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Dear Taiwo,

I am in a mess and serious dilemma, the worst part is the fact that I cannot open up and tell anybody my suspicion, because if it happens to be just that I would have destroyed the basic element my young marriage is built on-trust.

Ebiye and I met at the Murtala Mohammed Airport on our way to South Africa. Our flight on that particular day was delayed for almost 30 minutes. I was getting angry and upset, because, though, I was going to Cape Town to cool off for few days with my friends, I hated the delay, but I didn’t know that fate had something beautiful in stock for me.

While pacing up and down the waiting area, I noticed Ebiye, seated in a corner all by herself, looking worried or should I say scared and not speaking with anybody; because in a situation like this, it is easy for people to become friends easily, but she was all alone.

I moved close to her and said hello. Initially, she looked away, but when she realised that I was not ready to leave her alone, she began to my respond to m questions. That was how we met, became friends and eventually began a relationship.

As our relationship progressed, we learnt a lot about each other; the day we met, I learnt she was also going on a holiday to South Africa, though, we had different destinations, we planned to see each other and we did.

Back in Nigeria, though the distance between us was much; she resided in Abuja with her parents, while I live in Lagos to supervise my father’s chains of businesses as the first and only son of my family. But the issue of distance was not one civilisation did not solve for us. We communicated well on phone and I visited her often.

Ebiye is a lady any man would fall for and there is this aura of innocence all around her one cannot help but embrace. I keep falling in love with her day after day. Initially, when I go to Abuja to see her, I stayed in the hotel and she would come over to see me with her escorts, body guards et al. We used to joke about this and one day I jokingly told one of them that I would elope with her; but of course, that was when they had become comfortable with me.

Though, her father is one of the tops in Nigeria, I always wondered the reason for all these security details. I am also from a very influential and well to do family, but my father’s does not go about my younger sisters this way. I have always wondered also why as a first daughter, despite her fathers chains of businesses, all she does is stay at home. I read no deep meaning into this as I see it as an issue of different strokes.

To cut short my story, I eventually met her parents and she met mine, we didn’t have any problems and both parents were happy for us. I should also let you know that along the line, I discovered that Ebiye is three years older than me, sincerely, this has no meaning to me and I told her and her parents that much. My parents also do not seem to mind; it was not as if I got attracted to her for any other reason other than my love for her.

As we prayed, our love led us to the altar three months ago, where we became husband and wife. Her parents loved me like their own child and vice versa. Although, I didn’t move away from my parents, I had my own apartment and my wife and I have enough privacy. We do not have to see them if we don’t have anything for them. Fortunately, my parents are not the meddling type, so we lived in perfect harmony.

My only concern is the fact that Ebiye does not work and she doesn’t go out. I raised this issue with her and she asked if there is anything I wanted her to do. Although, my mother does not go out, she is a big time fabric merchant; she imports and sells in bulk. I asked if she would like to join her and she didn’t object. My mother was also glad to have her.

We were in the process of doing this and getting her ready to follow my mother on a trip to Italy when I noticed that she was behaving funny. I never met any of her friends, I met and related well with some of her cousins and relatives, and she never introduced anyone to me as a friend. So, I was surprised when we went out for dinner and she met and introduced two ladies to me as her friends and classmates from her school in California.

She invited them home and I had no objection to that. I started noticing that Ebiye became jumpy and edgy lately. She has also lost interest in her trip to Italy with my mother and even the business we discussed. These days she goes out without telling me and for few days now, I return home from work as late as 9pm and she would not be at home.

I can’t place what is going on; she is equally carrying our first baby. Initially, I thought maybe she was seeing another man; but I am sure she won’t do that with the baby, but lately I began to suspect drugs, because of her attitude. Sometimes she would be jumpy, moody and at times she would be nice and good.

I didn’t know my mother also noticed her change in attitude. I have never done drugs before, but I know the symptoms. I equally schooled in America and I know what students get themselves into. I am really worried about my wife. I have not caught her with anything so I can’t accuse her but I strongly suspect her. Please, what can I do? help me.


  1. There is a possibility due to the pregnancyshe has these mood swings. Take the time out and go for dinner or lunch and voice your concerns, rather than making assumptions.

  2. Wife is a lesbo or have man. She isn’t on drugs because the doctor would have informed him when she goes for prenatals and follow-ups. Pregnancy isn’t her issue or she wouldn’t be out pass 9pm.

  3. Nothing you have said leads to drugs
    She may be a typical Nigerian princess type and don’t want to work you shouldn’t be surprised you know your women

  4. Oh gosh sweetie… its definitely not drugs she’s pregnant… I was thinking mood swing due to pregnancy… but staying out late , leaving and not saying anything… You sure that baby is yours young man… I think you should look into that… or maybe she needs some her time , but ? Who is she out with if you’ve never met her friends until the dinner

  5. If u come from money! Why not hire a private detective? It could be she has a secret life, or an ex she’s never really got over, when u first met her alone in a corner!hope it’s not drugs for the sake of the unborn child, so many signs, if she’s never worked she could have been a high class call girl

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