8 thoughts on “HOT WATER , TEA NEEDED

  1. Dah girl yah have real talent though!

    She hav one cute fat likkle boy weh she almost always a carry with her!

    Mi a follow her from she did a do har thing pon Facebook till now! And it nice fi see seh she get recognised and a gwaan!

    Suptn bout it nuh mek me feel she and Romeich inna things, but if she and him a f**k, at least she a f**k and further herself and build a life for her son! And is one thing mi did always kno bout Romeich if a girl like she weh him rate up she will more than collect….(remember him and Amita) and dah girl yah annuh fool!

  2. The only girls inna Romeich lromotion team who him dont f**k or deh with is who him nuh like or attracted to, the ones him nuh like him force to deh with his friends!!! Ask any Romeich girl & dem tell u!

  3. Congrats Shenseea,Uve just recieved the pinkwall bump UP! You are guranteed to get 100 likes n follows from me n my ppl alone b4 tiday Done.

  4. Chin a whore from Mona days,do anything for a dollar who nuh f**k chin a who nuh want her. This is a next Ishawna

  5. Dem use to fck but stop cuz she a deal wid her career, him really wah buss har. But i wouldn’t trust him if i were her, this is the king of carrying pussy feelings.

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