1. Roolling me yeye dem….so this is the bedroom sex appeal that earn she tekka fame? lolol
    Then again, the men aren’t of much value now a days. Annie, if you man diss you fi dis…left him rass. Don’t mek money be the deciding factor, left him backside.

  2. YO…. D’Angel a Death really mek arself look common ehhh. All Instagram video yu do. Well dat mean di Mimiesque video soon come cuz you move look trash inna bag now.


    1. A when she fling de ole rexo mop and it nu flex back me buss out a laugh! lolol…I want to know how the man whey say him a de girl dem SUGA end up with this pile a hot shit?

      1. Beenie like dem kinda ooman yah..scruples null and void but a because Annie look like she soft why she really tink she can get away wid bantoning har sah..a nuh di man di principle

      2. PP oooooo a see say u come fi kill me lmaoooooooo rexo ain’t got shit on her mi a tell u woooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiieeee

    2. ole house about fi tumble dung …when carlene was not even fi har age she class carlene how she old but look pan she now pass 35 a wine up har expired self

  4. No comment, Angel I often wonder what your legacy will be like! it is not a good look! yuh is a tekka wid nutten to show fi it mi wah fight yuh

  5. @Met, here we go. This ole HARLOT is at it again!! Smaddy can so dry eye and nah nuh shame??. Michelle your ONLY LEGACY will be the most renowned STRUMPET of all times. Classless!!!!

  6. yuh c how d’angel fava likka wen anancy buss bad inna spider web….free up beenie suh de hair can grow back weh yuh stunted yuh jezebel yuh

  7. Morning Met, JMGers.
    :nerd :nerd.
    Met ooo, u can’t pinch u hubby and mi almost one hubby fi tell him ex seh she fi try and disappear from di SM scence..BTW Angelfruitcake with redoak on top, dah hotel room look cheap nuh rarse, motel 2 she deh? Is alright Met, mi a guh talk to him miself, since mi kindah lose him number and email address (DWL). Digaldemsugerr ohh, please to help out u ex and di maddah of u chile suh she will stop doing all these lowe lowe down dirty things all ovah di place and innah people truck stop. Tenk u and if u nuh respond it alright mi undastand.. :peluk

    1. Tinan, coo the CHEAP piece ah headboard inna the hotel room…man ah push beamer and mercedes and look weh him tek dat fe freak it out :hammer :hammer :hammer

  8. Look at Marco Deans mommy. Desperate for attention, thirsty for fame at all cost. She trying to top Ishawna for media attention. Sad

  9. Nutten nuh surprise me bout D fallen Angel nuh more. De other day Foota so-call violate, but seet yah nung might as well Foota neva apologize caws see she expose har REAL character yah…kmt
    Saying is true ah nuh everyting glitter ah gold…Ishawna, D’Angel, Raine Seville etc

  10. unno tink a joke wen mi seh Ishawna inna de spotlight too long suh Michelle a cum hard nd every tin she bawl out marco dean sch fee like beenie nah pay it de way how she money hungry if a payment miss yuh bess b-lev de wurl a knw

  11. Not a good look, social media is sometimes a curse. Angel need to cut the Bullshit. She tek the lady man so keep har back side quiet.

    1. Sweet, she did the song as smoke signal for the rest of ooman man weh she ah plan fe tek…fellas, line up unu 60 lbs. cause Marco Dean school fee need fe get pay and dis bitch need a new weave; ratchet ass tramp…

  12. Met good day,jus a mek u know mi still can see video but no picture and I tried everything possible.Did u work on ur end for me yesterday wid u or technician

  13. Angel did that because SHE is the one intimidated by Annie’s charm and grace…smut sluts like Angel will always tek people man cause that’s alll she have to offer to men and sing bout is ar vagina and bare sex sex sex!!! Dat’s all dem whoring gal deh good fa; desperate fe attention and nuff all the time!!..Angel reek of jealousy and envy suh that’s why she carry on the way she do cause if she nuh quiet, humble, decent and behave like a lady she naah get nuh recognition what so ever. Annie, leave her and yuh baby daddy and do not waste any of your time to even acknowledge them cause people like dem come a dime a dozen, nutten special nor fascinating bout them…Annie, even sex gets boring after a while if nutten else wid substance nuh deh deh fe keep the affair going strong. Angel soon get wear out and dash weh like old dutty crep, mark my words…

