1. @heiniken aka Karene because you and both ladies are the same age and you look 15 years older than them, that’s why :hope

  1. Tricia mother is a very good looking lady, both of them look good for big Ooman, but u can see bobbett mother a try hard to be young again. She a bleach like the daughter hard.

  2. They both mothers who look good at their age lets celebrate that….Tricia mother got that It factor as in still some sexy in her…….Bobby mother got that Fine factor as in an aged wine that gets better with time.

  3. Whosoever sent this in……..oonuh know oonuh being real Byass round here all when this don’t concert oonuh!! Why yuh send in Mommy Shmurda in her werse state pre-sergrey, why?
    Weh yessiday picture wid Mommy Shmurda deh?

  4. This is the problem today, we as women are always criticizing and putting each other down. Both woman look good in their own way. They are aging gracefully.

  5. Both are gorg two perfect grown woman. Perfect ladies. I love to see perfect big ooman that dress decent but still have they groove

  6. The first collage lady looks naturally attractive. I cannot stand robbas but her moms look good too.
    The last collage robbas and her mother look younger than the sista whey suppose to be de baby! :sup2: Overall, both mothers look good fi having dem tough birds fi daughters.

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