This will b aired on tv on Thursday night just wanted to know what other ppls thoughts where about her trying to defend herself n then this is her bio statement (song or not) there’s a way to carry urself as a women and did she really think tht there wouldn’t b controversy n stigma when she was doing this ??
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  1. If it’s an insight on how she was raised and cultures coming together and she doesn’t want to be judged why the foolishness bout his main bitch vanilla? She fi park her swarty self!! She’s calling herself bitch then wants respect. Tomorrow night me and mi TV fi hear what fart she ah seh…. I have white friends with Jamaicans and this is not how me see dem gwarn She contradict herself and look follish before show even start.

  2. Good morning MET & Metters!

    Any woman who calls herself his “MAIN” bitch/woman/wife etc. is indirectly confessing seh she KNOW seh him have more than 1 woman & that she is fine with it! So right of the bat, she sounds stupid to me. Then to further classify yourself as a bitch? So now you’re adding self-esteem issues into the mix. Smh

  3. Well mi watch dis last night ! What an embarrassment di bwoy really show we up bad. Mi no feel she really haffi do no show. Cah him show up him father and mother. Him say him a promoter, one dance him a promote from the show start. When di dance him no reach till 4am him come wid di new babymother, when him see say di white girl come Him flip between di two a dem. white girl swear she a wife. But when dance done di bwoy leave wid number 2. How miss vanilla feel now. She must I turn red like di hair. As for di next one , miss whining machine
    She all a mek tune . Mi say mi say me lol till mi weak

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