1. Munch, whether it be personal or impersonal…we don’t give a good got damn how you feel about our pink wall..but you care enough to peep though..but I will give credit when due…LOVE yuh hairstyle!!…other than that, you can f**k off!!

  2. well honey, ur really suppose to have one baby shower…… Its just tacky to have multiple showers like yuh jus a look gift

  3. Itis obvious that your very very very f**king sad, like seriously you need to go n look a f**king life n a f**king man of your own!! N leave munch alone weh comfortable n a life the life that yuh want weh u cyan get. Because the man nuh want you. Yuh nuh see say a badmind a kill yuh sinking gal, continue write up the bloodclaat girl name… A lick you about get inna yuh face pussy! Wi know exactly who yuh is.. Just continue…

  4. Smh @shevel u need to go sit ur dumb ass in a corner cus u yourself need a hook-on-phonics. Y’all are just a set of social media bad gyal cus if y’all know who is saying/writing all this sh#t u sending threats thou? Y don’t u just go n smack a chick then? Chill cus it’s all nonsense. For all who acknowledge d skum munch knows she a no body n a d man mek she get the lil knowings as in “when dish towel turn table cloth” Kmt child bye!!!!!

  5. It boggles my mind when these broke bitches talk bout bad mind and Nuh hand a thing to den name.ugggghhh…

  6. Anyone that goes out of them way to write up stuff on social media about a person, obviously is either jealous of that person or dem badmind that person it simple as that..

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