0 thoughts on “HONERS

  1. Sevuuuuuum….:ngakak :ngakak
    Den la really deh candle light a church pon the ppl dem choir a call it him gradguation gwaan chuee yute man…tearsssss

  2. LOL, ah mus joke, yes. Heni baddi caan see a chior robe de bwoy hab on. Plus, Why is everyone lined up and singing luk gud, luk pan dem mouth.
    Bwoy, ah mussi sum new ooman him ah try fi impress?

  3. LA mi nuh know how u photoshop urself heen a dis ere picture…but dis is di bes photoshop job u ever do cause all if mi did see u at di graduation wid mi own two eye mi wouldn’t believe it…nope.

  4. Dis yah NINCOMPOOP yah up to fi him antics again??? Wharah???!!! :matabelo “GRADGUATIN” WID “HONERS” from “UWI” :nerd a mussi University of Wacko Idiot yuh mean!!! Look here nuh, mi need fi “gradguate” fi mi self off dis post yah wid “honers” cauz not even kindergarten graduate nah write dis yah effrey yah inna dem writing book. D man deh pan d pulpit inna d ppl dem church gown & a tell lie??!! La Lewis a think a finally figure out what yuh all about, apart from being delusional & bipolar, yuh is a comedian, or more like a laughing stock!!!! cauz dat a d only explanation mi can find fi u & yuh madness/flare ups. :medicine:

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