THEY HAVE NOTHING TO DO-Gay rights activists protest Bruce Golding speech in NY


Gay rights activists protest Bruce Golding speech in NY

Wednesday, October 23, 2013 | 12:13 PM

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KINGSTON, Jamaica — Gay rights activists from the Jamaica Anti-Homophobia Stand group, Tuesday night, staged a protest in New York City against a speech given by Jamaica’s former Prime Minister Bruce Golding at the Schomburg Center.

Golding’s talk was part of the Caribbean International Network (CIN) Lecture Series.

Chanting, “Bruce, you’re wanted! Unrepentant murder!” and “Gay rights are human rights!” the protesters lined the sidewalk outside the Harlem institution for over an hour as they received comments from supportive and non-supportive bystanders.

Golding was dubbed ‘anti-gay’ after he publicly announced his opposition to homosexuals serving in his Cabinet on BBC Hard Talk in 2008.

Dwayne Brown, organizer of the demonstration and a gay Jamaican who said he fled to the United States after allegedly receiving death threats because of his sexuality, said he would not go inside the Centre for Golding’s speech because he feared a violent response from the audience.

“Jamaica Anti-Homophobia Stand feels strongly that Bruce Golding must be held accountable for the human rights offenses he oversaw during his tenure, including the Tivoli Gardens Massacre and the perpetuation of anti-gay attacks,” Brown said.

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0 thoughts on “THEY HAVE NOTHING TO DO-Gay rights activists protest Bruce Golding speech in NY

  1. a suh battyman sitdung n a pree movements as smaddy seh nay dem jump, dem suh confortable but dem alwayz deh pon di defensive

  2. Why dont they realize sey unuh cannot badup people and protest people into submission and acceptance .Unuh choose fi live suh and want people fi drop fi dem moral standing fi appease unuh.

  3. Met! come here! Is this a pro-batty :rainbow: rally or a Tivoli/pro-dudus/pro-criminal rally?

    Cause is two protest a gwan. Den again we people still don’t learn how fi protest yet. Beta dem did light tires and block de road wid fridge and garbage :hammer

  4. These people need to stop about Jamaica being homophobic because up to today I saw four gay men in new kingston tights and batty rider. I even went to match in Tivoli and the amount of openly gay youths at the match I was speachless! Please stop saying Jamaica is killing gays and homophobic that’s not true!

  5. from you nuh inna wey dem inna, dem see you as an oppressor. Homosexuality is not the beauty of God”s plan, so all empty bottle fe hold dem crate!

  6. Whatever is done in the privacy of a home between 2 grown consedntual ppl should be kept there, no , no-one hasa right to beat or kill them, the bible says all sin is sin, sex b4
    marriage, bastard kids, run away fathers, child molesters , threesomes these are all un-natural acts.
    now gay ppl need to stop with the swishing,d flamboyancy and lying about Jamaica, I
    samow no wrong in what Bruce said, there are lots of ppl claiming to be homophobic clammering for visa to where battty man freely exist ,many who curse the battymen are so angry I wonder if them jealous….the gay ppl has become nusancies, they are not
    in no danger unti they start some drama….Jamaica is not homophobic ppl just doni
    want in your face behaviors, many many gays who has pride & decency have being successful in Jamaica without harm, these are a criminal bunch that don’t want to work or pay rent …Y don’t they march to the British High commission & demand visas
    or better yet made british citizens and leave

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