Dear Met,

Look at the rules change them bring to school boy football in Jamaica.Apparently the # 2 is constantly referred to as chi chi man # that they have banned it being used.Every other country in the world you can use the #s 1-40 but we are so homophobic that we don’t play #2 smh.


7 thoughts on “HOMOPHOBIC MUCH?

  1. 1 and 40 for goal keepers…3-22 for all other players…they missed out the number 2…they also missed out 23-39…, Jamaica is homophobic and unlike alot of other countries we hav choose to stand fairly firm against gays and lesbians (that’s our choice) even if the number 2 was included no one would wear it. It’s not that big a deal!

  2. Spoon it is a big deal becuz of the ignorance being spewed.How can we raise our kids to have a grudge against a innocent harmless number2?

  3. Some people scared of 13 some people scared of 2..lol

    On a real it’s stupidity. You are preparing these kids for professional life .Let them wear number 2.

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