1. I also would like to know what was the target audience as the content is very adult- e.g.. it is your right to have a safe and satisfying sex life….yet on the next few pages them talking against teenage pregnancy…the gay agenda is clear in these material also. This says its about human rights but all its resale talking about is sexuality and sexual rights as human rights…

    1. The target audience are those already abused and confuse. So, JFJ manipulated their young minds to accept the act of sodomy in the form of tolerance.

    2. before dem go teach di man dem weh a fux like dem nuh know ntten else fi practice responsible sex dem a tell di likkle bwoy dem fi have a satisfying sex life…………so di kliss man dem can breed up di gyal dem and wen dem nuh want di pickney dem go lef dem pon di street and two twos u hear seh dem gay …..nobody nah talk bout di abuse weh cause most a dem fi tink certain life acceptable …mi wah know when ms gomes a resign…..dem seh abortion illegal but buggery is normal …dem ppl yah nuh have nuh form a nutten bout dem

  2. At birth, newborns are identified as male or female based 
    on their sex organs

    In many settings, people indicate a baby’s sex through the 
    use of specific names, jewelry, and clothing

    Many children behave in ways that do not match the 
    gender stereotypes
    I am a civilian sometimes I feel like the prime minister…………I feel like the queen on other days …..damn I think I am going right up to Gordon house and throw Portia’s old chair cushion and put in mine 🙂

  3. before dem worry bout teaching the yutes how to make money buy houses stay away from a life of crime and how to live in society as well as how to invest and have a satisfying life they worrying about sexuality..kmt

  4. Please forgive me as I am not Jamaican born but I read that manual. We learned similar here in USA in 6th grade. Health ed. I was 11. To me it didn’t seem bad at all.

    1. No you DID NOT read the manual. The “Manual” you speak of wasn’t provided by the Caribbean human rights groups for tolerance in AMERICA…No where in American sex ed classes they teach and adovate homosexuality…

      1. PP she is correct the manual is similar to the manual here for 6 grade..I was changed and it is very much like this one

        1. I went to school in NYC and I NEVER had one session where the teacher spoke about it being ok to do anal or oral sex. We had a blue cover textbook and that wasn’t even a take home book.
          The gym teacher (lol, a male) sure as hell used the word “fruity”…lol back then for those who act like they didn’t know the act of sex different from the gender. Therefore, him sure didn’t teach us bout homosexuals and he made referrence to STDs and crackheads. Sex ed change and not fi the good of us all then.
          I still say that JFJ manual surpass what Florida a talk bout.

      2. I think you misunderstood me.I said I read the manual yesterday and it didn’t seem so bad. In Florida in 6th grade I was taught something similar in class. They did not encourage homosexuality but they didn’t discourage it. It was talked about. Every state and country are different.

  5. Mi jus done read most ah dis an di content nuh appropriate fi nuh 11 yr old pickney. Slide 125 outline sexuality and the law of Jamaica, yet there is no mention of The Buggery Act. Den again, since di puppet government fraid fi enforce it den di battyman dem ignore it.

    1. There is no mention of the buggery act but the statement abortion in Jamaica is illegal is bolded in a different color so it can stand out. uno ever si anyting like this.

  6. Matter of FACT! NO one outside of the SIX HOMES, CVC, JFJ the printer and stakeholder and now Lisa Hanna has read the “manual”…Again, American Conservatives make it a point to make certain YOU DID NOT LEARN BOUT SUCKING DICK AND TEKING COCK UP THE ASS IN SCHOOL!

    1. I stand corrected by Florida and Met..look like sex ed change when gays start run the scholastic printing presses and sitting on the board of ed.
      Everything gone to sh!t these days.

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