    1. @Yep :thanks2. Angel stiff like pipe iron bout shi a tek people man. Angel yuh luk like yuh nuh know how fi ride buddy yuh nuh flexable a bloodclaat. Bounty sey yuh is a ghetto bicycle but it look like yuh want some wd40 yah now. Fuxking bareface whore. Annie nuh mek dis nastiness mash up yuh head, gall lacka dutty Angel nuh know betta, shi will be on to the next promoter. Angel guh duh yuh hair it luk like not even comb can run tru it

  14. @Phantom, from yessideh u and Real a galang bad ova yah..BUT DAT “REXO-MOP” COMMENT, have me a floor..*tears to raas bwoy*..Sometime me caan believe say Moses did really tek him time, energy and money fi keep big wedding and married this harlot. No wonda Killa laff afta him, really gal clown dat Moses u see dere..

  15. Afternoon Met and Metters
    Mi know unnoh ago dun mi but mi a read fram yesterday she tek Annie man that allowed himself to be taken whether fi 60 pound or 6 pound that’s her perogative I’m confused why the hate and anger towards Angel? A whole a tekka come pon yah and dem nuh get bun dung so Annie buss the business so Angel dash back word it only fair don’t it

  16. The devil was once an angel. Girl fi a big woman that have a son you should be a shame of yourself to be carry-on like this, you have no class or respect fi your self and your son. Yes people sleep around with other people but you so proud of it you gone mek video in a the cheap motel that the promoter dem put you up in.
    MI went to her boring show that only had a few people and every body a complain bout a what dis dem waste time come see, all the red head gyal talk bout a her pussy and she a first lady, which first lady behave like that, she a first lady fi People man cocky.
    you can tell annie a decent girl she never diss angel and her email was well structure you can tell that she is an educated girl.
    If I was the angel I would a go hide bout she a put song pon website in a Har cheap out fit, the money couldn’t even buy Har a sexy lingerie fi go do the video, look like something she pick up down town.
    gyal go shave your hair and go buy some Brazilian hair and come again.

  17. @Kerry, Angel a tekka we know dat. But she fi gwaan betta. She rude and have no mannas at all. She say she a big awtiss, she tek di pple dem man and she still nah bingo ina har red-mop dutty weave and have di nerve fi a mek video a cuss di uman. ANGEL TOO BRITE AND SHE PASS 35, SHE FI STAP IT. WID ALL DI KOKI SHE TEK HAR ASSETS DEM FI TUN-DI-RAAS-UP..ANGEL TOO CALISS FI BIG-BIG ENTERTAINER. U eva see or hear Marion aka Lady-Saw a gwaan suh when she go pon tour??.. dat me a cuss MICHELLE DOWNER bout.

  18. Met off topic, u know I was driving home yesterday and the had Lady Saw on Fame she have new song ago release wid JMG name inna it wen I heard it I was like boabdl (buss out a big dutty laugh) wat a way she luv jmg

    1. Lawd a mussy it a mek Jmg so crowded this week…wha mount a people pan di site mi waa mek a quick trip and i kaint :hammer
      tell har thanks fi di promotion ……………… almost a million people dis week :hammer

  19. Angel how comes you couldn’t wine and tie the two biggest artist in jamaica. Your nothing but a low down piece a shit. A Thur your husband left u fi another woman that’s why you think it’s ok to go around and do the same to other woman.
    No worry the man you have a jamaica will know what to do to your ass when you reach back home.

  20. Dirty Dwhoregel can I tell you how di ppl dem in England a dun yuh !!!!! You ain’t coming
    back here on no mo tour ole jezebelllll ….. Dirty class less broke ass ratchet bitch!!!! Annie don’t let that dreggggsss break up your relationship…!!!

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