1. Him a bad up di ting n tell onoo whe him waan inna di barrell n how fi pak i, all price 2 fi tin sassij, Wesson ile, tek d corn-flakes, cheerios outta d box so more space can mek fi di res a tings……I caint 2deh
    Funnee as hell, nuh hm did do di Sikki (security guard) video? Mi loikeee him

    1. Yes, same one with the Sikki video… Funny baaad! Some people on a Facebook page cussing him bad! No sense of humour dem nuh have… Smh. I read somewhere that he will release a video about how Jamaicans behave when they collect money at WU and it’s not the amount they expected… Tomorrow, I think. I’m looking forward to seeing it! Lol

  2. Yowwwwww this meck mi mawning lmaooooooo him a tawk like joke but a di dem feel fi real ppl fi wuk 5 -10 jobs so dem can pack barrel send go give them n pay fi clear it too lollllllll ahhhh boy tom drunk but him no fool

    1. Chuetty, mi seh mi laugh suh hard til mi start choke…dis big head fuccka seh fe sen dung wi entire earnings dung geem, tan ah foreign and doe get dip cause ah we dem ah depend pan fe di leachings and afta we dun sen off everything, we fe sen money fe clear the barrel.. :tkp :tkp :tkp :tkp :tkp :tkp :tkp :tkp :tkp

  3. I nah pack no rass barrel fi not a soul. All when u pack barrel and it reach yessideh, you fone a ring off fi money tideh. Di mount a time and energy it teck fi guh eena dis barrel packing, betta mi use it guh pon prayer and fasting vigil fi betta miself and heal mi ailments.

  4. Dah pussy yah Mek mi laugh soo tellllllllll no sah not even him can keep a straight face…. Yeah man mi loike yuh.

  5. Mi feel bad cause more time mi have so much cake mix inna mi pantry till dem expire pon we..neva know mi coulda guh inna bizniz wid it

  6. everything him sey, mi affi do, but in my defense my dad is sickly and not able to work anymore, so me send the money fi clear it to…lol. My fada tell me doh put no flour in deh because it tek up to much space and a bare fry dumplin him affi a

  7. dis funny bad
    all when di man seh nuh send nuh cardboard barrel, him wah the plastic one fi ketch water – real f**king talk !

      1. Aunty Met,
        When mi try fi comment it tell mi sey mi ah comment too faas lol, but ah di ongle comment dat mi mek fram mawning.

      2. Mi sey!!! when mi peeps show mi di video dis mawning, di 2 ah wi pred whey to rawtid. Wuss di pawt bout di sachij an di coupon shopping (caw him know sey ah fimi miggle name dat!!!)
        Him rite bout di plastic barrel doah enuh. Esprechalli when yuh live eena di rural area dem where part tap wata come een like gold… causen sey ah once eena a blue moon likkle come eena di pipe and when it do come yuh affi stay up till all 3am fi ketch likkle.
        Met, him funny bad and chuss mi, He lieth not.

  8. Met da man yah a talk di real thing di man say doan get dip because unno a we hero wi fi guh in a di cold go duh ten job, a so dem down deh feel like dem lutty mi send when mi can when mi feel like it none a dem nuh gi mi notten fi put down, some a dem fi just dont even memba me beca di more yuh gi dem di more dem waan dem fi go look a job and low me,foreign a no bed a roses ooh

  9. as funny as him be a suh de germs dem really blev seh yuh fi deal wid de barrel thing all two barrel dem want nd doah knw how de phuck yah wuk like rass dog/hog, dem tink a everybody have SNAP can pack barrel
    (simplicity soon sign in)

  10. Him say doan get dip so whea him expect di clutcher dem fi do fi pack barrel cause dem nah buy notten fi pack no barrel send come gi dem and di same clutcher dem send down lock stock and di barrel dem and mek di people dem down deh feel like hard working people like me deh a foreign a loaf ca mi nah go in a nobody store go put notten between my leg har in a no girdle fi send go gi dem no maam not i and me definitrly nah go swipe no gift card (credit card)fi impress dem set a ungreatful rass down deh

  11. this nig always clowning him travel regular lol. smaddy need fi send him a barrel full a ramen noodles fi spite him.

  12. mi will sen him a barrel back di wy him want it but him firsthaffi send mi di plastic barrel pack diwy mi want it and mi’ll empty it, pack it and resend it. Whick part me live there is no shipping company so him haffi send mi money fi rent car and buy gas fi drive 4 or five hours fi sen it.

  13. Lmaofffffff yow di man say, don’t do nutten fi mek dem send unu back. Stay deh a gwaan do unu 5-10 jobs in a di cold. Yow a floor mi reach!!,,

  14. LA Lewis virus a spread a Jamaica …. Watch it youths !… This disease cause a series of stupid acts , violent mastuabation tongue action …smdh

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