TMZ’s cameras caught Gramps Morgan running but obviously had no idea who he was..So You got it here first! Sources say American actress Lisa Raye and Morgan Heritage’s Gramps Morgan are dating and inlove. TMZ’s cameras caught up with them at an airport in Atlanta, on their way to Japan. Both were even together at New Jersey’s Caribbean Fest.
The Morgans are usually low key which is why Gramps headed for the far left when TMZ’s cameras caught him holding hands with Lisa.
The couple landed in Japan today for the next stop on Morgan Heritage’s tour. We wish them the best


    1. Sooooooooooooooo neat if u no quick u wouldn’t even pick up say him was with har lol yet another trait of Jcan men dem quick no rass lmaoooo

  1. Chuetty mi cyah manig u enuh Hey Gramps seh nopes not todeh him dodge neatly o :ngakak I wish dem luck hear admin she bout buddy buddy supn ina d wata man

  2. Den whappen to di pastor she was engaged to and dem was being celibate???? Aint no celibacy a gwaan wid no Yaad Man. She sure luv di caribbean dickeys dem.

  3. Now I hope Lisa has changed cause is a girl whey if the money ain’t there she not going there see she meck the Turks prime minister spend off the whole a him country money pon har n all now him caaa recover from that storm name Lisa

  4. Dem seh Bolt nuh hab nuttn pan Gramps…lol woiie sah. Di man just slip outah view lakkah when Gilbert pickup one a dem palm tree dung a yard..

  5. him just step weh so neat LOL
    can someone run Gramps Morgan net worth for me please
    or maybe someone who knows his bedroom history
    cause i’m just curious to know what attracted Lisa Raye
    its an odd coupling

  6. Bishop Noel Jones seh him did ah help Lisa Raye find har path tuh God….ah wonda ah weh Gramps Morgan ah help har fi find :ngakak. Ah doe waan laugh enna di afternoon yah…but dis nuh look spiritual….:ngakak

  7. First of all I looked away from my screen for a sec and miss gramps to rahtid, him was like hoodini lol I had to replay and look good fi ketch him. Secondly the man asking the questions is disrespectful.

    1. For real?! & mi swear think she did aguh pull through, Nobody like Joan Rivers, a who a guh mek fun a d celebrity dem pan Fashion Police now??!! Lawd mi a guh miss har quirkiness, when she a mek fun a d ppl dem she nuh ramp eh nuh, and nshe serious lakka judge when she a gi fi har joke dem. RIP Joan! Sorry back to Gramps now!!! lol

  8. Ok so i googled him and they say he is married has 6 kids with his wife and 3 outside so a total of 9 kids ok oh wow.

  9. I don’t care how private that man is, but he shouldn’t of took off like that and left her to walk alone. Damn did he tell her this is how he is in public, shit because I would of told him then I meet you in every port then. It’s not that damn serious to hide the women that you are with walk with her and not answer any questions and keep walking no that is not right and no excuse can excuse him for what he did. I would have to address that with his ass, she is a pretty women he should be proud f**k what type of privacy kick you are on.

  10. What this man has all these kids and a wife now I see why the man run like that he don’t want his wife to see what he has going on the side. Lisa you are not his women you the side chick run to the damn hills girl just run and left that man. lol smdh

  11. Well Lisa don’t have nuh choice. Side piece/gold miner fi damn near all rappers and actors. And still nuh lef T&C wid a dime…. Afta she go left har carcass at church door Gramps come pitch.. Ras yuh nuh get nuthin but rotten meat.

  12. Met, u need fi get you Scooby Doo on and dig eena dis one yah. A how come him and India Arie just slowly dismantle suh? and how you move from an awtical dawta like India fi guh teck on Lisa ‘if two mackerel tin lick togedda mi haffi dideh’ Raye?
    Dis match up nuh meck no sense whatsoeva.

  13. Metty, off topic real quick…mi neva know seh Ray J, Brandy and Snoop Dogg dem ah first blood cousins…going over the cast of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood and it was mentioned..

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