1. these people find time to do all manner of things, why cant they find a class to go, where they can learn to spell basic words.

  2. Who eva send in that post is a damn idiot cuz if skippy is such a goodas as u say why she waste so much years plus ave children with a man she know ia f**k man.!?this dont look good on her side an everybody who bashing the girl is sailing in the same boat just never get caught. On camera.skippy as a big woman u shouldve dealt with the situation much better cuz this dont look good on either one of u”a pitney attitude dis”. Im not taking no side none of us want our man to cheat but thats something we cant stop but we ave a choice .everybody talking about is ur personal man u take pic with sucking dick,why do u ave to take pic?why u cant lock the image in ur brain?cuz if the pic come out with u sucking u own man dick ur going to get bash the same way so all this is bullshit.i

    1. this is ridiculous u women have no shame its okay to do what u do with YOUR OWN MAN not another person man who he f**k n suck her pussy. now she gonna kiss her poor man with someone else cock on her mouth NASTY ass. that’s what she gets Skippy did the right thing blast that hoe to let ppl know this bartender so called sweetface is a whore women n watch out she put her own self out there n now the whole dancehall know sweetface aka sweetmouth.


  4. yall mad or naw? her gucci is real.
    since we worried about sucking.
    who got caught sucking dick for 3 lbs
    of oxtail?

  5. @chanel before ur man start eating ur pussy u kiss him don’t an before u start suck fi him dick him kiss u dont so the 2 a u taste somebody else before u taste each iother..some a u cah wait fi tory drop suh unnu can jump on ,some a unnu dont like di girl thats why unnu all up inna it but mek a did somebody u rate see if nuh skiippy get the bashing cuz a nuff a u out there dont like har

    1. @love Im not sure u are understanding what Channel is saying, Cause she was not talking about the past girlfriend this hole thing has nothing to do with the past it’s the present, you must learn to read and comprehend what your reading. That FACT OF THE MATTER IS she is a married women, sucking another married men penis. She is without any class and or discretion for the nasty things she do. I personally don’t care for the girl but her nastiness has been expose and nobody is going to agree with a home wrecker, it doesn’t matter if you like her or not. I bet you wouldn’t like it if she was smiling in your face, working at your bar and f**king your man, That is the MOST disrespectful thing a person could do. Skippy was right in her action, cause now we are aware of who not to hire lol!! For all who is defending her is just telling me that something ain’t right with ya’ll! WRONG IS WRONG!! Wake up u IDIOTS!

  6. First of all skippy never go look for nothing. Bobby have a Google account on him n skippy phone.him never remember it was on it, so all him freaking action go on skippy phone.dutty Bobby yuh dis mi fren big time……A next pic coming soon.Bobby a soon 50 n a act like him a 35 ….The car him n the gal a f**k in a skippy car.Bobby u don’t love ur child cause yuh bring Dutty gal in the car were ur child sit in….Mi want skippy f**k u up…..Yuh a talk bout skippy have man, u need to come with something else. ….

  7. braski and him aids nephew ricky weh soon get dip a snitch a dem tell pon salla and bigga so weh unno a talk bout braski get caught with a 100 pound inna march and nutting no come outta it him still have him badge a big pussy that mi glad dem grab ricky and a dip him aids ass…. a him gi some a dem dutty dmv gal ya aids!!!!!!!!!

    1. bad gal yu have a whole heap a info,this yah one yah tek de cake to rasssssclaaat<a long time mi hear dem a sey BRASKI have him BADGE,but a nuh BRASKI a lone in a DMV have a BADGE!! BLACK JESUS HAVE FI HIM BADGE LONG TIME,BUT NOW IT CONFIRM,LAWD GOD DEM JUST SELL OUT POOR LITTLE SMOOTH,SADIKI SEY HIM A FI TEK WEY HIM SELL!

  8. Now all this a diff topic dmv u affi go start a new post fa that if u want an how u kno so much?i hope ur life is sqeeky clean an even if u get dash out one day we wont even kno thats u.u ave police info an u ave medical record!now how u involve inna all that?

  9. Lips how would u an everybody else feel if all the bashing unnu a do skippy an bobby nuh leff?as a frien u shouldnt even a style up ur frien man like that cuz u a style u frien same time.them relationship a go on fa years an if u know u friend like that u must know she not going anywhere .u taking up fa ur frien aint nothing wrong with that but stop dis bobby like a ur look like it hurt unnu more than skippy cuz everybody jump on an ready fi kill the man.nobody relationship not perfect it ave ups an downs so come off a the man name now an come out a u frien life an let her deal with her household an support her as a real friend.u might not like bobby an dont want ur frien to be with him but thats not ur choice an anybody else so unnu need to back off now !.

  10. so now that the pig with makeup and her role model Ida not over night sisters/bff”s, she saying Ida is a hater and Ida bad mind her because she selling more hair and how if it wasn’t for her Ida wouldn’t be called’ PRETTY”
    Bigup Rick congrats to the new blessings on the way, let side chick bring the baby. UP UP UP UP AWAY. I hope you take care of this one because alot of kids you have who is fatherless because you let Mrs.Piggy stop you from being in your children lives. Jackie stand up because rick heart will always belong to you.

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