Met i dus wahh know weh part Robert n daffy duck werrkk??? Ova cartoon Network? 😩 or ova Long Islant weh Dolly drive go work every day but all now she cya reach di parkling lot much less di office? Mi wah know cause me want wan a dem high salary job fi buy da bed deh too


10 thoughts on “WORK WHERE?

  1. Like the GREAT MLK said “I have a Dream” also the bible teaches us to live in “HOPE”.
    Good morning Met.

  2. Omg what a obsession. ..the gal neva buy the bed she a fantasize. Apparently not even dat you can’t do now a days

    1. No obsession. The issue isn’t the grandiose fantasizing, it’s the WORK. Weh dem werk fe a mek dem drastic statements deh? WORK?

  3. That bed can’t fit into any basement . Apple need that for her duplex apartment then again by the looks of the staircase apple sorry that can’t not fi the upstairs :alay :salahkamar

  4. Duh sender, “work” the ppl store and thief Stippers “work” the pole; Hustlers “work” the streets and GalDaf and ManBob Work the ppl dem credit card and them store

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