
    Mi baggy seat wet an mi belly ah hat mi
    Ef mi laaf enny more oonu affi go call di ambulance to rawtid

    Whey di breddren sey? Di cyaar ah goh 150 an him deh goh 180??
    Tenks fi da laaf deh Ms. Met

  8. @Met, a di rodney skin teet dung a bottom out fi kill me..WAIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE..

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